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  1. Well, no picodrive in the Sega Flashbacks. I know that rrifonas brought Mame and FBA cores over from the SNES classic, maybe thats where the PicoDrive core came from. Not sure.


    Here is an unpacked Genesis Flashback Update image. If you want to check out the "retro-files".





    Now Im thinking, how similar are the LEGNENDS ARCADE products and go check those again.

  2. I have all the stuff from the AFB9/X and LFB2018/9. But i havent looked too close at the LFB'18 retromenu.

    I have no idea where that picodrive core came from, but I suspect the sega genesis flashbacks, and I never purchased one of those. Im going to go unpack the latest firmware from it and see if i can gleam any extra info.

    Any luck with 32X or SCD support? Not sure there are any one button games, but just curious.

  3. in the 3.1 pack i just cut and pasted all the retromenu emu settings for the cores from the LFB2019 to the AFBX.
    /rom_alt_2 is set up to take FinalBurn Alpha roms. The FBA settings are enabled in that category.

    also forgot to mention earlier, the retromenu settings for quickness emu fixed the diagonal screen tearing on nes games.

    The Gen+GX settings did little to fix the genesis sound issues. Disabling rewind made them a tad faster. enabling frame drop made them a tad

    faster, but you have frame drop :( .  Frame drop didnt get them to 100% speed, so I turned it back off.


  4. 10 hours ago, KevinMos3 said:

    I finally bit on the X Deluxe.  Got one online from Sam's Club at $39.  It arrived yesterday, but so far I'm very disappointed.  The performance is much worse than my 9 Gold.  I'm wondering if it's just this firmware, or if it's like this on all Xs.  My firmware is v0.1.7.


    After playing around with the X for a while, I tried my 9 Gold again just to make sure it wasn't just my memory playing tricks on me.  And yep, the 9 Gold definitely plays MUCH better than my X.


    I'm looking forward to what comes out of the custom firmware for it, because I really have no reason to keep this one as-is. 

    - Wired controllers vs the awesome wireless ones of the 9 Gold...

    - Bad lag of the X Deluxe and dropped frames in emulation vs the responsiveness and smooth emulation of the 9 Gold...

    I can hardly wait to flash this X unit.

    As a test I tried editing the retromenu.ini and see if I could get River Raid running more smooth. (Thats the one game I'm familiar with and deff notice the "dropped frames" on that game.) I also turned on the On Screen Display and watched the Frames Per Second counter.


    When you first start a game, it dips to 40 fps, and then jumps to 60 pretty quick. but, if you use rewind, when you return to gameplay, it dips back down to 40. Sometimes, out of nowhere it dips to 40 long after you used rewind last. If you rewind a lot, it happens a lot.

    I disabled rewind and it runs at a smooth 60fps. I did see it dip a time or two to 40fps, but not nearly as often. And I want to say it was on the same part of a stage every time. I realize the AFB9 had rewind also, so Im not sure what gives. I wonder if the rewind feature itself is different. I'll mess with it some more, and let you know.

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  5. Rocket, looks like I messed up and didnt send you PicoDrive. Sorry. Same name as Gen+GX for the core swap thru me off. Here it is.

    genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so is Gen+GX
    genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so.bk is PicoDrive, rename it to genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so it loads as the genesis emulator


    I'm guessing youll need the 32X bios iirc, I dont know where they go.


    also, just an FYI, I think gen+gx will run .smd, .bin with a .cue/.iso/.chd + SegaCD bios in /rom.

    Also, for mame_2000 core.... try the extension .zim instead of zip. I forgot rmr_md/rrifonas edited that core. 

  6. @kevin mos3, is that what it is? Is frame skip enabled on the AFBX? I couldn't put my finger on it, but i bet you are right. As soon as I got my X i gifted my 9 so I never could go back and check. I couldnt get past the effed up box art, tbh. I wonder if there is a way to turn frame skip back off??? where is the setting for it? can we make exceptions in the retromenu.ini? can we swap in the old AFB9 stella core?

    Here is everything so far. I havent added any FinalBurnAlpha games yet, but the nintendo aka /rom_alt_2 folder is set up to take them for now so you can easily add them.

    The FBA set I had wasnt working so I am DLing the correct set and waiting on it. Sega has somewhere around 45 games so far. The Castle SMS did NOT work (wrong button). I also found a handful more NES and Sega games not mentioned here yet. As always, everything should look just a tiny bit more clean and polished. It seems like the folder setup may change again for the better, so Ill leave this here and take a small break.

    Let me know what you guys think. Rocket, thanks for everything, man.

    P.S. you CAN run old themes from past packs, you only need the /res folder found in the themes /emulator folder. swap it for the /res folder in your /emulator folder or put the /res folder in one of the various /rom folders and just that category will run that theme. Have fun. If your /rom folder doesnt have a /res folder, it will run the /res folder from the /emulator folder on the root of your device.

    A.T.A.R.I v3.1


  7. It just depends how many cores and rom_alt folders end up getting ran.

    If we can have real games, HB, and "other". I think thats best.  maybe have a previous page as well as a next so you are always just one click away from everything else.
    as long as the "Other" category has genesis as the default core, nes and fba all together. Im just not clear at this point what all can be pulled off.

    but if mame, atari 800, snes etc get added in, then multiple goto pages like your saying makes the most sense. I think that its all just choices and preferences, but I will implement whatever you guys want and set it up at any rate.

    I doubled back and have been adding the game gear one-buttons i can find. still havent messed with FBAlpha yet.

  8. .md and .gen also work for genesis games for gen+GX on here. Ive got everything set up as .gen for USA and .md for Imports right now. Its nice when you have a shit ton of roms, like on the LFB, you can sort by file type, but on here its no big deal.

    I've been messing with the retroplayer. I got sonic games running better, but not fullspeed. Going to be honest, I hardly ever jack with emulator settings so im doing this a little in the dark. Not much luck on sound quality.


    This is what I set up, maybe someone with more knowledge can help: (I set it up for frame drop, but its off because that shit sucks, but its there if you want to turn it on.)


    BezelPath=<path to bezel>







    and for what its worth, 3 letter extensions are better on these systems. I dont know if you unlocked any extensions for the /game folder but the systems drops the extension for the in game display name. if its a 2 letter extension, you loose the last letter of the file name. not a big deal, but .sgg is better.

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  9. i did try messing with disabling rewind and stuff thru the retroplayer, but i didnt see any effect take place. I thought that was hardcoded and couldnt be edited from the /emu folder.
    I didn't realize it was ran from the /data folder now. I will mess with that stuff again. I'm wondering if this also has something to do with the poor performance of these emu cores compared to the LFB counterpart.

    as far as .gg, rmr_md had it unlocked on the LFB CFW, so Im thinking its possible. its not a huge deal, but good to know before i spent more time trying to figure out how to get .gg going.

    Pico drive also supports 32X, but i never figured out how to get it working, or where to place the bios. again, rmr_md had it working, I'm not sure how. Im going to move on from sega now, there is enough sms, sg1000 and genesis loaded up for people to see where it goes and what to do. I overhauld the UI "theme" as well. Ive implemented most of the ideas ive had for it and overall i feel it looks so much more sharp and polished. most of the little extra AFB9 gold UI details have been added.

    as far as the other stuff, its just ideas. I personally dont think the load times are bad, that was just the main criticism i always got from people. In my mind I was always thinking there is no way these people are turning the AFBX on and off more than I am, testing all the art placement and stuff, lmmfao. I promise you, Ive waited on this thing to load more than anyone else on the planet. lololol.


    Thanks for everything man, Ill have a new pack out soon.



  10. is there a way to get game gear games to work with the genplusgx emu? i thought .gg worked, but it isnt. I tried changing the extension to .sms and they will load in master system mode, with errors.

    Also, is there a way to have NES, Sega and Arcade together in one catagory? so instead of 5 categories (NTSC, HB, NES, SEGA, ARCADE) there could be NTSC, HB, and "OTHERS". It will take less time to cycle thru the "carousel". Just from what I've seen so far, youre going to want to keep yuor categories down to 500 games or less. around that many and load time sucks. And I  don't think NES+Sega+Arcade one-button games would reach +500.

    Ive got a decent number of sg-1000, SMS, and Genesis/MD games plugged in. I nixed games with slowdown so bad they couldn't be played/enjoyed and also had a SMS version (Sonic, etc.) I had all of the Sega stuff already built for the LFB, so its just cut and paste. Working on FBAlpha now. All is going well. A list of working one button games to add for NES/Famicom/Genesis/MegaDrive/SG-1000/Mark-III/MasterSystem/Othello Multivision/Neo Geo/FBA Arcade would help.

  11. 48 minutes ago, rocketfan said:

    Schnafe, thank you for putting in the effort and providing this.  Now at least you know which is the right cable to use to do your FW update!  Sometime this week I'll compare to the ones I got with my "downgraded but upgraded to custom" version and can maybe learn something useful.  Also, these can definitely be used by the right folks to generate a new custom FW if need be.

    if v21 indeed has otg support oob, then people wont need the cable with data line anymore, or have to fight with the driver signatures to install any FW, right? Just OTG adapter and flashdrive, hopefully.

    but what I dont get is, if it has otg support stock, why move the reset button?

  12. 34 minutes ago, Brad_from_the_80s said:

    My assumption is the retromenu app is essentially the same or only slightly customized across different AtGames devices of roughly the same generation.  And the hardware is likely also nearly the same, retroplayer is a common component, so it makes total sense you can force some of these other cores to run on the AFB.  You'll see in the file system they are a bit messy and leave behind test and config files that are not specifically applicable to the AFB, but some other system.

    This is what I think also, granted I have no coding experience, but the art and graphics are all the same and it is beyond lazy to me. They did a little something extra with the AFB9Gold, but not much. I mean, the AFBX still has the crappy bezels with the 3 button sega pad. are these bezels the same on the sega genesis flashback? i dont have one, but i bet they are. 

    i mean the AFBX still uses images of an SD Card for sideloaded /game roms. i mean, there isnt even an sd card slot anymore, lmmfao. Also, isnt there still "cartridge.png" and cartridge_blue.png" genesis cartridge image files still floating around in there too?

    I'm guessing that we wont need the sega-cd bios and neo geo bios files because games that need them wont play on the AFBX, but in case we do... 



  13. sorry man, just a question. Its not important to implement. just wondering whats possible. BGM is the only thing not in the /emulator/res/images folder that might be changed for "themes". again, its no big deal. But the retromenu/players are in there, so if you were thinking about running multiple retromenus/players it was an idea. My bad, dude. youve done plenty already. i had wanted to ask about the /data folder coming out sooner, for sharing save files. The /data folder is out on the LFB out of box/stock if you activate it the settings menu. but i left that alone, it wasnt important. but cool that it happened none the less.
    I seem to have left out the files that make frogger and SI work on my pack. But, the files are one page back, posted by Rocketfan. you can just dump those files in the /rom folder.
    I did however move these two ports, and they work, to the HOMEBREW category. so if and when i post an update, they will move.

    About the extra buttons on the P1 joystick. Its something like up+down, and left+right (as examples, dont really remember), are buttons combinations to rewind, go to menu, etc. that cant be pushed on accident.... iirc. I want to say there are no extra buttons, just "hotkeys" of "impossible combinations".

  14. Flea! - worked

    blade buster - worked (good game!)

    Cowlitz Gamers' Adventure/2nd Adventure/Lost Adventure - Broken (Wrong Button)

    Black Box Challenge - Broken (wrong button)

    Fantasy Zone II - Broken (wont load game/black screen)
    Log Jammers - Broken (wrong button)

    Böbl - Broken (wrong button)


    We are at 55 working or "almost" working games.

    Can anyone confirm if the saved game sharing works?

  15. that all sounds good. Gen+GX also plays game gear, .gg extension.

    it also plays sega cd (.bin and .cue) with the sega cd bios files, but not sure anything is playable from that set.

    with the data folder out, can game save states be shared?

    Another question, can multiple /emulator folders be ran? can a "theme" be tied to each folder/category/rom_alt_X?

    from what i remember on the LFB FBAlpha front, there was no way to get the other system's roms (NES, TG16, etc.) to work.

    EDIT: Wait, isnt centipede arcade a trackball game? how does that work?

  16. I think the onscreen number pad for cv was Y on the LFB pad. All the games need the numberpad to start iirc.
    Mame if select adds credits, final burn alpha, maybe? there has to be a good number of one and no button games for mame.

    of course, atari 800 if you get it rolling. btw, now that the data folder is out, can we share save states?


    if all else fails, genplusgx for sg-1000/mastersystem. the version of fix it felix on the LFB2019 is one button and SUPERB. arcade style, not the genesis style version.

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