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  1. In this order:


    1. Flash official firmware from atgames website.

    3. yes (or it will keep asking to flash update every time)

    6. Create folder named "game" (.bin or .a26)

    2. yes (only after folder is made and a compatible rom is inside.)

    4. optional. only if you want to add games with box art to the main menu. (advanced users)

    5. yes (see #3)

    7. yes, but the OFW and CFW have same compatibility. some limitations. galagon for example.

    8. No. just flash firmware again.

    CFW only allows for running system files from sd card. It does no allow you to play more title, or increase performance (per se)

  2. without giving too much info....I am a DCFS licensed care provider now. I was referring to my regular job I'm on leave from.
    I'm actually doing really good. But time is flying. The baby turn 1 tomorrow, so I've been super busy lately. Guys, ALL the babies

    can come stay with me. there just aint no way in hell i could ever say no.

    Also, I have figured out the cheap capture card. sound works. I got the OBS software, so video coming soon. The hyperkin I have

    been wanting. But I might actually regret getting it now that I have ready everything about it. 

    I havent spent anything on sticks yet. until i study, like you said. I think I might be able to do something with the blast paddles to. P1 paddle has the exrta buttons like menu and rewind. Ill get some pic later tonite. Working on this video. I'm no director, so, dont expect too much from me.

  3. I'll be off work for another 6 months at least. (It's been a year so far, this was my project.)
    I will add any games you ask rocket. or any your people can come up with. The more

    obscure, the longer it takes because.. no box art.

    I've just been waiting for the list, this was all I had:


    Miner 2049er
    Bounty Bob Strikes Back


    sorry about all the questions guys, I just dont want to buy shizz we know will NOT work.
    Im gonna figure out what controllers work and what doesnt. I also wanna find out if i can

    run two P1 AFBX joysticks at the same time.


    This is really hard not to buy:
    ATARI Joystick Lot - Suncom - TAC2 - Wico - Epyx - VidCom - Power Stick - WOW! | eBay

    For the stick, two of these and splice them together, or try and figure out where i can just get the 9pin cord/encoder. 

    Atari 2600/7800 Competition Pro shaped 3D Printed Joystick Sanwa clone stick | eBay


    is there even an encoder for the 9pin? or do i just wire the cord to buttons and ground? would just joystick cord extenders work?
    Ive only ever done actual jamma arcade stuff, and usb encoders for mame.

    Extension Prolongateur Joystick / Souris Atari Joystick Mouse Cable Extender (ebay.com)

    As far as two button games, I would agree. As for me, any multi button games i want will not go in the pack. I forget, does the /game folder allow for mame and fba. I'll just throw them all in there after the fact. Now, concerning the 8-bit games, I now understand that 800 and 5200 is the same thing like you all were trying to tell me. IDK, I like the 5200 blue and silver, I think its neat to see 5200 in the AFBX. Maybe build a 5200 rom set section as much as possible and throw whatever is left in A800? I get that its all A800, but this is a box art project for me. And for what its worth, the 5200 art is Higher Quality than the A800 stuff i have found.




  4. 37 minutes ago, Velvis said:

    Many games have free play modes set in the dip switches 

    feel free to set them up and share the settings for the pack if you want to. I have no experience doing it.

    So do you guys want two button mame games added to this pack, or no. I so far have left games like 1941/2/3, xevious, dodonpachi etc, out.

    And Im guessing that the 2nd button on the HK trooper stick is just a clone of the fire button, and cannot be used as a 2nd input.
    if there is a way to make it a 2nd input that might be a cheap ($20 bucks a stick) hack to get 2-buttoners working for users.
    Also, to be clear, I tested LFB1 pads on the AFBX. they did not work. they are 6 button style sega pads. I never tried 3 button sega pads.


    what about 2 button master system 9pin pads? will they work? forgive me, i know zero about the various pads pinouts. I wonder if the easily available, cheap nes 9pin clones work. I wonder If I could utilize two of these cheap $7 pads to make a "SUPER STICK"???


    Amazon.com: Forgun 4 Button Controller Gamepad for Coolbaby TV Handheld Video Game 9 Pin Console: Pet Supplies


    Amazon.com: AV and HDMI Universal Computer Game 9-pin Console 4-Button Controller Gamepad for AV and HDMI Universal Computer Game 9-pin Console (2 PCS): Computers & Accessories



  5. 1 hour ago, rocketfan said:

    I believe Draxxon tried it, and unfortunately no.  I think it makes sense, because of the extra pins on the Atari interface being dedicated to paddle support.  On my list of things to do is go back to the atGames Legends Flashback 2018 I own (which used Genesis gamepads) and use the techniques from the current AFBX customizations to get the Colecovision core running there.  I was really excited a while back when Draxxon published a Colecovision pack for the LFB, but then I realized it was only meant for the 2019 units, not my 2018 version. 

    its nice to hear someone was excited, because it felt like no one noticed or cared. It was a shit ton of work and I had no prior knowledge of CV stuff.
    If I remember right the 2018 has a 125MB NAND and the 2019 has a 256??MB one. I gifted all my LFB1s.

    good things to point out is, CV emulation was great. And the pack is complete and has a shit ton of HB and custom boxes. and its all been play tested. the OSK is great.

    bad things to point out, emulator is the MSX one and doesn't support Super Game Module games and the newer HBs that utilize it (Galagon & stella 6 all over again). the LFB2 pads were the same as the LFB1s, but shittier? IDK, I had about 6 LFB1s (12 bucks at walmart and gifts) and 2 LFB2s. I tested the pads a lot. The pads are decent, but the LFB1 pads are better than the LFB2s. My LFB2 has a set of LFB1 pads. (Street fighter II and zangief and ryu, along with the crazy KOF specials inputs proved it to me.) One thing I never got to test was if real CV or clone pads (or master system for that matter) worked in the unit.




    okay, back on topic. 

    questions... what all controllers work on this X?
    can we run pads thru the OTG USB? can we run a 2600-daper? (only in certain emulators?)

    should i get a ranger 2 USB for the A800 games?
    does the retron "mutitap" work?
    if maybe so, Ill grab a ranger II and a multitap, or whatever they call it.
    I also keep hearing this wont put out sound for a capture card to grab. I should know tomorrow.

    In other news.... New official firmware updates are coming and its business as usual here.
    I unlocked comments on our youtube page and spread the word to the usual suspects (reviewers).

    Mr. Bill had this to say to confirm things:

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  6. no they were actually posted, then removed. Is something wrong with the updates themselves? will we get fixed updates? is it all the hacking that's going on?

    I re-uploaded them here, In post #431: (#433 has the revision notes)

    Atari Flashback X Custom Firmware for USB roms and boxart - Page 18 - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums

    I know that the flashback X's displayed the box art thumbnails incorrectly. I know that newer units bought recently have firmware v8 and v21 and the issue wasnt fixed. v9 and v21??? (how was this v21, when v21 still had bad art?) came out with fixed art. They actually fixed the P2 glitch on Space Invaders Arcade as well. In a couple days the updates were gone. A full version of the deluxe firmware was also leaked around this time. I had nothing to do with that. they fixed audio on a few games, but river raid audio fix wasnt correct, at the same time, the AFBX hacking project had a few break throughs.



    It's just all very curious.


  7. Gamestop:

    Legends Core

    AtGames Release Date: 03/31/2021




    Did something happen to the release date? Why is there never any info about what is going on? What the hell is going on with the AFBX and LFB2 firmware updates? I went ahead and listened to Bill and just ordered it from the website. I should have just listened to him in the first place, but I like to give him a hard time. I'm sorry, buddy, you tried to help me. Maybe next time I'll listen, no promises though :) 



  8. I dont have paddles to test, but I hear that they do not work on either model. But they also didnt work on the AFB9, so maybe paddles can be modded to work on the LFB1 & LFB2.

    which version do you have? LFB2019 has a bigger NAND than the LFB2018/AFBX. That's about all I know.
    I would say that performance is basically the same. Only the LFB2019Deluxe has Atari 2600 support. I dont have

    a LFB2D, so I cant test performance for atari games specifically.

  9. the hyperkin 2 is just USB right?


    i started to read some of the 100+ pages for the hyperkin last night.
    I dont get it, no box art, original sticks are junk, no descriptions/instructions, its not an atari (ganted the X barely is, and will never be to some purists), ugly user interface, they broke paddles for new stella, now you need an otg and 1600-dapter. and its 80 bucks. All to play Galagon??? (no disrespect to the game and maker, but there has to be other ways to play those games.) Maybe lots of games gained support, I have no clue at this point.


    afbx is $35-40. it does all that (minus the new stella and a handful of new HB. paddle support is jittery-shit) and its basically retroarch. It's hard to miss Galagon when you have galaga for arcade, nes, game gear, etc. Its hard to miss new HB support when you have atari 800/8-bit support (THANK YOU, ROCKET!). And dare I say, the unit and sticks are way sweeter looking than the Retron 77. I figure the only way to know for sure, was to buy one. so, fingers crossed the HK paddle pads work on the AFBX.


    today i look for a legends core gamer or a mini. I would like to rip the background images for the AFBX Nexus screen and move the AFB9G background to the AFB section.

    Im also gonna start my journey to build a 6 button afbx frankenstick. Im looking for 2, cheap, 9pin joystick encoders.
    I really dont want to hack any wires and sacrifice old pads. (that, and I dont own any) I saw a kit for 35 bucks, maybe just buy two of those.
    i want to have two joysticks for games like robotron, and 6 buttons in the middle. a paddle spinner wouldnt be a bad idea either.
    8/16bit Retro Joystick Kits (monsterjoysticks.com)


    and i have one random ass question that im sure i know the answer to...

    the cheap walmart exclusive wireless blast paddles and dongle, can anything be made out of them?

    like could you add games (im thinking no?) or splice a port connecter into it and use them on the X? (maybe?)
    no way to wireless connect them to a 9? (again, probably not?)

  10. 2 hours ago, Velvis said:

    Is it possible to have one menu for many systems? IE rather than have 2600, 800, and arcade games, separate, could a few of each be displayed and run from one main menu? 

    YES! the system is completely flexible. I'm pretty sure you can run any type of rom from any folder now. unless you need to change some extra setting in the /rom_x/data/retro file. like turning off the mame nag screens. Anyone can totally cut & paste their own list. and run it all from the rom folder. but at around ~500 games, it is gonna take longer than stock to turn on. 1000+ games was 30 seconds. The folders were the only way to add more than that without having to wait. everything (except HB) is around ~4 seconds (stock) load time now. NTSC pretty much eats up the stock /rom folder. but who knows, you could probably add quite a few to /rom before it starts to bog down on boot up again. 100~200?. (I'm not entirely sure what specifically causes the bog down BTW)

    I feel like I have asteroids/deluxe arcade versions for mame mostly playable. I mapped thrust to up and space jump to down. i think it plays okay. Avalanche Arcade, same deal, no paddles but stick "works". I implemented all the atari 2600, 7800, 8bit, and homebrew 3d box art i had. i didnt do 3d "boxes" for the arcade games, but they do look slick, they just dont match the flyers. I also swapped Kevin's box art images he shared with our project that were higher quality when applicable. 

    That said, not everything has a 3d box, so the old 2d one remains in those cases. A handful of boxes dont match each other as well. Moving forward, adding future games means I will need two sets of box art (2d and 3d). It is an extra step in the workflow. A real PITA, but after the whole AFBX box art fiasco, I was ready to pull the trigger on this idea. these 3d boxes were actually in the ATARIv1.0 pack a year ago.

    Also, be on the look out for 1-button basic games that play in atari 800 basic mode. they are just getting added to a folder for the 800 emu menu, so no art and no naming conventions mean i can just drop them in there, easy peasy and be done.

  11. well, I guess the plan is to put .atr and .xex 400/800/XE games in the a800 category and filter out the 5200 ports and put them into their own 5200 set.

    i really like the 5200, i never had an 800, a set w/ the silver and blue box art would be neat.

    for basic games that run in the a800 emu menu, i put them in a new folder. /rom_a800/basic. easy peasy, no art, no name conventions.

    I'll separate .atr from .xex with the "atari" and "paddle" Genre= sections.

  12. moving forward how should we sort this? 

    throw it all in atari 800? or something more sorted?

    And if most 5200 games were ported to a800, how do they play? 

    could we just build an atari 5200 category out of those versions?


    Rocket, I just went into emulator folder and clicked on this thru the 800 menu.

    basic came up no sweat. can it be added to the main menu of 800 games with art 

    as an entry?



  13. I did use the reqOSB Drelbs, ill fix it.

    When i go into an 800 game, bring up OSK, hit next page, hit f2, hit warm reset, i see the basic screen for a half a second then i go right back to the game i was playing. do i need like a BATARI.rom file in my /emu or something? I cant get to (stay in) the basic os screen.


    .atr support is awesome, btw. I'll get it implemented in the pack. can you give me a short list of working .atr?

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