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  1. Sounds like you know your stuff. You and Rocketfan will hit it off, I'm sure.

    We can OC the AFBX to the speed of the AFB9, but why then overclock the 9 if it already has the optimal speed?

    also, one AFB9 has been sacrificed to the brick gods already working on OC. Only advice I can give is that the AFBX

    overclock is NOT, repeat NOT, compatible with the AFB9. lmmfao.

    But yes, I agree, we should at least test it out. And the option should be available. As far as the base games having priority over

    the added arcade games, IDK, doesn't the 1.2 Ghz only negatively affect a handful of a2600 games and positively affect dozens

    of arcade games? I want to say Atari Arcade games like Kangaroo only played correctly after the overclock. Its just another flexible

    choice like the retroplayers and the scanlines and object flicker in a handful of other games. Pros and Cons. Give and Take. Personal

    Preferences, in my humble opinion. Don't get me wrong, if your project is strictly retail a2600 only, I understand why they would be the priority.
    For me, whats special about the AFB9/X is it feels like a little computer. It is a modern SBC, like a cheap-ass rasberry pi, for atgames.

    Granted you cant do a whole lot with it until after the NEXUS pack came about, but now, I feel like I am working with a tiny

    atari computer, getting the same things to work on it that I have all the other minis and PCs over the years. The RetroN77 feels

    like a "Stella-Box" to me, and thats great. No more need for an old ass PC, and Im sure the VCS is a sweet atari PC to mess with,

    but, who has those or 500 bucks to spend on one? 


    Also, I like that all these files being added to this afb are so old. Its neat to see all the members here work with vintage atari

    computers, and again, not every one has access to one of those. there is only so much a community can do with a community

    project like the RetroN77, Add all the a26 games, and update stella, maybe build a UI that doesnt suck... lol. At this point with

    the afbs, they are just another little retroarch box, probably the least powerful one. but, I see the potential for everyone to

    make there own setup/project and hopefully 30 years from now, people will still be messing with it. :) And, you just never

    know because people still want AFB2s and a cartridge port.


    i really wanted to help make the AFB9 and AFBX as important as the AFB2 was. I didnt want it to end up like an afb 3-7.
    I hope when people go out garage sale-ing and Thrift shopping, when they see a 9 or an X it means something like a 2.

  2. that sucks. At least they are cheap.

    So, as a result of trying to rip the Atari Vault games for the NEXUS pack, I now have Atari Vault Extended (all 150 games) running standalone without Steam. It looks like its a Steam Emulator running it.


    Atari Vault Extended - 150 Games (for Windows 7 or higher)

    Requirements: Processor 2.0Ghz, Memory 2GB RAM, DirectX9.0c or higher, 1GB storage space.



  3. I have got questions as well.

    What version do you have? is there a reset hole on the bottom?

    How do you have OTG thru player one? You want to use the micro usb power port.

    The joystick is super loose, but it works. You can totally use other controllers because...

    menu is select+Down, and rewind is select+Up.

    overclock is a bit more than just unpacking and repacking CFW with imgrepacker.

    Keep in mind the 1.2 Ghz also helps MAME and FBA games (that I realize youre not interested in running)

    yes, to dump the partitions put these files on your drive by themselves and wait a very, very, very very long time.



    mount_sd.ini startup.sh

  4. That's what I was saying about Kaboom the other day, Sometimes paddles work, sometimes the buttons move the man. So, probably not the retroplayer??? Sometimes taking the paddles out and putting them back in makes it go away. I'm guessing its in the stytem recognizing whats plugged in? Maybe not seeing the wireless joystick message when it happens is a clue, Scoob? I'm at a loss.

    Also should probably point out, I noticed this all the way back when I first spliced the OG A2600 and AtGames paddles. It has been there the whole time for me, but since no one else said anything, again, I thought it was just the Frankenpaddles on my end. But when they worked on an actual 4 switch and Jr w/ astroblast, I suspected it wasnt the paddles.


    I've been trying to figure out what causes it and I can't... :( 

  5. i noticed the same thing with kaboom. we must have changed something???

    Except, I have had the paddles work as intended as well, without making any system changes.

    I have no clue what's causing it. the retroplayer? I thought maybe it was just me and

    my frankenpaddles.


    Here are are steam atari vault games. not sure they will be much use to us tho.


  6. 1 hour ago, KaeruYojimbo said:

    They don't need to be cheeky. There are plenty of multicade machines on the market that come pre-loaded with licensed games. Buy a few of those, some of the Raw Thrills games, one of those giant Pac-Man games, a couple of pinball machines, boom, Atari hotel arcade.

    that sounds like every other game room on the current Las Vegsa Strip, tho. I feel like that would work anywhere else but the Vegas location.

    P.S. please dont forget air hockey. :) 

  7. no, it can all be reversed with an official atgames update. and even with the CFW, you cant tell its not stock.



    v.0.1.9 (Deluxe version) official AtGames update that was posted online then removed:



    v.0.1.9 (Deluxe version) Custom Firmware for running files from the usb drive built off of v.0.1.9 by MrFister and Brad from the 80s.


    overclock by Rocketfan (CPU 1.2Ghz, GPU 300Mhz)


    last, I would use MrFisters NTSC pack as your base.
    MrFister's Flashback X Deluxe USA NTSC Complete Pack (422 Games) - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums



  8. 25 minutes ago, Rodney Hester said:

    If this is the wrong place to ask this, please let me know - I've done my best to read all of the information presented here, but I'm still slightly lost.


    I've ordered a Flashback X, but what I'm attempting to do with it is very, very simple - the original 2600 library (joystick and paddle games, as I think that's all that works with the stock emulator) on a USB flash drive with a stock-but-overclocked system - in other words, I'm not looking for an advanced UI, I don't need extra features, I'm not going to be emulating other systems, DPC+, or anything like that...just bog-standard Atari cartridges from back-in-the-day 'stock' (the only reason I mentioned overclocking is it seems that the stock emulator needs it even for some classic titles).


    That being my goal - what do I need to install atop what it ships with?  (I have several OTG cables and flash drives already, so I'm good to go on the hardware side.)

    all that has already been done.

    First thing I need to know is what version of the X do you have. Standard or Deluxe. 1st version or late model (reset hole on the bottom).

    sencond, do you want to add the games to the ext. sd card menu without artwork or the main menu with artwork?

  9. 5 minutes ago, Mockduck said:

    I have only heard of two hotels: One in the Vegas area and one in the United Arab Emirates, which kinda sounds like a wealthy person over there making their own nerdy hotel to stay at because they feel like it. 

    Phoenix Arizona is where it says the 1st one is going. Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose. also.

  10. a virtual casino in Las Vegas? idk what to think about that. What does that even look like? on youre phone? at a PC in your room?

    with a crazy universal remote and the rooms tv streaming it? some fancy terminal in a bar area? IDK???


    if they can do that in all the other hotels, like a virtual casino in a Chicago Atari hotel would be kind of neat. Is that legal?
    I dont see how changing your money to atari crypto tokens bypasses anything. So I'm guessing no. whatever the local

    laws say.

    Here in illinois, we have gambling machines everywhere, so, it seems like a missed opportunity if they DONT have REAL gambling.


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  11. 51 minutes ago, Lord Mushroom said:

    I thought you were being sarcastic at first. :)


    I am guessing it will be mostly conventional video games, with maybe a few rides or something for the smallest kids. It would be strange to use the Atari brand if they planned to mostly offer the other stuff.

    well the 1st time i went, I was 19, so I couldn't have gambled if I wanted to. While I'm no stranger to dumping a crap ton of money into a video game (skill) I never could get into the idea of dumping money into a slot machine (luck) hoping it was due to hit.


    that said, will the Atari Hotel in vegas have a casino? What about the online Atari Crypto Casino? will that have anything to do with the hotel? Does Atari have any plans for poker/slot machines? like, i know they made jukeboxes back in the day. Since everything new nowadays just looks like a giant mobile app on a giant touchscreen, how hard could it be.

    I'm guessing when its all said and done, It's going to look like the inside of the Axiom Spaceship on Wall-E. Just another hotel, and the "theme" is giant LCD screens and billboards everywhere (saying "Buy N Large", lol). Plus an Overpriced Dave & Busters gameroom. 

    Maybe a pacman and galaga if youre lucky.

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  12. In the 90s EVERY las vegas hotel had an arcade or game room of some sort. Treasure Island, Aladdin, Luxor, Hell, The Flamingo Hilton even had one. And most decent hotels across the country had a small game room of some type. nowadays, not so much. I can remember many a vacations that I refused to go out and do stuff with the family and wanted to just stay at the hotel playing whatever fighting game they had. Later in life I went to Vegas (and LA) a lot for pro gaming tournaments. Tekken 3 Nationals was in Las Vegas. That was the greatest time I

    ever had on vacation.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to an Atari Hotel, but, there can't be many weirdos out there that feel like I do.

  13. Whenever I go to Las Vegas, My favorite part is the Arcades in the hotels. I never even gambled, I could care less.


    Over the years, 1999-2021, arcades have changed. Now when I go to Las Vegas not evey hotel has an arcade and if they do

    its all Pac-Man Battle Royale and new games, which is fine, they just aren't the games I want to play from back in the day.
    Gameworks is gone, You got CircusCircus and New York, New York, the Pinball museum is always awesome.


    I have to go to Chicago and the Galloping Ghost Arcade for the kind of retro experience I'm looking for. Which I will flat out

    tell you I would rather go to the GGA than go to Las Vegas. But, I realize, I'm a fucking weirdo and not many other

    adults feel like me.


    If its a cheesy hotel with ticket games and new shit you find at dave and busters, Ill pass. If its a mix of both and

    there is a tekken tag, street fighter 3, etc. types of games, I'll deff check it out.


  14. Here is a list of Atari Arcade games on Atari Vault Extended (on Steam) that we dont have in the NEXUS yet. The Progressive Joystick for Atari Vault has an extra button on top of the joystick, so I'm guessing some of these won't be compatible, and some, like Arcade Pong, I was never able to find in the MAME set.

    Atari Baseball

    Atari Basketball

    Atari Soccer

    Black Widow


    Fire Truck


    Lunar Lander

    Major Havoc

    Maze Invaders

    Missile Command

    Monte Carlo




    Space Duel

    Sprint 2

    Super Breakout

    Super Bug


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