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  1. v9 uses ALL the retroplayers. You can check the runncommand file in the /emulator folder to see which cores are using the RETROPLAYER.L you could maybe try renaming and putting riverraid.a26l in the /game folder and try that. I wanna say we set it up so you can run atari 2600 with any RP, .a26 .a26x and .a26l paddles only function properly with the RPX. (thats why all the paddle games have .a26x) RP9 is running the rest of the A2600 roms. ------------------------------------ The idea is: wire up the extra buttons using the paddle pins. use the RPL so paddle warning wont appear. rebuild the cores so they recognize the new buttons.
  2. But I think if you use the retroplayer from the legends flashback, you arent going to get those paddle warnings.
  3. I just loaded up V.0.9.0 on the AFBX with a 32GB sandisk USB 3.0 flashdrive. I tried loading Pitfall II about a dozen times and cant seem to get any errors on my end. I also triple checked the A800 OSK. Select brings it up. EKB key exits.
  4. The family video stuff stopped working when they went to broadband. They never did change the password. The guy that passed the info to me gave it to about a dozen other people, I gave it to about a dozen other people. I always wondered how many people were logging in. I only used the internet in the early 90s for video game stuff. Mortal Kombat special moves, modding PSX consoles, importing japanese games and burning backups of games (Thanks again Family Video ), I think we paid $500 bucks for that first CD Burner. We eventually moved from the alt.games.mk boards and found mIRC. That came in handy when I went to college and wanted to talk to friends back home for free. (Remember, there were long distance charges back then.) That's how we linked up with all the pro FGC gamers in those early years. Way before EVO was a thing. It was the same clique of mIRC kids hosting players and tourneys all over the country. Outside of that, porn, and maybe some diablo 2, I didnt do a whole lot on the internet in those early years. I remember waiting a half hour about once a week for whatever new single screenshot midway was dropping to promoting mortal kombat 3 to load. on a side note, when I got to college in 1996 laser printers were kind of new not many people had access to them. The art department at SIU-C had a very very nice one. At that same time money was very insecure. No watermarks or strips inside or microprinting or anything. You figure out the rest. Statue of limitations is waaaaay over on that one.
  5. I had a friend who worked for Family Video and they had internet services. All of their computers in their video stores were linked together with internet. The username was STORE, the password was PASSWORD. It never changed for a lot of years. My friend that worked there told me and that was it. The biggest issue was lying to my father about how we all of the sudden had free internet. He would have kicked my ass for stealing. i told him I just kept doing a free trial. He was just very happy that I figured it out and it was one less bill. Years later I told him. lol.
  6. At least it was commercial free in the dial up days. I miss that a lot. It kind of blew my mind when I saw the first ads. I knew that was a bad sign for the wild west internet. you also didnt post your real name, or your address, or vacation pics in real time so someone could rob your home. Your parents would most likely kick your ass if you were talking to someone local and telling them where you lived. On the flip side, I met tons of people on mIRC and even flew to L.A. with some friends and stayed at Alex Valle's house for a Tekken 3 tournament. We did shit like that all the time all over the country. So, you really just had to use your brain and travel in groups. Then meet up with groups you trusted when you got there.
  7. A800 On Screen Keyboard works on my end. I just went and checked. EKB key exits on my V.0.9.0. Jaguar is too heavy for most any system. They are there for history and completeness. I don't think they are going to make it into V.1.0.0 Thanks for the feedback. USB 3.0 is definitely something we have been saying since the beginning.
  8. When consoles go away, how will old ladies land young guys?
  9. I've been looking at 3D printed stuff. I printed this with filament as a test to see what its like. I'm thinking about shortening it, maybe some other little stuff and printing it in resin. Atari Compatible (Hyperkin Trooper) Joystick Conversion by Eacontrerasd - Thingiverse There is also a ball that slips on the standard AFB stick's top. I wanna say I have seen old school Stick Stands or something that had them. Atari CX40 Joystick Ball by Rootvonroot - Thingiverse
  10. The Internet was like the wild west then. And it was very exciting, like a drug. You just wanted to keep exploring it. nowadays, I get bored with it easily. I was more excited when it took 30 mins to load an image.
  11. so that's the thing, it will come step by step, and when we do have that tech, people won't be freaked out and will be lined up for blocks for it. About "Alexa" and "Siri"... if it was called "Amazon Wiretap" I don't think as many people would get one.
  12. Wow, I missed a lot. I thought we were talking about how it sounded, lol. So the elephant in the room... In the future, when you can just hook the internet directly into your brain... that's some scary shit. Oh, you could refuse to use it, but you would be a moron compared to everyone else jacked into the hive mind.
  13. one P1 stick had 6 wires, one had 9. I have seen some posts about getting an extra button that way and also running paddles and stick from the same 9 wires with a switch.
  14. I think yes. you could most likely do the same thing with the sega flashback as we have with the atari and legends flashback. but, I dont own one and I dont think anyone has implemented this stuff on the sega yet. I dont know if it will work with Atari joysticks.
  15. It really is handy. Rocketfan and I were close to buying a driving paddle to test, and then, I remembered your video. Thank you very much, buddy. Hope you're doing well.
  16. Yes it supports megadrive. no, it doesnt support any other pads. You are limited to games that only use one button in other emulators. But, we found quite a few, really. More than I thought there were for some systems.
  17. I am 100% guilty of this. IDGAF, at least I'm honest. lol. Zzip, you are completely correct IMO. But I do stand by what I said. Where is the must have game to justify blowing the $400? It would have to be a game like Primal Rage 2/3. It cant be a retro compilation, a "recharged" classic or some indie homebrew game. It needs to be something new and modern, just like, my opinions man.
  18. It seems to me that if Atari could make new games they could have been doing it on other platforms this whole time. They make things like Missile Command Recharged and Railroad Tycoon or whatever its called. If they had been making decent games from time to time I could see wanting a VCS to play their 1st party games. But, there are zero "killer aps". The only thing I've seen from Atari over the years is repackaged 2600 collections.
  19. I have an arcade cabinet/MAME machine in the living room. it can house any large or noisy PC i want to stick in there. As far as the TV set, I have a legends core gamer and PS5 pads. as far as retro atari stuff... anything will run those games. The Atari Flashback X was as low as 30 bucks a few months ago. Have you seen what we have running on it? Now im not suggesting the AFBX is better than the VCS, c'mon now. but that is a huge price difference if you just wanna play old atari games. I have atari vault extended and the euro progressive joystick for steam. So for me, what does the VCS offer? A few new fancy remakes of old games? The only way I am going to get one is if they do make new games or the price comes down a bit. Im not a hater, I would like to own one, but, I just can't justify the price point.
  20. I just want to chime in. I think its funny that people that bought one always say, well, I use it as a gaming pc. That's fine, but there are a lot of options for gaming PCs and this thing really doesn't offer anything special for the high price. It's a waste of money at the current price point. I mean, I suppose you could use it as a door stopper, or to level a table with a short leg, I'm sure there are a lot of other things you can do with it besides play new non-existent atari games. I also think its funny how people went on and on about atari vault. thats a $5 steam game.
  21. SOLD OUT I was really hoping these came back this Christmas. Maybe they just had some old stock??
  22. I noticed this change too. Maybe something was changed during the A800 core updates? I thought you could hit select to get into the OSK and hit select again to get out in the older versions. I am pretty sure the "EKB" key (last key on page one of virtual keyboard) is the Exit Keyboard key.
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