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  1. Just the Legends Ultimate file. The custom firmware I posted is the exact same one you already have. The best way to check if your custom firmware lets you read the files from the SD Card is just stick the Ultimate pack onto your card and see if it works. There were some other LFB 50 games CFWs out there that were older and didn't have the ability to read files from the card. If you were already doing something similar, it will work.

    I would also like to share, I use two of these. One black and one blue.
    Amazon.com: Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Controller 6-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Genesis - Original Port - Black: Video Games

    Amazon.com: Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Controller 6-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Genesis - Original Port - Clear Blue: Video Games


    So, the controller is great in my opinion. Real Pros may notice the D-Pad isnt made the same as the old

    controllers. But it is a step up from the packed in AtGames clone pads, which for the record, I dont 

    think are all that bad. These pads have a super long cord and a right shoulder button, menu, that functions

    as a double for the awkward menu button on the system itself. But, it isnt quite like the old button either.

    I remember the old button being clicky, this is more hair trigger, which brings up the menu and pauses

    gameplay sometimes. Around $15 for the black one, $20 for the blue one. The biggest plus is you can

    add coins to mame games from the couch by tapping menu button twice.

    Be careful, there are also usb versions and wireless versions. the wireless come in two varieties, bluetooth and 2.4Ghz.
    I hear that the 2.4Ghz are decent and the bluetooth suck. But I dont own them. I own two of the USB versions for

    my sega mini, they are the same thing. Ive read reviews that the blue versions D-Pad is better/newer. I cant tell.

    Again, its not bad, just different than real sega pads.

  2. 18 minutes ago, rocketfan said:

    Another option to experiment is put a copy of the paddle game rom in the /game folder and rename it to <game>.a26x.gme - to see if the paddles start working using the original retroplayer when you launch it from the USB entry.

    sheyeah, sure, the testing/game folder. well if you want to do it the easy way. but how can i get other people to learn how to add to the Nexus if i tell them the easy way ;) lolol.

    Seriously, though, I didnt even think of that. I wonder how many other things Im doing the Hard Way??!? lol. We keep flopping back and forth on retroplayers because we are still trying to find the best way.

  3. retroplayer.9, retroplayer.x and retroplayer.l (L for LFB) are the 3 that are used. But you could use any in /emu. Open /emulator/runcommand with notepad and look around. you will see the extension, read the code and see the libretro core it is attached to it. look for the retroplayer.? running it and change it to what you want (remember to save it, keep a backup if your new to this). look at other entries and get a feel.

    We switched from the X retroplayer to the 9 retroplayer to fix the missing sprites. You could also change just the extension (and matching ini entry and art) to .a26x to make any game load with the retroplayer.x. Even if RP9 is the default in the runcommand.

    We have to mess around and experiment and see what fixes what and breaks what.

  4. Brad from the 80s runs sd card thru a high speed adapter. I tried it and feel like the flashdrive is better.
    It would give me "loads stock screen on powerup" or "loads stock screen instead of gotos" errors.
    slow menus, like when you use a 2.0 USB flashdrive.
    Clearly I dont use this 32GB card. It was just here for an easy picture.


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  5. Is the .gme extension working in the /game folder for the Ultimate pack yet?

    Or custom bezels per game with restore button?

    Also, there is no CFW for the LFB2Deluxe.

    The menu thumbs were just whipped up because it took way longer to build and program the hub than I anticipated. LFB Home, and the reboot, clear and shutdown buttons were stolen from the AFBX Project (as you know ;)) and the system/folder "boxes" were whipped up super quick. Some were already made and decent, the rest are meh. Also, 4 missing "boxes" for the built in games were ripped from a youtube video. they are poor resolution. No one has ripped them from the LFB2D yet.

    I should also note, RocketFan has a LFB1 2018 - 50 games, I have the LFB2 2019 - 100 games. Neither of us has the LFB2 2019 Deluxe.

    I use a 32GB SanDisk Image Mate SDHC Card. Load times can be a little long.



  6. "RPX (and River Raid at 1.2GHz) is smooth as silk.  Any idea why?"


    Maybe because its running at 80fps?

    The 9 plays River Raid Smooth, Out Of the Box. The X does Not. I wish I had a video 

    of the X playing River Raid before the OC. It was horrible. It ran around 50-60fps and 

    dipped to like 30 or 40 randomly or whenever you used rewind. Rewind i felt has something

    to do with things too. turning it off can sometimes help slow games. This video AFB9Gold stock settings

    vs AFBXD 1.2Ghz with RP? - I dont remember, we can flip them at will, maybe it was RPX???
    Video isnt great, the stuttering in gameplay was from the capture card and not in game.


    P.S. Don't go throwing perfectly good babies away because of something I say, I

          am, in fact, just the art guy. Stay true to your projects vision.

          Also, River Raid is the greatest Non-Paddle game for a2600 in my opinion, so it

          gets priority over everything else in my vision. If smooth river raid makes all the other 

           games judder, I wouldnt even notice. lol.

  7. 1 hour ago, Rodney Hester said:

    I just look for _RP9 at the end of the ROM filename.  If it's there, I use the FB9 retroplayer, otherwise FBX's.


    Sorry, I just can't handle those heavy scanlines with River Raid, it looks AWFUL.  

    We had done something similar in nexus recently. We had flipped to the the AFBX retroplayer and used the .a269 extension for roms that needed it on a per game basis, purely for the scanlines. The problem with that is further testing found that the missing sprite bug was in far, far more games than just Asteroids and the other 3 that get mentioned. And, contrary to popular belief, adjusting the clock didnt fix the missing sprite bug. Also, games played more smoothly overall with the RP9 in general. You would have to go thru and test all the .a26 games and change the extensions and image names and ini entry for them all. And, even then, the RP9 set up from before was still superior in the gameplay department. I believe the thinking was, with the overclock, maybe the x player would perform on par with the 9. It did not. The only reason the X player got kept in the mix at all wasnt for the scanlines. There were a handful of games that the RPX will run that the RP9 will not. RP9 was speed/gameplay and the RPX was compatibility/accuracy??? we switched back to the RP9 for the next release. RPX was inferior, IMO.

    About the scanlines, IMO and humble opinion, they BOTH look horrible. to me they are equally awful. they are just different than each other. I'm not trying to be negative nancy here, just pass on what Iv observed and my honest opinions. I hope they help! But, stay true to your vision for your project! I'll help any way I can.


  8. I think it would be worthwhile to look at the various versions of the "RPX" and see if they vary.

    I also wonder if the scanline filter of the X can be swapped into the 9s RP ala carte.

    I also wonder if bezels could be displayed on top of the viewing area instead of underneath and if then custom overlays could be used as filters.


    I was told it was in the hardware of the AFB9s controller ports and not the software. I never modded my 9 or a pair of paddles to make them work on the 9. It seems atgames purposefully jacked with the port so only their paddles would work, and then they never sold any.

    We are still learning the intricacies of everything and i only have so much time to experiment. Im not very knowledgeable so I use my time to add working cores. It's all I've figured out. Most of my time is spent just adding the content. And some testing. I rely on your guys feedback on how to proceed. We have swapped RPs recently before. we are trying to find the way to make both the 9 and the X optimal and equal.

    If you have ideas or insights that could work better, please let us know! :) 

  10. RocketFan onced mentioned to me "I wonder if the RPX I chose way back when is the cause (of the sprite bug)". 

    Which made me wonder, how many "RPXs" are there? did they change at all from official update to official update? did rocket use the RPX from my A.T.A.R.I. pack that was built off of the standard V.0.1.18? or did he use the deluxe 0.1.9 version RPX? or the standard 0.1.21? are there even any differences in them? 

    download (2).jpg

  11. I understand bud, For me, I never use scanlines. I dont like them. So it doesnt matter to me. Aside from that, and even aside from the missing sprite issues, I STILL feel retroplayer.9 is superior. Gameplay (smooth vs choppy/dropped frames) has to be more important than scanlines, IMO. I realize you are trying to keep the AFBX as stock as possible, but I feel like the AFBX was a copy paste of the LFBs and its not as good as the 9 was. I feel like the 9 was tweaked to play atari, and the X just got settings from the LFBs for whatever reasons. I've seen similarities, like box art sizes, between the two (LFB & AFBX) that were changed from the AFB9, and that just makes me wonder... what else was copied over and changed... something in the retroplayer??? because gameplay suffered.

  12. This runcommand is for NEXUS test purposes only if you want to see how it can be used on a per extension basis.

    The test runcommand is set to run .ziml files at the three different speeds - 816, 1008, 1200.  So to see this in action:

    Drop the runcommand in /emulator.

    Startup.sh goes on the root. (Keep your old files, these are just test files.)

    Boot your AFBX and jump to the LFB roms (this is so you have whatever magic in the retroplayer.ini allows select to add coins in retroplayer.l)

    Then run that game and it will run three times so you can see the difference - 1) slow and choppy, 2) a little better, 3) almost perfect.


    RocketFan also set it up to run .a26 ROMs twice- once at 816Mhz and one "full speed" at 1200Mhz.

    Try Asteroids.  You can see 3 things:

    1) For sure it runs faster at 1200Mhz - Maybe too fast.

    2) the 816Mhz DOES NOT solve the missing player/asteroids bug. (or fix battlezone/moonsweeper/mousetrap either).

    3)You still have to use retroplayer.9/.a269 to get that fixed.

    I think that the missing sprite error is in the retroplayer.x itself. If not that, then its not jiving with something we've changed. And even if not that, it still seems that the AFB9 retroplayer.9 is superior to the AFBX's retroplayer.x, at least as far as .a26 games. retroplayer.x has the better scanline filter is all I can see. Playing River Raid stock on an AFB9 and on an AFBX, it is deff better on the 9. And I believe its not just River Raid, but ALL games across the board. The X's gameplay is choppy, I believe the difference is in the slower clock speed and the retroplayer.x.


    runcommand startup.sh


  13. Now, for the Custom Firmware. Make sure you flash the CORRECT Custom Firmware for your specific model. These updates WILL change your internal system so read the notes carefully. You can always flash back to stock. Official AtGames Firmware Updates and instructions on how to flash them to your system can be found here: AFZ - AtGames


    Atari Flashback 9 HDMI/Boom! - Model No. AR3050. This is the standard AFB9 HD Version. It has HDMI video out and an SD Card Slot. Built off of the current firmware V.2.1.1.


    Atari Flashback 9 Gold - Model No. AR3650. It has HDMI video out and an SD Card Slot. Built off of the current firmware V.2.1.1.




    Atari Flashback X - Model No. AR3060. Built off of current firmware V.0.1.21. Both the early model and the later model with the reset hole on the bottom will work with the custom firmware.




    Atari Flashback X Deluxe/Special Edition - Model No. AR3060S. Built off of current firmware V.0.1.9. Both the early model and the later model with the reset hole on the bottom will work with the custom firmware.




    Atari Flashback X and Atari Flashback X Deluxe/Special Edition Overclock firmware. This will unlock the 1.2Ghz GPU and 400Mhz Mali GPU Dynamic Overclock in the NEXUS. WARNING: For advanced users only! You must first flash the correct custom firmware above before flashing this custom firmware. This is for the AFBX and AFBX Deluxe ONLY!! It WILL BRICK an AFB9HD or AFB9Gold. You MUST flash this update from your External USB 3.0 Drive. You CANNOT flash it from your PC with the Android Tools App. Updating from a PC with the App WILL BRICK your system. Use this CFW at your OWN RISK!!




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  14. Atari Flashback NEXUS - V.0.5.5


    (for the AtGames Atari Flashbacks. AFB9 HDMI/Boom! - Model No. AR3050, AFB9 Gold - Model No. AR3650, AFBX - Model No. AR3060 and AFBX Deluxe/Special Edition - Model No. AR3060S. You MUST have Custom Firmware installed that lets you read files from the External USB 3.0 Drive via an OTG Cable.)


    This will allow you to add games with box art to the main menu. It will also allow you to sort game libraries into folders. You can now Shutdown and Reboot the system from the controller or Clear the Recently Played games list. It has a Home button that will take you back to the main menu. It allows for custom themes, music and bezels. It takes advantage of the overclock custom firmware. It has been loaded with more emulator cores, and even more can be added. You can change core settings if available. You can remap your buttons. It will also allow each AFB system to run its built in games from the External Drive. You will NOT loose any games. You can remove the External Drive and your system will run stock. You CAN import your /game folder. This package makes NO internal changes to your system. This is a COMMUNITY PROJECT. Feel free to give feedback or lend a hand. You can use all or just parts of this in your own projects if you wish. Thank You to Brad_from_the_80's and MrFister for the Original CFW and RocketFan for the System Changes. Thank you to Gaster, R.Rifonas, Kevin Mos3s, Velvis, Captain Classic, Batchman, MAMEbr, BitMerge and the many other AA and GBA Temp Members who have helped with this over the years, starting with the A.T.A.R.I. (AtariAge Text, Art & ROM Injector).


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  15. Yes, The next full release of NEXUS is going to get its own thread for the same reason.

    You can share these files however you like. Anyone can. And, thank you for being interested in it! I'm not sure I can also update multiple threads, again, thats why Im starting a new thread. If you would like to post updates there at your one drive, that would be okay with me. :) 

  16. The Atari Flashback NEXUS was ported to the Legends Flashbacks. It's called "ULTIMATE".

    Legends Flashback Ultimate (Community Project) - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums

    Im pretty sure you can add C64 and Vic20 support to ULTIMATE/NEXUS if you wanted to. Bandai WonderSwan, NeoGeo Pocket/Color. IDK. I've realized that the Sega Genesis Flashback is the same thing and this project could be ported to it for awhile, but I don't own one. And they are outrageously priced now. I don't think RocketFan owns one either. If someone wants to use this project on the Sega FB, I don't mind.

  17. 2 hours ago, Spanner said:

    Found Nexus 5.1... I might be able to get it to work on my MD FB 2018, they all have the same SoC RK3066 in them, they are really all the same machine, based on the MD FB 2018, just have a different case the Atari FB X is the first that has RK3066 on it SoC not Monkey King 3.66(3066), they are like a Marsboard.


    The AFB9 board is identical to the MDFB 2018 board, only difference is it don't have a cart port, AtGames consoles are like THEC64 machines, THEC64 Maxi and THEVIC20 are the same as THEC64 Mini, I know I hack them with PCUAE, PCUAE works on all 3 machines cause they work the same as each other... :)


    Nice work BTW.. :)

    LFB2 100 and 110 games systems have an actual RockChip, not the Monkey King Chip.

    The LFB1 50 Games has the Monkey King.

  18. Now, for the Custom Firmware. Make sure you flash the CORRECT Custom Firmware for your specific model. These updates WILL change your internal system so read the notes carefully. You can always flash back to stock. Official AtGames Firmware Updates and instructions on how to flash them to your system can be found here: AFZ - AtGames

    Legends Flashback 2018 & Legends Flashback 2018 Deluxe. Model No. FB8650. These are the 50 Built-In Games systems. The only difference in the Deluxe version is it comes packed with an SD Card in the box. The Custom Firmware will work for either system because they are exactly the same system. It will allow you to run files from the SD Card and has 1.2Ghz overclock built in. It is built off of the most current version firmware V.2.8.4.



    Legends Flashback 2019. Model No. FB8660. This is the 100 Built-In Games system. It will allow you to run files from the SD Card and has 1.2Ghz overclock built in. It is NOT built off of the most current firmware. The most current official firmware is V.0.1.17 and has online leader boards for 4 or 5 games. This Custom Firmware is built off of V.0.1.16. It has all of the fixes from version V.0.1.17, but it does NOT have the online leaderboards.




    Legends Flashback 2019 Deluxe/Special Edition. Model No. FB8660. This is the 110 Built-In Games system. The most current official firmware is V.0.1.8. There is NO Custom Firmware for this Model, yet.

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