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  1. V5 in post #126 is 1GB. I will check on A5200, probably got lifted from the NEXUS project w/o the data folder.
  2. there are two sets of games. built in ones you can play free offline and an arcadenet set that costs a monthly subscription, but you can add whatever you want to the unit for free with fan made add on packs. It is HDMI as far as the core system I got.
  3. I tied them all on the LFB. You can play black onyx, death race and Victory SCE on it, but you must need the other buttons on the AFBs. There was some talk about rebuilding cores to get a second action button working. So maybe leave those few in for now so we can test with them in the possible future. Turbo still wouldn't let me pass the Skill Level Select even on the LFB. It might be possible to get death race working by swapping the action buttons in the KeyMapping. I'll check it out later today. I played Victory SCE on the LFB a little. One button was shoot, and one was shield+doomsday bombs IIRC. Maybe we can get shoot mapped to the P1 Fire button.
  4. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.6 This is an IntelliVision update. These 25 games are NES-On-A-Chip versions from the TV Plug & Play Unit. Somewhat similar to the Atari Flashback 1 games. They seem to be decent ports so far compared to the abysmal AFB 1 NES-OAC ports. Astrosmash played fine, different, but fine. It is also kind of nice to just fire up a game and play it readily with the P1 controller. iv.rar
  5. Changing them to subset 1 and 2 gives us more option as far as sorting, but if someone imports favorites when we are all said and done those sets wont make sense. I think it may be better to leave it as console and arcade for now. I was looking into CV games a bit more. Front Line and Victory have Standard Controller Edition (SCE) versions. Victory SCE had brackets in the file name thats why it wouldnt work. It also seems the standard and SCE versions were swapped. Here is another cv patch to fix it. You may want to delete both of the old sets of Victory and Victory SCE from your SD Card if you don't want dead/doubled files. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.5 cv.rar
  6. Okay that update above has some issues. Don't use it. I got Victory SCE and Frontline SCE firing up. I've never played these so I have no idea about the controls or if they are "working" properly or not. I was working on this and the LUFB pack at the same time. It was the first time I worked both packs at once, I got a little screwed up. This pack uses the LUFB pack as a base and I removed the non working games mentioned here. There is a handful of Adult games brought back that were previously cut out. The Bustin' Out series and Strip Poker. There may be others. I should point out that, until we solve the riddle of a second action button, some of these games may fire up but still be unplayable. ***DELETE YOUR /rom_cv FOLDER from your flash drive and REPLACE IT with this one below. Let me know how it goes. rom_cv.rar
  7. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.4 (Update Only) Small ColecoVision Patch. Super Game Module games and some other non-working games were removed. There was a space in the file name for Final Test Cartridge so you will have doubles of that. Remove the set that has the space in it. Here is a list of what else was removed if you want to manually go into your /cv folder and delete the rom and box art files. Zombie Near Turbo Tunnels & Trolls Super Space Acer Snake (Schlange) Princess Quest Pong Fantasy Cookie Monster Munch Amazing Snake cv.rar
  8. Zombie Near - Super Game Module. Needs Removed. Victory & Front Line - Not easy to quickly find the correct versions of ROMs, I did find new art for Victory SCE. Will they work? Need removed? Turbo - Fires Up, but can't pass the Skill Level Select screen. ??? Tunnels & Trolls - Fires up, says its an ADAM game. Probably needs a Keyboard? Needs Removed. Super Space Acer - Super Game Module - Needs Removed. Snake (Schlange) - Super Game Module - Needs Removed. Smurfs - Fires up, Bullshit Ass Demo. Rally-X - Homebrew? Fires up, cant get past title screen. Princess Quest - Super Game Module. Needs Removed. Pong - Seems to run, can't control paddles. Needs Removed? Pole Position - Seems to work - Proto or Demo? Joust - Proto. Does it have sound? Test Cart - entry in the ini file error. Fixed. Fantasy - Won't Launch Death Derby - Works. Cookie Monster Munch - Super Game Module Needs Removed. Black Onyx - Works Amazing Snake - Super Game Module Needs Removed. Bottom Line, here is a quick patch and Let me know what Victory and Frontline SCE versions are legit so we can try them. There was some talk of it here, give me some time and I'll check it out further. You can manually delete the removed games rom and art files from your pack if you want to. No Slither SCE cart? - ColecoVision / Adam - AtariAge Forums rom_cv.rar
  9. I know some like Smurfs, Joust and Tunnel & Trolls are prototypes and demos. Final Test Cart had an error in the naming. There was a space. I found some alternate versions of some of those, Im going to see what I can figure out.
  10. Legends Flashback Ultimate V.0.7.3 (Update Only) Here is your Disk Drive Update. nes.rar
  11. The newer packs i put out have all-games.ini files that are in alphabetical order. It would not be very hard for someone to remove stuff they dont want. For ones that aren't in order, you can use "Find Next" in Notepad and locate anything you want to remove. This system also has the Featured section to stick 10 games in. BTW, you can stick more than 10 games in the Featured section but there are no page numbers. You have to use X and Y buttons to change pages, but, you can have any number of featured games you want. I do realize that we have a finite amount of space and the "Mary-Kate & Ashley" types of titles add up. I feel like, I hate to cut a game because what if it was one that someone happened to own and played back in the day. Sometimes I feel like games that got ported to every system eat up a lot of space and we could just use the MAME version. But, its the same type of thing. What if someone played Bubble Bobble on NES or GB only? And I cut them out because we have the MAME version? One thing I was curious about is the old idea of Subset 1 and Subset 2 to replace Console and Arcade sections. Can we do that with the pack or will it take new CFW?
  12. It has been a while since I looked at the SegaFB /emulator folder. I notice that the Sega-CD Bios are in the emulator folder.
  13. yes, start on page 9 and get the FULL V0.6.0. Just add the update patches over the top, in order. There are two updates where you are going to want to delete a folder first. There will be a ***note telling you what to delete. I still haven't touched SNES yet. But its coming soon.
  14. I have no idea, I have never used the file association manager. I know that there was an add-on for the CV called the Super Game Module. With the CV emulator we are using, Super Game Module games aren't supported. Franky32 and I tried to remove all the SGM games, but maybe we missed some. I wonder if those are the games not working? They may work on your Pi because they have a emulator that supports SGM? Just guesses, man. Send me a list of changes you want made and ill put together a patch for you.
  15. As for the sega muti-tap. It was an idea. I think i will grab that red retrobit controller either way. Thanks for the info BartMan. The A26 and GB section takes a tad longer for me to load than the other sections. RocketFan, can you link me to those SD Cards you bought? So, for the updates, I have been looking for packs of games with file names that match packs of art and their file names. I am also looking for curated packs that aren't 1500 ROMs and overload the section. That said, I don't remove anything. Mary-Kate & Ashley games were in there so I left them. Believe it or not, It takes longer to research the top 100 games of a system and then filter them to build a perfect pack. Its so much easier and faster for me to just process them all. And after adding stuff, I hate to remove it. It takes even more time. But i get it, Mary-Kate and Ashley grew up to be some fugly crack whores. lmmfao.
  16. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.2 (Update Only) This is an update for color handhelds. gbc.rar
  17. for coleco, look in the /rom_cv folder for the rom that is bad. Name your replacement rom exactly the same as the bad one and swap it in its place.
  18. so, you get the game, we will call it romx.a26 you need two .png files. one that is 183x255 pixels and is named romx.a26.png (same as the rom) second art file needs to be 122x170 and it is named romx.a26.s.png (s is for small art) You can also add a custom bezel if you want to. It needs to be .png and 1280x720. It would be named romx.a26.b.png next you will need to put all 3 files (rom and both art files) in the /rom_a2600 folder or if they are hack or homebrew put them all in the folder of the section you want the to appear in. But, they won't show up yet. For some games for other systems you may also need to set button mappings in the /rom_alt/data/retroplayer.ini file. Again, edit it with notedpad. finally you need to look in the /rom_a2600 folder you are putting your files into for the all-games.ini file. Open and edit this file with Notepad. You will need to add an entry to the file to get your game to show up in the main menu. An entry would look like this. (you can just copy and paste another entry and change just the key tid-bits.) You don't have to fill it all in, but the stuff in brackets is the display name for the menu. Sort is the name it uses to alphabetize it in the list. File=/rom/romx.a26 points to your rom. it is always File=/rom/romx.a26 no matter what rom folder you put your files in. Genre can be either atari, paddle or unclassified. That makes it show up in the different sub menus on the left hand side of the screen. [Rom X] File=/rom/romx.a26 Platform=A26 Sort=Rom X Year=2020 Genre=unclassified Description= Note= \ Player Mode: Single-player game If you have any other questions just ask.
  19. fat32, but Im guessing youre right, Its no good. Hopefully you got a couple of 6 button pads out of the deal, anyways. They feel a little light, but they work well.
  20. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.1 (Update Only) This is an update for black and white handhelds. The list is large, so the section loads a bit slow. Thank you to BartMan for the game descriptions. gb.rar
  21. Tagging them here is about all we can do. RMRifonas pops up from time to time. Brad hasn't been around in awhile now. you can also try @rocketfan @MrFister or @WD_GASTER
  22. I have a black one and a blue one and the two stock pads. I wonder if the Genesis multi tap adapter works on the LFB??? The logo on the red pad is different. Black and blue ones just say "Sega".
  23. Try a couple HDMI cords and a couple TVs 1st. The post above is the official update. put it on the root of an sd card and cross your fingers. I'm guessing it won't work because there is no AtGames green boot screen. As a last ditch effort you could open your unit and look for a tiny reset button on the board. Hold it while you power on the system and continue to hold it until, hopefully, recovery mode pops up. But first try the official update.
  24. LEGENDS FLASHBACK (MODEL NO: FB8650) *Not compatible with FB8660 and FB8660S, download at your own risk. V. 2.8.4 (released on Dec 2, 2019) arcade_update.img
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