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  1. I am going to use this placeholder for any ROMs that do not have available box art in the future.
  2. Atari Flashback NEXUS V.1.0.6 (Update Patch) Atari Homebrew Update. Art Update. NEXUSv1.0.6.rar
  3. 90 for a regular AFBX isn't too bad considering the crazy prices right now. Paddles are "okay", not perfect by far.
  4. AA member @timdu sent me a PM, we agree it's good to ask here for help as well. Any thoughts? I've only ever really played Demon Attack on the Odyssey2 with an AFBX with overclock. I haven't noticed any issues. I have noticed similar things with CV games on the AFB9 and even the Legends Core when I use the rewind feature a lot. "I have a question. I am big fan of the Odyssey2 and have been playing those games on the Nexus flashback, , on my flashback 9, and I noticed that I can be playing a game of ATTACK OF THE TIMELORD and about half way through playing the game, I lose the sound. it happens with other games too... KC MUNCHKIN, UFO, KC'S CRAZY CHASE. Could it be my SD card? It is an older 2GB model that I had lying around. It is probably 10 years old. I have the very first version of the NEXUS on it. It fits as it is less than 2GB. Or, is this a known issue with the emulator? I also have a 4GB SD card that is a little newer and I am using the version 9 of the NEXUS and it is doing the same thing... losing sound around a few minutes into gameplay."
  5. Here are alternate ROMs if you want to try them. Kung-FuMaster(USA).a78 Mean18Golf(USA).a78 DigDug(USA).a78 Popeye A7800 came from here: Popeye 7800 - Atari 7800 - AtariAge Forums @Jimjam1971, any luck on that alternate Bounty Bob rom?
  6. Knight Guy: Quest for Something. - Atari 7800 Programming - AtariAge Forums ROM Link: https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=834818 Here are older nexus versions of Mean18 and KungFu Master (NexusV0.8). Also here are the original roms I used for Battlezone and Defender. Mean18Golf(USA).a78 Kung-FuMaster(USA).a78 Battlezone(NTSC)(20160208).a78.gme Defender(20160208).a78.gme Here is an extra Kung Fu Master Hack to try: Kung-FuMaster(GraphicsHack)(RC2)(20160905).a78.gme Here is the A7800 Homebrew pack I am sifting through: (There is an alternate Battlezone (PAL Version) in there) game.rar
  7. Atari Flashback NEXUS V.1.0.5 (Media Update Patch) So, we now know that the video playback stutters on the AFB9s, I'm guessing that the AFBX overclock CFW is what is helping. (THE AFB9s HAVE NO OVERCLOCK CFW, FLASHING THE AFBX OVERCLOCK CFW ON AN AFB9 WILL BRICK YOUR SYSTEM!) AFB9 users may want to skip these Media Update Patches and maybe even cut the videos from your /rom_amv folder and matching entries from your /rom_amv/all-games.ini file. I know these files are huge, but I don't think we are close to filling up a 32GB SD Card/Flashdrive anytime soon. If we ever get to that point, we can always separate the media and karaoke from the games and have two separate setups/packs. I actually enjoy these flicks on the AFBX. I think it's always good to have a couple examples of something and there are 3 or 4 videos that I think fit really well here. Bottom line, unlike other builds and images for other mini classic systems and Raspberry Pis, we really do have a lot of free space to work with to try and do something different and fun. NEXUSv1.0.5.rar
  8. I dont think patches make stuff stop working. But, I'm no expert, bro. Every FULL version is just a copy of my setup, which has been patched hundreds of times. Defender and Battlezone just got added. I didn't test them. It's likely the ROMs don't work. As for the other two, I didn't change them. Did they work before? I haven't tested any of the A7800 games at all yet. That still needs to be done. I get stuck jumping between this project and the LFB project and I am trying to keep up as well. RRA recently just tested all the XEGS and A5200 roms. Fred_M tested the A800 and ABASIC roms. I tested the A2600 romset (at that time awhile ago). A7800 is really just now getting worked on to be honest. The Lynx section has had almost nothing done. While I should probably play all the roms and find what works and then find box art, I actually do it backwards. I find the box art first, then I match the roms, then I test it all. Its faster for me to do it that way, and then work on games with no box art. I kind of rely on you guys for the testing and feedback. So, Thank You! You know, I figure if someone took the time to make some official box art, I would imagine there are working roms out there. Sometimes its an emulator compatibility issue too. Typos... ugh.. there is one in the new small box art for king of kong also. NEXUSv1.0.4FIX.rar I am in the territory of hundreds of A7800 homebrews at the moment. Some are Demo versions and W.I.P. versions, so, they all need tested and may not work.
  9. Atari Flashback NEXUS V.1.0.4 (Update Patch) Here is your VHZC update. A2600 and A7800 Homebrews. Various art files were also updated. VHZC GAMES NEXUSv1.0.4.rar
  10. We had a feeling it was the flashback 9 that had issues with video playback, but I hadn't tested it yet. The AFBX seems to be superior at this point. We don't plan to add too many movies. RocketFan had one already done and I requested 3 or 4 old school video game movies for myself. I just thought I might as well share them. I split the update up so that the TLSF is kind of optional. As far as the A7800 games, I haven't tested them too much. There is a pack of 600+ Homebrews I am working through currently.
  11. Atari Flashback V.1.0.3 (Media Update Patch) NEXUSv1.0.3.rar
  12. Atari Flashback NEXUS V.1.0.2 (Update Patch) Atari 7800 Homebrew, Atari XEGS Custom Bezels Fix, Atari 5200 A/W/A Games Fix, Atari Home Computers 5200 Ports, SNES 1-Button games and I forget what else. Thanks to Mr. Robot, RRA, Wilfwilfus and RocketFan for all the help with this update. NEXUSv1.0.2.rar
  13. I know behind the scenes people are working on extra buttons. Here is some stuff from the thread again as a refresher of what's been done. I of course built both atari sticks into a fightstick style joystick. I also added a button to the front of the joystick. Rocketfan is looking for a solution anyone can make. like this... Im wondering if someone here can design a 3D model to print that is something like these but leaves a space for the P1 flashback joystick's 4 menu buttons on it's face.
  14. Rocketfan has done all of the video conversions so far. I'm looking to add Tron and The Last Starfighter myself. I want to say he gave up some image quality for sound quality. I know having a USB 2.0 vs a USB 3.0 flashdrive (you want 3.0) can cause issues as well. Cloak & Dagger and The King of Kong are playing fine for me. As far as atari .bin files, you can change them to .a26 and they will work. You can have no spaces, periods or brackets [] in the file name. And, like RocketFan said, you have to create an entry in the all-games.ini file for them to show up in the main menu. .bin extension is being used by the PicoDrive Sega core. Some atari games require a newer version of stella. For those games you need to use the special extension .26a so they will run with the newer stella core. Right now we are looking to add extra action buttons support to the Atari cores that need it, add the A5200 conversions for A800 and add some quality A7800 homebrew games.
  15. There are all the 7800 related files for AFB9/X. The .goto file is am empty dummy file. and turns out is not needed. All of the .goto files should have been removed.
  16. rom_a7800.goto prosystem_libretro.so 7800 BIOS (U).rom
  17. LOL. I found that out too. It's like 4 and a half GB. Unzips to 5 and a half. You're going to need an 8GB device. I think 32GB device is the max that these consoles support.
  18. Right! Now you don't have to play TV tonight, you can Watch it!
  19. It would be best to start with a blank flash drive and add the NEXUS V.1.0.1 build (post #805) to it. Version 0.9 was removed from Google Drive.
  20. You don't have to add anything. The A7800 core, roms and box art are already set up. Version 0.9 has been removed from Google Drive, BTW. NEXUS V.1.0.1 is out. Atari 7800 is all set up. We are working behind the scenes to get the 2nd action button working for those games ATM.
  21. My internet is slow, it took me about 12 hours. I don't mind if you re-upload it. but there were a couple updates that need added to it. Ill PM them to you.
  22. I uploaded the V.1.0 and when I hit submit, it was only a 2GB file. Is that the max file size on AA or something? Anyways HUGE waste of time and pain it the ass. Google Drive or Archive dot org I guess.
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