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  1. Now, for the Custom Firmware. Make sure you flash the CORRECT Custom Firmware for your specific model. These updates WILL change your internal system so read the notes carefully. You can always flash back to stock. Official AtGames Firmware Updates and instructions on how to flash them to your system can be found here: AFZ - AtGames

    Legends Flashback 2018 & Legends Flashback 2018 Deluxe. Model No. FB8650. These are the 50 Built-In Games systems. The only difference in the Deluxe version is it comes packed with an SD Card in the box. The Custom Firmware will work for either system because they are exactly the same system. It will allow you to run files from the SD Card and has 1.2Ghz overclock built in. It is built off of the most current version firmware V.2.8.4.



    Legends Flashback 2019. Model No. FB8660. This is the 100 Built-In Games system. It will allow you to run files from the SD Card and has 1.2Ghz overclock built in. It is NOT built off of the most current firmware. The most current official firmware is V.0.1.17 and has online leader boards for 4 or 5 games. This Custom Firmware is built off of V.0.1.16. It has all of the fixes from version V.0.1.17, but it does NOT have the online leaderboards.




    Legends Flashback 2019 Deluxe/Special Edition. Model No. FB8660. This is the 110 Built-In Games system. The most current official firmware is V.0.1.8. There is NO Custom Firmware for this Model, yet.

  2. Legends Flashback ULTIMATE - V.0.1.0


    (for ALL the AtGames Legends Flashbacks. LFB 2018 - Model No. FB8650, LFB 2018 Deluxe - Model No. FB8650, LFB 2019 - Model No. FB8660 and LFB 2019 Deluxe/Special Edition - Model No. FB8660S. You MUST have Custom Firmware installed that lets you read files from the SD Card - 32GB or less.)


    This will allow you to add games with box art to the main menu. It will also allow you to sort game libraries into folders. You can now Shutdown and Reboot the system from the controller or Clear the Recently Played games list. It has a Home button that will take you back to the main menu. It allows for custom themes, music and bezels. It takes advantage of overclock custom firmware. It has been loaded with more emulator cores, and even more can be added. You can change core settings if available. You can remap your buttons. It will also allow each LFB system to run its built in games from the SD Card. You will NOT loose any games. You can remove the SD Card and your system will run stock. You CAN import your /game folder. This package makes NO internal changes to your system. This is a COMMUNITY PROJECT. Feel free to give feedback or lend a hand. You can use all or just parts of this in your own projects if you wish. Thank You to R.Rifonas for the Original CFW and RocketFan for the System Changes.


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  3. I just added them as examples. I doubt I will add every game possible with box art to this pack, but I figure if the core is there, users can add what they want to the /game folder. Those games start with the letter A, I just looked real quick to find something I thought might work. I did have to swap the buttons. Asteroids GBA didnt have a teleport or shields or whatever by pressing down, Im guessing its the other button or a shoulder button. So, I don't think they are perfect, but they are good examples if someone wanted to add something.

    It was satisfying to see the gameboy *ding, bios screens come up on these. I'm glad they are in there and I hope some decent one button games pop up.

    Also, the 4 OTG cables came today. I have 3 left. Now is the time to let me know if you need a new one for NEXUS. PM me.

  4. Rocketfan added a runcommand wrapper that lets you add as many cores as you want. You dont have to do the old swap method anymore (which limited your number of cores and had you running to the PC to make changes). And he went way beyond that. You can run cores with different retroplayers, and you can run individual roms with different combinations.

    We already added Gen+GX AND Picodrive core, and many others. He even posted a link to prebuilt cores. Which, youre in luck because, thats what I just came online to get:


    latest - buildbot.libretro.com > nightly > linux > armv7-neon-hf > latest

  5. There are games that need key mapped or completely cut out of the NEXUS because they are unplayable with the atari joystick across the board. I only remapped the games that I knew needed it. If it doesn't occur to me, I can't fix it. Thanks for testing all those, Batch, It really, really helps! About stretched screens, I cant remember which does what but between MAME2000, 2003, FBAlpha and Neo... each one has quirks. I want to say FBA Stretches the vertical monitor games, and only MAME lets you config buttons. There may be core settings that can be set for some of those that will force the screen size. I'll look into it. Lynx, A800, 7800, G&W, Arcade, Im guessing all those categories have games that need attention.

    Popeye should have the NES version and the Arcade version available. I looked for a long time to find a working Popeye arcade (the "bootleg" version works - popeyebl). Its in the Atari Arcade folder. I know that Black Widow and Cloak and Dagger are 2 joystick games that i couldnt figure out how to map, I didnt try too hard TBH. Atari arcade game Destroyer got added and didnt get mapped. The G&W games are so different from one to the other, they all need tested and button mapped if possible. Same thing with the "other than 2600" atari categories. If I tested every lynx, 800 and 7800 game looking for compatible games, it would take forever. This way everyone can test them and report back. And they can get dropped into the LFB, which WILL play all the games we eventually cut. So there really is no wasted time on my end.

    Something else that was noticed is if you are exiting a game that is running with the LFB retroplayer, you have to hold menu for a half a second and then release it to exit. I also think if you hold R+Start it lets you button remap per the LFB menu, but you will get stuck because there arent enough buttons to map the LFB controller, and youll never finish mapping buttons. If something is running with FBA and not MAME (stretched, no config) its probably because it doesnt have a working mame version. If its running with the LFB retroplayer its because the core needs it or the games need key mapped. We are shoehorning everything in there, and there are pros and cons.


  6. Ok good, you didnt flash the wrong firmware. thats a relief!


    I'll look into atroblaster, and see what i can do, we added that early on. I think FBAlpha stretches the screen and doesnt allow button remapping, I'll see if I can get it running with MAME, if thats the case.

    There are alot of games and Im sure they need tweaked on a per game basis, If you run into any other issues, let us know! I'm glad you got it sorted. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Batchman said:

    Well, it still says I have Atari Age Custom firmware 0.1.18, but using the 2.0 USB disk, NEXUS is now showing up, though I have not yet played any games. That is the next step. I'll report back after a bit of testing.

    It says that in your about screen with no USB stick inserted or it says it in the nexus? a 2.0 USB will work to run the NEXUS, its just slow and likes to hang up in menus. USB 2.0 IS DEFF NOT GOOD FOR FLASHING UPDATE IMAGES.


    look at the stock about screen. Don't worry what the nexus says, we could make that say anything.

  8. 58 minutes ago, Batchman said:

    ...Flashback X Deluxe... ...Installed new firmware... ...1.1.8...



    The standard AFBX has a FW# V.0.1.18
    The Legends Flashback 2 Deluxe has a FW# V.0.1.8



    You need AFBXD FW# V.0.1.5 - V.0.1.9


    I have no idea what you flashed.


    v.0.1.9 (Deluxe version) Custom Firmware for running files from the usb drive built off of v.0.1.9 by MrFister and Brad from the 80s.


    overclock by Rocketfan (Dynamic CPU 1.2Ghz, GPU 400Mhz)



  9. List of AFB NEXUS V.0.5.3 Extensions

    .26a  - Stella 6 - Atari 2600 games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .a26  - Stella 3 - Atari 2600 games. AFB9 Retroplayer.
    .a269 - Stella 3 - Atari 2600 games. AFB9 Retroplayer.
    .a26l - Stella 3 - Atari 2600 games. LFX Retroplayer. (<------ TYPO?) 
    .a26x - Stella 3 - Atari 2600 games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .a52  - A800 - Atari 5200 games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .a78  - ProSystem - Atari 7800 games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .atr  - A800 - Atari 800 floppy disk games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .bas  - A800 - Atari BASIC games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .bin  - PicoDrive - Sega Genesis / MegaDrive games. AFB9 Retroplayer.
    .car  - A800 - Atari 800 catridge games. AFBX Retroplayer

    .cmd - System command. Clear Recent List, Reboot, Shutdown & Restore Custom Bezels.
    .cv   - CoolMSX - ColecoVision games (No Super Game Module support). LFB Retroplayer.
    .fds  - Nestopia - Famicom Disk System games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .gb   - MGBA - Gameboy games. LFB Retroplater.
    .gbc  - MGBA - Gameboy Color games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .goto - Takes you to another game library.
    .gme  - A 2nd Extension. It allows you to play any ROM type from the /game folder.
    .lnx  - Handy - Atari Lynx games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .mgw  - G&W - Nintendo Game & Watch / LCD games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .nes  - Quickness - Nintendo / Famicom games. AFB9 Retroplayer.
    .nesl - Quickness - Nintendo / Famicom games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .ody  - O2EM - Magnavox Odyssey2 games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .pce  - MednafenPCE (fast) - TruboGrafx-16 & PC Engine games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .xex  - A800 - A800 Executable games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .zi3  - MAME2003-Plus (xtreme) - Arcade games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .zim  - MAME2000 - Arcade games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .zim9 - MAME2000 - Arcade games. AFB9 Retroplayer.
    .ziml - MAME2000 - Arcade games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .zin  - FinalBurnNEO - Arcade/NeoGeo games. LFB Retroplayer.
    .zip  - FinalBurnALPHA - Arcade/NeoGeo games. AFBX Retroplayer.
    .*    - GenPlusGX - Sega SG-1000, Master System, MegaDrive, Genesis, Mega-CD,
             Sega-CD and GameGear games. Includes .sg, .sms, .md, .gen, .iso, .chd, .gg & .sgg.

             AFB9 Retroplayer.

    I went through it and everything works. the only thing i see is we have .a26l set to

    use the AFBX Retroplayer?? I think that is a small mistake that wouldn't break anything.

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  10. im downloading it now, Ill put it on a fresh flashdrive and sd card and try it on the X and 9 I have here.


    WOW, Still had time to edit, so, under an hour? I just DLed v5.1 and the two updates and put them on a formatted flashdrive and a formatted sd card. Everything works.

    I couldnt tell much difference in the two systems, I tried Asteroids, Penult, Pinball RotG, Bubble Bobble and Dig Dug a800. No missing sprites, stella 6.1 is the same, Mame button swaps saved, I have no clue. We went through everything this time before release. I played with it all weekend before I uploaded it. :( 

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Sinjinhawke said:

    I downloaded the updates to my FBX and everything seems to be working for me.  So much content now it's hard to say there aren't issues but everything I tried works.  BASIC games don't seem to take a LLLOOONNNGGG! time to load.  As someone who use to load many a game off cassette back in the day they seem to be faster than floppy drives of the day.


    Excellent job to all involved.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I will change LLLLOOOONNNG!!! time to load, to "A Hot Second To Load". I assumed they took as long as the cassettes from back in tha day. I only tested a few, and, I'm happy to hear someone is enjoying them. That's also the first I've heard someone commenting on the goofy stuff I sprinkled around the NEXUS descriptions. LOL. Thank you again!! I appreciate you.

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  12. HAHAH, It doesnt matter to me, I know like the big and little dippers and orion, thats about it. If you get lost and cant use the stars to navigate, you can now just call someone from your cell or use GPS, because youll have service wherever youre lost at. And, I mean, you can still see the sun. east and west is enough to figure it out. hahahah.


    moss grows on the north side of trees, right, or follow a river or some shit? lmmfao.

  13. then maybe we should strap some high powered rare earth magnets to that string of LED xmas lights they are stringing up and snatch up all those defunct satellites? lol :) 


    Now that I think of it, its pretty stupid to wire up an orbiting grid infrastructure w/o first picking up all the junk. You wouldnt set up a pool w/o picking up the ground. Is going to be kind of hard to get up there and clean all the space junk up later if we build an LED-Strip web around the planet. lmmfao.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, MrFister said:

    I cannot wait for Starlink!

    Im going to miss seeing actual stars, tho.

    Just a side note, at the bottom of the forum i can see who instantly logs in and downloads the newest pack. especially now that it takes so long. The download number goes up accordingly. It is the members that are following in the top right tab. Around a dozen people DLed it yesterday and I get hardly any feedback. Times like this i wish someone would have just said "its cool" so at least I know if the upload is good or not. Now, I dont do this for thanks or recognition or whatever, but by letting me know it worked it could help others too. oh well.

  15. 13 minutes ago, MrFister said:

    I have a issue with NEXUS not running on my X Deluxe.

    I have tried numerous times and all I get when I choose a game, is just going back the game selection screen.

    I have even made a plain vanilla cfw, but still no go.  Even tried different thumb drives also.

    Anybody else having this issue with NEXUS on a X Deluxe unit?


    I think I narrowed it down to the runcommand file causing issues on my X Deluxe.


    OMG that sucks. I have had zero issues on my end, I'm Gucci. I actually just got finished playing Asteroids a2600 and its running "perfect". I've been testing a lot more than I usually do before this last release and I haven't seen anything major. And yes the main things that get edited are the runcommand and the startup.sh files.


    I had some issues with gambatte_libretro.so doing what youre saying yesterday, but i switched to mgba_libretro.so and everything was good. But I did all that after the fresh 5.1 release.

    I have a standard unit, running the Full X Deluxe CFW provided by you. I am also running the new Dynamic CPU + GPU OC. My system has been powered on the better part of 3 days. No issues. I hope this helps.

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