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  1. well the ONLY video reviews i saw were of people who got free units. Im not saying people havent got one, but they didnt buy it at gamestop.


    so is it online only for another 2 weeks? i need to go to 4 walmarts or 7 dollar generals before i find one like a woodgrain atari portable? I have to figure out for myself where the new units are at like the AFBX2020 at menards and sams? i mean i could go on and on.

    I'm just going to wait two weeks and buy one from gamestop, that way if i have to return it, i can with no issues.

  2. 3 hours ago, Shaggy the Atarian said:

    Ah yes, none of us haters would have anything to talk about if it wasn't "fashionable" to hate on it. 🙄 Granted, you can say that when you ignore the various other flaws pointed out about it, but that must be "hate" because you don't agree with it.


    If you want to watch gameplay videos of PC games, then there are thousands of people out there streaming that on Twitch and YouTube, providing far superior gameplay & visual quality than the VCS can manage (even with hardware mods). 

    wasnt nobody pointing out flaws before it came out and they had it in hand, to you know, to experience actual flaws.

    if you mean flaws in marketing, then yeah, i said that falls on them, is it just fashionable to argue about this shit, or what?

  3. Just my 2 cents.


    It's popular to hate on this thing. I can't tell you how many times I read that this unit would never even come out before its launch. Well, it did. The haters were wrong.

    you have to be able to see both sides, people hate on shit when its fashionable. A fair amount of that was going on. And, they had some issues getting the vcs out to people, so some of that falls on them. But now that its out, that shit is over with. Lets just see some gameplay video at this point. 

    These are just my thoughts as a casual atari player.

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  4. I have a lot of the LFB work done already. Colecovision is completely finished, but only works on the LFB2 (2019). It uses BlueMSX core so there is no Super Game Module support for newer style homebrew. It did cross my mind the other day that it would be much easier to just add atari to the LFB2D, lol. I plan on looking for that AtGames "Legends Core Gamer Majiggy" this weekend.

    As far as FBa vs MAME. ill load both on to the menu, and nix the one that is inferior later. maybe make a note in the game descriptions i never fill out which emu is running the game. I should start noting FBa roms now, I suppose.


    Take your time on the updates. There is no hurry. I know all about going back and forth, PC to Atari, I cant imagine linux to pc to atari. triple workflow. As far as the wireless sticks.. that AA link i posted went into it all but i dont really remember. The files are there, the antenna is there, the error about wireless sticks when using paddles that pops up outta nowhere still on the AFBX is mentioned, but i seem to remeber something about a lead or a chip or some junk and stuff that was NOT there. IDK, I just do box art.... lol.

    My question is...... FBalpha also plays TG16, and MSX and a bunch of other jazz, with bios.... but.... how....??? Could FBa go in the "Default slot" like gen+gx and catch all those different rom extensions? can we figure out how to/where to place the correct folder with bios where the core is "looking"?




  5. Wondering if someone with ATARI v3.1 and a set of paddles could test this for me? (or go-crowd-source-donate-fund a pair of old-jittery-shitty paddles from some box to me for testing purposes).


    I've got FinalBurn Alpha set up with a decent number of working games and it looks like Arkanoid and Arkanoid 2 will run at 100%ish speed but I don't have a pair of paddles to test it.

    drop this folder on the root of your device, copy over the old files. let me know what you find out. Anyone else... Here are some arcade games!

    A.T.A.R.I. v3.1.1 (ARCADE UPDATE):




  6. On 2/10/2021 at 4:04 PM, MrZarniwoop said:

    Curious if the wireless joysticks from the AFB9 might work on the AFBX? I'd find it hard to believe the AFBX has a receiver in it but a few noted they thought it did.

    At this point, nothing surprises me. Here is the system file:




     Here are tear down pics of the antenna:


    Atari Flashback X Able to Use Wireless Controllers of 9? - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums


    I've got FBAlpha rolling and its hit or miss, but mostly positive. 


    these worked very well:


    rallyx.zip  - worked

    qbert.zip - worked

    pacman.zip - worked

    mspacman.zip - worked

    marioj.zip - worked

    dkong.zip - worked

    dkongjr.zip - worked


    not so much:
    galaga.zip - almost (slow)

    dkong3.zip - almost (buzzing audio)


    not at all:

    mario.zip  - broken (wont load / black screen)

    donpachi.zip - broken  (wont load / black screen)



  7. I have FinalBurn Alpha 2016 (v0.2.97.39 Non-Merged) Reference set from www.Archive.org


    It looks like the FBAlpha samples go in /rom_alt_2/fba/samples

    have to make a folder named "fba" and place the "samples" folder in it. the "fba" folder goes wherever your FBA roms are ran from. 
    dont change any of the FBA rom or sample file names or they wont work.

    Ive got...

    Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong Jr

    Donkey Kong 3

    Galaga (Runs a bit slow, might disable rewind or wait for mame version and see)

    ...all working with audio samples. The monitors are rotated, and they are in the correct aspect ratio. yay :) 

    Probably going to go with arcade flyers for box art. It will be the easiest/fastest.
    BTW, I remember doing all this on my LFB and we've come to a point where a lot of arcade games can be ran on either MAME or FBA... I want to say that which emulator is best will be on a per game basis. I won't be much help in this department... because without playing each game extensively on both emulators.... I just wont know. I suppose with so few one-button'ers, including both versions may not be a huge deal.

  8. on xevious, can you set button1/shoot to rewind, for continuous gun fire, and set bombs/button2 to the red fire button instead?

    my new FBA romset has finished torrenting, so I will be messing with that on my end.


    BTW, it looks like Menu is actually Select+Down and Rewind is Select+Up.
    And, the AtGames Joystick shaft unscrews from the base. I'm not sure if some people havent discovered that yet.

  9. I thought I remember hearing something about Adventure+ was Adventure II but I have no clue. I found that rom and art sloppily left in the /emulator folder where games dont go. They had already used the much nicer, original art on the AFB9, so I had hoped maybe they had tested an alternate version of AdvII or something, oh well. Thanks for checking.

  10. so if im following, mapping action button-2 to the rewind "button" resulted in an always on turbo "button", and a disabled rewind "button" = tab in mame, which brings up the config, from there you map bombs to start and bombs and start share a button. thats thinking like a real arcade player with not enough buttons on the CPO.


    and if im still following, start button is bombs, and if you accidentally hit rewind trying for bombs, youre going to bring the config menu back up pausing the gameplay? I also wonder does the chrome toggle start switch on the console function as button-2 as well? Im guessing it has to function the same as the joystick button.

    i wonder if rewind is up+down or left+right or select+start, and i wonder if that is the hotkey for tab in mame.

    Starting to think maybe building an arcade style stick out of an old atari joystick may be worth while.

  11. OKAY. SO. I removed both cores from the /emulator folder and River Raid still worked. which proves two things:


    1. the core is hardcoded and swapping them didnt do anything. (But, I dont think that means that they arent different or cant be swapped with a CFW flash or rerouted.)

    2. I dont know what im doing and i need to stay in my lane (art) lmmfao.


    So... the test above.... dont copy over your stella files found in the /emulator folder. instead change the names around. rename "stella_libretro.so.old" to "stella_libretro.so" and vice versa. if you DID copy them over, just switch the names back. Just understand which is which and throw the AFB9G version (now named stella_libretro.so.old") in your /emulator folder for safe keeping. Bottom line is the system doesnt even see those files so it doesnt even matter, really. Its not going to break anything.


    The .ini file in the /rom/data folder is still good for testing the disabling of rewind for river raid, or any other game you want to try, and using the On Screen Display.

    Sorry, I'm trying.


  12. As a test I swapped the AFBX stella core for the AFB9 Gold version. I tried river raid again and I feel like it plays better. I turned off Rewind and it NEVER dipped below 60fps after the initial game startup. Im going to test it some more but here are the two cores if someone can compare them. Again, I'm no expert, so they may be the exact same thing and purely turning off rewind greatly improves River raid.

    If anyone wants to test River Raid here are the files. I included the AFBX core so someone might check whats different, or so you can change it back. It is now called "Stella_libretro.so.old". 

    open the retroplayer.ini file with notepad to turn on and off settings.

    Drop the /emulator and /rom folders on the root of your drive and copy over the old ATARIv3.1 files.



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  13. Well, no picodrive in the Sega Flashbacks. I know that rrifonas brought Mame and FBA cores over from the SNES classic, maybe thats where the PicoDrive core came from. Not sure.


    Here is an unpacked Genesis Flashback Update image. If you want to check out the "retro-files".





    Now Im thinking, how similar are the LEGNENDS ARCADE products and go check those again.

  14. I have all the stuff from the AFB9/X and LFB2018/9. But i havent looked too close at the LFB'18 retromenu.

    I have no idea where that picodrive core came from, but I suspect the sega genesis flashbacks, and I never purchased one of those. Im going to go unpack the latest firmware from it and see if i can gleam any extra info.

    Any luck with 32X or SCD support? Not sure there are any one button games, but just curious.

  15. in the 3.1 pack i just cut and pasted all the retromenu emu settings for the cores from the LFB2019 to the AFBX.
    /rom_alt_2 is set up to take FinalBurn Alpha roms. The FBA settings are enabled in that category.

    also forgot to mention earlier, the retromenu settings for quickness emu fixed the diagonal screen tearing on nes games.

    The Gen+GX settings did little to fix the genesis sound issues. Disabling rewind made them a tad faster. enabling frame drop made them a tad

    faster, but you have frame drop :( .  Frame drop didnt get them to 100% speed, so I turned it back off.


  16. 10 hours ago, KevinMos3 said:

    I finally bit on the X Deluxe.  Got one online from Sam's Club at $39.  It arrived yesterday, but so far I'm very disappointed.  The performance is much worse than my 9 Gold.  I'm wondering if it's just this firmware, or if it's like this on all Xs.  My firmware is v0.1.7.


    After playing around with the X for a while, I tried my 9 Gold again just to make sure it wasn't just my memory playing tricks on me.  And yep, the 9 Gold definitely plays MUCH better than my X.


    I'm looking forward to what comes out of the custom firmware for it, because I really have no reason to keep this one as-is. 

    - Wired controllers vs the awesome wireless ones of the 9 Gold...

    - Bad lag of the X Deluxe and dropped frames in emulation vs the responsiveness and smooth emulation of the 9 Gold...

    I can hardly wait to flash this X unit.

    As a test I tried editing the retromenu.ini and see if I could get River Raid running more smooth. (Thats the one game I'm familiar with and deff notice the "dropped frames" on that game.) I also turned on the On Screen Display and watched the Frames Per Second counter.


    When you first start a game, it dips to 40 fps, and then jumps to 60 pretty quick. but, if you use rewind, when you return to gameplay, it dips back down to 40. Sometimes, out of nowhere it dips to 40 long after you used rewind last. If you rewind a lot, it happens a lot.

    I disabled rewind and it runs at a smooth 60fps. I did see it dip a time or two to 40fps, but not nearly as often. And I want to say it was on the same part of a stage every time. I realize the AFB9 had rewind also, so Im not sure what gives. I wonder if the rewind feature itself is different. I'll mess with it some more, and let you know.

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  17. Rocket, looks like I messed up and didnt send you PicoDrive. Sorry. Same name as Gen+GX for the core swap thru me off. Here it is.

    genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so is Gen+GX
    genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so.bk is PicoDrive, rename it to genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so it loads as the genesis emulator


    I'm guessing youll need the 32X bios iirc, I dont know where they go.


    also, just an FYI, I think gen+gx will run .smd, .bin with a .cue/.iso/.chd + SegaCD bios in /rom.

    Also, for mame_2000 core.... try the extension .zim instead of zip. I forgot rmr_md/rrifonas edited that core. 

  18. @kevin mos3, is that what it is? Is frame skip enabled on the AFBX? I couldn't put my finger on it, but i bet you are right. As soon as I got my X i gifted my 9 so I never could go back and check. I couldnt get past the effed up box art, tbh. I wonder if there is a way to turn frame skip back off??? where is the setting for it? can we make exceptions in the retromenu.ini? can we swap in the old AFB9 stella core?

    Here is everything so far. I havent added any FinalBurnAlpha games yet, but the nintendo aka /rom_alt_2 folder is set up to take them for now so you can easily add them.

    The FBA set I had wasnt working so I am DLing the correct set and waiting on it. Sega has somewhere around 45 games so far. The Castle SMS did NOT work (wrong button). I also found a handful more NES and Sega games not mentioned here yet. As always, everything should look just a tiny bit more clean and polished. It seems like the folder setup may change again for the better, so Ill leave this here and take a small break.

    Let me know what you guys think. Rocket, thanks for everything, man.

    P.S. you CAN run old themes from past packs, you only need the /res folder found in the themes /emulator folder. swap it for the /res folder in your /emulator folder or put the /res folder in one of the various /rom folders and just that category will run that theme. Have fun. If your /rom folder doesnt have a /res folder, it will run the /res folder from the /emulator folder on the root of your device.

    A.T.A.R.I v3.1


  19. It just depends how many cores and rom_alt folders end up getting ran.

    If we can have real games, HB, and "other". I think thats best.  maybe have a previous page as well as a next so you are always just one click away from everything else.
    as long as the "Other" category has genesis as the default core, nes and fba all together. Im just not clear at this point what all can be pulled off.

    but if mame, atari 800, snes etc get added in, then multiple goto pages like your saying makes the most sense. I think that its all just choices and preferences, but I will implement whatever you guys want and set it up at any rate.

    I doubled back and have been adding the game gear one-buttons i can find. still havent messed with FBAlpha yet.

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