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  1. Super Console X on the ALU. They are using OTG Mode. Can the flashbacks be hooked up that way? I'm guessing there is no way to configure the buttons? I have no idea because the Legends Core doesn't have any of this.
  2. ah PSX, I too was older but we still didn't have lots of money. Someone had a system, someone had an extra pad and a memory card, and someone had Mortal Kombat 3, Street Fighter the Movie and Battle Arena Toshinden. After school we would all get together and play.
  3. Maybe TecToy has some, they seem to love it. (*UGH* Is that $117 USD?) ATARI FlashBack X 0050010004 - ATARI FlashBack X - TEC TOY
  4. So the CFW is good with APL... but the pack isn't? Weird. I wonder when it broke? I'm curious if the very first version of Ultimate on page one works or not.
  5. Im not getting and picture with your video. Is it not connecting at all, or it is and you just cant use the ALU controls? You might try running the system stock, connect it, and see what happens. (maybe you did?)
  6. Here are the ALU libretro cores if you want to compare what each project has. ALU Emulator Cores - Google Drive I should also point out there are two ALU community builds. I've been referring to the ALU 1.1 CoinOpsX Build. There is also a build for the 1.0 called "One SaUCE". It has a completely different set of systems supported. Even Dreamcast and N64. That's about all I know.
  7. Like Atarifan88 said, original Atari sticks do work. I have used real 2600 sticks, other flashback sticks (AFB1 sticks do not work), Cirka sticks, Hyperkin Troopers (the Ranger does not work), I even hacked a FB stick and made a Sanwa arcade joystick. It's the original Atari paddle controllers that won't work w/o modding. What you won't have is the extra buttons on that P1 joystick and no way to back all the way out of the game list with the menu button. The AFB NEXUS community build has a workaround for that though.
  8. Man, we hacked actual keyboards even. Wired the controls right up to it. Seems like a lifetime ago. I would agree, getting a keyboard to connect to the FBs would be HUGE. Couldn't you just hook the FBs up to the ALU and also hook up a USB Keyboard to the ALU and play that way? As a solution for playing Atari 8-bit home computer games with keyboard? It's nice to hear that APL functionality isn't tied to any retroplayer. It would be nice to know how it all works. It would be cool to add APL to the AFB9 and LFB1, Hell, even the Sega Genesis FB. (not that that's a priority or even something we all should do. I'm just putting ideas out into the universe.) One thing I would like to mention is, I realize all this is redundant and you can play all these games as .UCE files on an ALU. But here is the deal. The FB packs are already made. It takes a very, very long time to create these full packs with art. I can also tell the saUCE guys didn't touch up or color correct any art and the images are all stretched. Also, the .UCE files are huge, each game contains a copy of the emulator. COX wheel art files are huge too. BTW, who is going to make these new packs? It really seems to me that the FBs via APL offer hundreds of different games in much smaller file sizes. One question I have is, does the ALU use different versions of the libretro cores than we are using with the FB projects? Because they are different systems? It would seem to me that we are using some of KMFDMs tweaked cores. our Atari 800 core was rebuilt by RocketFan himself. IDK what versions of the cores the ALU is using.
  9. LEGENDS FLASHBACK 2019 (MODEL NO: FB8660) 0.1.17 Release Date: 2020/02/12 ##Games - Resolved non-launch issue for "Donald in Maui Mallard" and "The Jungle Book" while connecting the Legends Flashback console to select TV models ## Miscellaneous - Resolved game missing issue after upgrade to version 0.1.16 on select Legends Flashback consoles 0.1.16 Release Date: 2020/02/05 ## Highlights - Improved APL "jerky" controls on Legends Ultimate ## Miscellaneous - Minor bugfixes Bro, they haven't updated the Legends Flashback since early 2020. LOL, we have busted your balls enough, haha. What version Legends Flashback do you have? Are you looking for the community build pack? It is here: Legends Flashback Ultimate (Community Project) - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums
  10. So I got unlazy and checked this morning. Rifonas's LFB2 CFW is based on V.0.1.16 which had the improved APL functionality. All we are really missing as far as I can see are the 4 or 5 leaderboards for built in games from the V17 update. I think the pack is going to work! As far as creating new CFW based on V17, I don't see a need. If all we are truly missing is the leaderboards, I'm okay with that. I'm not sure I like the idea of hacking a version with leaderboards. Even though we aren't interested in hacking the leaderboards themselves, (and I have a feeling there has already been some leaderboard cheating shenanigans) I think it's best to just stay away from that version.
  11. LEGENDS FLASHBACK 2019 (MODEL NO: FB8660) 0.1.17 Release Date: 2020/02/12 ##Games - Resolved non-launch issue for "Donald in Maui Mallard" and "The Jungle Book" while connecting the Legends Flashback console to select TV models ## Miscellaneous - Resolved game missing issue after upgrade to version 0.1.16 on select Legends Flashback consoles 0.1.16 Release Date: 2020/02/05 ## Highlights - Improved APL "jerky" controls on Legends Ultimate ## Miscellaneous - Minor bugfixes
  12. I think it is wild that it all works. I would have figured something like an emulator core using retroplayer.9 or RP.L or something would be enough to break the APL link. Then we would have to adjust the pack's setup all over again, ugh. It's nice that the NEXUS pack works on AFB9, AFBX and ALU as is. Nice work Rocket!! So, I guess to build on all this, and no hurry, bro. How do we get your ALU Control Deck's extra buttons to function for A7800, Lynx and other Atari cores that support games with more than one button? Re-build/tweak the cores? I know it's an expensive solution, but, it has been bugging me (and I think you as well) that a lot of the early classic consoles that we have full-ish libraries for have games with 2 buttons and are unplayable but are there because they are Atari or Coleco or IntelliVision games and we are all fans of those here at AA. You know, I added (and never removed any of) those games because I felt we will figure it out one day.
  13. Yeah, I think it is the built in Arcade games, they have Sort= names that start with a lowercase letter and show after Sort= names starting with a capital letter. I didn't change the sort name when I moved them from the main /rom folder. I haven't messed with the Arcade section yet. It is still yet to be seen if a hacked LFB2 running the Ultimate pack connects with APL to the ALU. But like Rocket said, the AFBX is the same thing and you could just use that. From what I've seen the ALU saUCE packs offer stuff we don't have like, that Hyperspin type CoinOpsX wheel with art and previews, C64 and Amiga (limited number of games in those packs), ScummVM (plays somewhat choppy) and they did build packs for Sega-CD and TG-CD. We really don't have space for that on 32GB SD Cards. Plus, they sorted a lot of Arcade titles (1700+ titles). As far as packs we have in common, it really looks like they went thru them and removed the filler, just good stuff, which makes sense because that wheel art takes up a lot of space. On the flipside, I added everything in our packs, the Japanese imports, homebrew and even the mary kate & ashley type shovelware stuff on the LFB2. I really hope it works with APL. After loading up a flash drive with CoinOpsX saUCE packs for my Legends Core, I can see the LFB2 community build has a lot to offer the ALU owners. I'm curious what those guys will think of APL now.
  14. IDK, Pico-8, Tic-80, Atari800, Wonderswan, G&W, ZK Spectrum, Famicom Disk System, Pokemon mini, Sega 32X, Karaoke, there is a lot of stuff on the LFB build that isnt in any archive.org UCE pack. Im not saying you cant play this stuff on an LUA, but there aren't any prebuilt packs with art that I see. It makes more sense than a stock LFB2 hooked up to a LUA as intended. That would offer nothing new. ALL those built-in games and even any supported systems for sideloading games is already a UCE pack.
  15. Being 12 at the time, I remember kids trading carts for a few days at a time at school to get the most out of your system. I'm sure kids still do it, but, its fun during a systems launch when your a child because the average kid only had a couple to a few games. Super Punch Out was one I was always borrowing, until I got a copy for myself.
  16. I think that the LC SBC is the product that really lacks the APL functionality. Why would I pay $100 for 20 shitty games and no case or hookups when you can get a core for $70 or Core and Pad for $100 or even an R.Pi kit for $100? For the 40-Pin connector? IDK, the LC SBC really doesn't offer anything. And while I'm on the subject, who in the hell would swap out a pandoras box for a LC-SBC? I hope the LC2 SBC has APL.
  17. No idea on the flashback stock, I noticed too, but didn't mention it because it is a bummer. I'm predicting the future AtGames product with APL is a bartop cabinet. I bet the Core Max and LC SBC never get it. Here is the Mini:
  18. It's actually not compatible. You need an SD Card.
  19. if by "Board level ultimate thing" you mean the Legends Connect Single Board Computer, it does not have APL. Bill L says the cabinet, the mini cabinet and the pinball (And some future, mystery, AtGames products) only have APL. I also wanna take a second to say Congrats to Rocketfan, for solving his own mystery and getting Atari 800 on the flashbacks and ultimately his LUA. If there is one thing I learned doing all this crap its... If you really want something to happen, you have to do it yourself. Good Job, brother. P.S. That R.Pi to the TV stuff looks complicated, what do you think the chances it will work are? You do realize I just know paint programs and not command lines and stuff, right? lol. If I have to SSID in with scart using lakka or some shit it's over with. Ha ha ha.
  20. I remembered AA User No Quarter said this in the 2021 speculation thread (2nd monitor). "Best current solution for 4-player gaming w/ ALU is to add a Gamer Pro & separate TV/monitor as has been demonstrated by BuyStuffStore."
  21. I tried searching for device (AFBX) in HDMI-CEC mode on my Element brand TV, but, It didn't see it or the LFB2. Just the Roku. I haven't tried with the R.Pi yet.
  22. I did look, I knew it was on the cabinet, I didn't see it listed on pinball, which surprised me, so that is good to hear. I'm also glad to hear its being considered for future products. That rocks. I hope some are priced for legacy flashback owners to tinker with. I would love to see it on the Legends Core Max personally, along with a 2nd HDMI and USB port. Even on a Legends Connect would be sweet. Thanks for the quick and concise response. Now comes the real question. How does APL work exactly? HDMI-CEC? Not that it makes AtGames any money but, what else allows you to connect to an old flashback with HDMI-CEC aka APL? only the AtGames arcade/pinball machines? Modern TVs have HDMI-CEC mode and you can hook R.Pis up to the TV.
  23. So, I'm getting into this Legends Family Ecosystem and I'm seeing that only the Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinet has Arcade Play Link connectivity. I think that sucks. I understand that maybe my Legends Core shouldn't have it, but, why doesn't the Legends Connect single board computer have it? I mean nothing else has APL. It's a bummer. While I'm sure not intended by AtGames, the AFBX and LFB 100 games version now have giant community builds with artwork, and it also turns out the LUA cabinet is a $600 dollar solution to playing games with other controllers with more buttons on the AFBX thru the HDMI port. Which may not sound like a huge deal, but the AFBX is limited in emulating other systems because of the 1-button Atari joystick. Plus, the AFBX community build has a lot of content that the LUA CoinOpsX and saUCE packs do not, most notably Atari 800 games. It's a win-win, and, I hear it "works like a charm!" from a LUA owner. I totally understand that the Bed Bath & Beyond Plug & Play systems are the past and the Legendary Legends Family of products is the future, but, I feel like if future products, and hopefully some less expensive options, in the Legends Family could remember APL connectivity, that would be awesome. The old legacy AFBX and LFB2 community builds are only going to continue to get more awesome. Bottom line, AtGames is a company with a shitty past that turned it around. Please don't now be the company that ditches the AFBX and LFB2 connectivity and the system's owners. Try to keep APL and the old flashbacks alive, as they are a part of the good AtGames history. Lets see it in the Legends Connect SBC. It could be a $100 option for old flashback owners to use other controllers instead of only the $600 LUA cabinet. P.S. I have been using my Legends Gamepad a lot with my Legends Core and BYOG/CoinOpsX and I have no issues at all. It's totally fine. My only question is, what hell is the rumble feature for? When you use it as a PC controller? I don't get it. Anyways, I really like how it goes to sleep if not used for 5 mins. The PS5 pad is always on. So, turns out the PS5 pad is always dead and the LGP is always ready to rock and roll. I'll be ordering a 2nd Legends Gamepad soon. #1stPartySwag
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