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  1. Pac-Man 99 on switch is pretty dope.

    1. Giles N

      Giles N

      People should get PacMan-Collection for the 7800 instead...

    2. Giles N

      Giles N

      For this gen. of games I preder arcade-ports or stuff like PacMan-Collection...

    3. Draxxon


      When I went to Vegas I saw a few new Pac Man arcade games a few years back. Battle Royal was one i think, another was huge vertical screen and gave tickets. I also think Anniversary edition on consoles is dope too.


      I was playing this at a buddy house just a few times. playing a pacman variant with 99 other people online trying to be the sole survivor was more fun than I thought it would be. 1st game I got 18th, 3rd game I got 7th. Only reason I died is because I was still learning the rules of the game. I could tell if i practiced it for any length of time I could get be decent at it.

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