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  1. Cool! Yeah, like I said, I'm no expert. Just noticed them, I was trying to get the Homebrew set down due to load time on the new set up and moved them. The sets could def be broke down further to "clones", "Pal", "Imports", etc. but I get lost there are so many. Thanks again for your help. LOL, sorry for drawing all the heat on this thread by bringing them up. Ha Ha. I just wanted a smaller Homebrew section, lmmfao, could care less about Custer's Revenge, hahahhaha.

    I wasnt thinking NTSC, sorry, just real and homebrew. Your pack takes about 4 secs to load with the new carousel~folders set up. homebrew section takes about 9 secs, and its only about ~100 games more. thats how this all started lol.

    And, I didn't change any of your naming conventions on the new pack, you can bring over your ini file from this pack and everything will work. I did change Artillery Duel and Alpha Beam w/ Ernie's Box art though. Feel free to use anything I put out there to create and release your own packs, You did a damn good job.

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  2. A.T.A.R.I. v3.0:

    (Folder & Core Support Added) Thank You, RocketFan

    Start with a blank USB device and Copy & Paste all of the files in the ATARI v3 archive to the root of your device.
    obviously, you have to have Brad's pimp-ass CFW installed. (In case you're new here).

    Old Art, Packs, Themes, etc. from 1.0, 2.0 and elsewhere aren't going to work correctly anymore.

    (Except for MrFister's sweet "Retail Games" Pack, but its already in this Update! Thanks again, brother.)
    This pack comes with the "Sans Boom" Theme set up, once again. With a few minor tweaks.

    In the /theme folder, you can find new, updated/working themes. In case you prefer Darth Vader, AFB Gold, or Woodys.

    This is for the AFBX and AFBX Deluxe ONLY!!! USB 3.0 device, blah, blah, blah.


    Late Model AFBX/D Owners: These CFWs are based off of the official firmwares on the AtGames Website.

    this is technically a downgrade. I have no idea what v.21, etc. has changed, if anything, (other than OOTB OTG Support) to be clear. 





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  3. you had asked for feedback, and I'm no atari expert... um.. bachlerette party, lady in waiting, westward ho, general re-treat, philly flasher, cathouse blues, etc. you can see on the box art of some of the retail games it list those as a "2-in-one game".

    and I'm still not entirely sure how Party Mix works? is it three carts in one box? there are 3 different roms, right? 

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  4. Request: Atari Flashback 9 Boom firmware backup - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums

    That was the results from the AFB9 firmware dump.



    So, I'm all finished with ATARI v3.0. Once it comes out pretty much everything before it is obsolete. Ever since v2.0

    with the fixed art, you wouldn't want anything done in the past anyways. Having said that, MrFister's pack was the 

    only pack I saw that used v2.1 as a base. I used his superb pack for the ATARI GAMES category. I did put back all

    the old, long, flashback game descriptions. We have unique, stock descriptions for games from the AFB8, AFB9, AFB9G,

    AFBX and the AFBXD. A handful of games have come and gone from unit to unit and I didn't want to lose that legacy. Not 

    to mention all the ones that people here wrote and added before I came. But, Like I said, I did bring over the new

    descriptions he wrote for real games that had none, so every real game has a description at least now. You could also

    very easily cut and paste his ini file, as I only added Party Mix vol2 and vol3, and the missing XXX games if you prefer

    the short game desriptions. I added all of missing real games to the bottom of the new ini file. so make sure to keep

    those entries if you want those games.


  5. Burai Fighter (USA) - Broken (Black Screen)

    Burai Fighter (Japan) - Works
    Bubble Bath Babes - Almost (cant rotate bubbles right)



    All the Atari roms have been sorted. I need to finalize the nes box art and test everything a bit, and I'm all caught up.
    I also added MrFisters game descriptions to any games that did not have one yet. I'm just going to leave the 2 ports 

    in the /rom folder for now. im not too worried about them at this point. maybe in the future if more "ports" are added.

  6. LFB2019 CFW is found here (Have you ever seen the movie "fight club"? :) )
    Legends Flashback 2019 ColecoVision Flashback Converter Pack - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums

    CV, SG1K, SMkIII and SMS have all been finished. I'm almost done with SGG.
    I'm also almost done with ATARI v3.0 (NES+Folders)

    A BIG THANK YOU to MrFister for doing half of the work by sorting the Licensed Games already.


    About the "late Model" AFBXs.... I havent been able to keep up on what models and FW revisions are out there.

    This latest one is the first I've heard that they have OTG support Out Of The Box. and im also pretty sure v21

    is the latest ive heard yet. is it a standard or deluxe model? just wondering. 

    That said, no one knows whats new on this version, besides OTG OOTB support that we just learned.
    At any rate, I wish we could dump the FW and pack a new CFW with the changes recently made. anyone know how

    to dump the FW? anyone, anyone... buler?

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  7. Minor observation, ALL of the random files you find in the rom folder belong to Frogger and Space Invaders. The menu.png, all the sounds, hop, coin, start, squash, etc, the cursor.png, all the "extra" files belong to those games, they are just all dumped in /rom by default.

    Those files only need to be present in whatever category/rom folder those two ports are in.

  8. So, I have everything working as it should, and its very stable. Real Atari 2600 + Frogger & S.I. Ports, Atari 2600 Homebrew & Hacked games, and one-button nes games are the 3 categories I set up.
    I also personalized each "Next" page to reflect what category you are going to.

    Now I have to separate the Real games from the Homebrew games. Not sure how long that will take. I'm going to look to Ron's & MrFister's packs for guidance.

    P.S. Pipe Dreams - BROKEN (Wrong Button)

          Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman and Hogan's Alley, etc. have hacked versions, but they require a mouse to emulate the gun, so they also are "BROKEN".

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  9. Messing with it a little more, I moved the two ports back to the /rom folder. When i exited them, I noticed they have a different exit menu and no way to save states. The start+select only work on those ports and not the other ROMs. But it is a way to exit them if you decide to move them. I think I'm just going to leave them in the main rom folder.

    For anyone following along, to be clear, the "rom_alt_1" and "rom_alt_2" etc. folders go on the root of your flash drive.

    nested ini file entries should look like this:

    [Galaga: Demons Of Death]
    File=/rom/Galaga.nes   <------------
    Note= \
    Player Mode: Single-player game


    It should not look like this:

    [Galaga: Demons Of Death]
    File=/rom_alt_2/Galaga.nes    <------------
    Note= \
    Player Mode: Single-player game


    The same goes for your "Next" folder entries in each nested ini file.


  10. I tried moving the frogger and space invaders ports and frogger wouldnt load, im guessing the bmp file is the issue. Space invaders loaded, but I couldn't exit the game with the joystic menu button, and thats when i discovered something strange. I pressed both the start and select switches at the same time on the console itself and it existed the game. I then tried it again and menu on joystick still wouldnt work, but this time I tried Start+Select on the joystick itself and it exited the game. Might come in handy if you get stuck somewhere.

    Besides those two ports, everything else seems to be working as intended. I havent messed with save states or favs or anything yet.

  11. I'm going to try and get started separating real games from homebrew,
    I've already inserted all the working nes games ive found with artwork, ill get them in their own folder as well.

    So... I'm guessing this can also be done on the LFB systems. It will come in very handy on that unit.

    Here is the LFB ini file maker, again. It should come in handy right about now.

  12. Fantasy Zone   Worked


    This link may help with hacking this system:
    Custom Firmware for Atgames Legends Flashback with support for Arcade games | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community

    Here is how they mapped the buttons for main menu games on the LFB2019. Not sure if it will help. Although, I'm not sure you can simply just edit this file, I think its hardcoded if I remember right.



    Here is the entire, most recent, LFB2019 Deluxe Firmware Update, if you want to poke around:


    And this one is the AFBX Deluxe Firmware Update:


    I dont think Ive mentioned it, but there are minor graphical glitches in some sprites. littles notches missing along the top edges. Atari Fire Button is deff acting as the NES B Button. Also, probably a pipe dream (lol, haha, I wonder if thats a one button game!) but, if rewind could be disabled and the A button mapped to there instead, that would open up a lot of possibilities. I also wonder if all the games would run better if the cheating-ass rewind feature was disabled. That seemed to speed up some games on the LFB systems. Also, you can deff sort roms in the /rom folder in subfolders and just make sure that the path link in the all-games.ini file reflects were it is. I started a /rom/nes folder to avoid a cluster fuck of files. But it doesnt give you folder support in the actual in game main menu. As far as that goes you just have the built in sections. favorites, all games, atari games, paddle games, and ext. usb drive games. you could use those sections to sort and house whatever you wanted, but the names of the sections are hardcoded. LFB had a featured games section, not sure if that could be ported over. More bezel slots would be great, somehow the AFB9G had extra slots. If there is a way to hex edit "Paddle Games" to "Nintendo Games" or "Homebrew Games" or something, that would be an idea. As far as other ideas, GenplusGX runs SG-1000 and Master System roms. not sure how many of those games are one button games, but ive already built art packs for these units for both of those consoles. the colecovision core uses the LFB Y button to bring up the onscreen cv numberpad, so Im guessing porting that over will be a train wreck. Mame or FBAlpha use the menu button to add credits to start a game. hopefully thats mapped to atari select if mame gets rolling.

    Actual, In Game folder support would be great. I wonder how they did it on the S/NES/PSX Classic and C64Mini, etc. I think folder structure would cut down drastically on boot up time.

  13. Pac-Man CE           Worked
    Flappy Bird          Worked
    Ult Frogger Champion Worked
    QIX                  Worked
    Elevator Action      Worked
    Gyruss               Worked


    I don't think Ronen has folder support implemented if thats what your thinking. he used a blank game spot and "box art" to separate the list. Not make separate, nested categories.

    Not sure if thats what youre thinking. 

    I think if we can somehow dump the newest version of the firmware installed on the late models, and add nes support to that, it would be best. That said, this setup is pretty stable and once there is 

    a definitive list of compatible games, it wouldnt be hard to make a pack and everyone just copy/paste the files.

    P.S. Air Fortress    Worked

          Boulder Dash    Broken (Can't Start Game)


    Some of the working games have minor errors in the start screen font.


    Galaga              Worked
    Galaxian            Worked
    Dig Dug             Worked
    Space Invaders      Worked
    Donkey Kong 3       Worked
    Mappy               Worked
    Wrecking Crew       Worked
    1942                Worked
    Circus Charlie      Worked
    Ms Pac-Man (Tengen) Worked
    Ms Pac-Man (Namco)  Worked
    Pac-Man             Worked
    Pac-Mania           Worked
    Pooyan              Worked
    Joust               Worked
    Mappy-Land          Worked
    Balloon Fight       Worked
    Son Son             Worked
    Dig Dug II          Worked
    Clu Clu Land        Worked
    Pinball             Worked
    BurgerTime          Worked


    Tetris 2+Bombliss   Almost - (Can't Rotate Pieces Left)
    Tetris (Tengen)     Almost - (Can't Rotate Blocks Right)
    Tetris 2            Almost - (Can't Rotate Blocks Right)

    Dr Mario            Almost - (Can't Rotate Pills Right)
    1943                Almost - 2 Buttons (Can't Lighting Super)


    Donkey Kong         Broken - (Can't Jump)
    Donkey Kong Jr      Broken - (Can't Jump)
    Q*bert              Broken - 2 Buttons (Can't Start Game)
    Popeye              Broken - (Can't Punch)
    Paperboy            Broken - (Can't Move)
    Mario Bros          Broken - (Can't Jump)
    Marble Madness      Broken - (Can't Enter Name/Start Game)
    Defender II         Broken - (Can't Shoot)
    Tetris              Broken - (Down, Up & Fire Mapped Wrong)


    I'm no nes expert, and I haven't tested these too extensively. Some of the "working" games may actually be 2 button games missing a 2nd action button.
    Is there a way to easily hack the roms of DK, DKJr, Mario Bros and Popeye and swap the functionality of the A and B buttons? Because I think that would make those 4 work.


  15. Just a wild guess, but, I'm guessing the AFBX is built off of the old LFB, which is why the AFB9 box art size is wrong. Maybe they swapped the genplusGX core for stella and just disabled NES and MAME cores.
    There are a handful of decent one button NES games, I could add them all with box art, but I would need a list of NES games with 1 or 0 action buttons, and so far I can't find one online.
    I'm sure the same could be said for mame, if you can get a version working rocketfan I could do that instead of NES. In case you figure out A800.>

    For now I'm just going to import a couple nes games and test them, Hopefully something shakes loose with a version of MAME (I'll mess with it tomorrow). And FINGERS CROSSED for A400/800!

    Question, is there a way you can unlock .nes extension support for the "game" folder?
    P.S. I remember rmr_md saying something about "using unused games slots from the main menu to hex edit emulator cores in???" not sure what he meant.

  16. were the mame roms from the correct set for the emulator? 2003+? I'm gonna mess around with this later. I dont think the LFB pads work on the AFBX, but I dont 100% remember.
    I know that the early LFB2018 had NES A and B buttons in the proper spots, but later FW updates swapped those buttons and you cant re configure them anymore. I wanna say the change was in the retromenu, but again, its been awhile since I messed with it.

    Rocketfan, is there a way to modify the mounting scripts so it will dump subfolders in the /rom partition. I'm wondering if we can rip Fix It Felix Jr from the LFB2019 and port it over to the AFBX. Also is there a way to swap Galaga mame/arcade version from the LFB2019 to the AFBX frogger or Space invaders spot? I see it has its own .so file in the pack i posted below.

    But about what you were saying earlier, yes the core is hardcoded. But, it sounds like its set up for two extra slots for emulators. A800 would be dope.
    Here are all the cores that have been ripped from SG/MDFB, AFB and LFB FW updates. There are around 10 or so actual cores. Also included are the game specific .so files, (for like namco games and FIFJr, etc.) if you wanna check those out too.

    AtGames Cores Pack v1.0:



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