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  1. So, yeah, I noticed this long ago but didn't make a huge deal out of it because I like Atari and AtGames. 
    Maybe it's because I spend so much time looking at the box art on the AFB9 and X that I even noticed it at all.

    On the AFB9 the box art thumbnails display correctly, but on the X they don't. Everything is screwed up looking because AtGames is using the 

    same thumbnail sizes from the AFB9 on the AFBX, but the X actually is looking for the box art sizes that the Legends FB 2018/19 uses.

    As a test I tried an M-Network game cover with the Legends FB box art image sizes because that's the only other size I would even think to try out of the blue to test.
    I got lucky that it was correct, I don't know what the system really is doing to the images or looking for, but the results are 100% correctly displayed box art images.

    I feel like this is something the 9 had over the X, and I also wonder if the late model (rest button on the bottom) AFBX fixed this issue.

    I think that this pack is worth sharing and calling a version 2, and it makes all the old art obsolete/incorrect. Even the stock games box art.

    Basically anything that came before this is better suited to run on the AFB9 than on the AFBX.

    Here is the new pack. I shaved about 5 seconds off of the boot time too. (~25 sec. now)
    Fixed quite a few other errors and such, I won't bore you any more though. Happy New Year.



    A.T.A.R.I. v2.0.21



    From here, its testing and removing broken roms or replacing them with working versions, and finding errors in file names that prevent games from launching.

    Then its on to finally sorting the all-games.ini file entries and entering the game info text.
    A shit ton of boring ass work, I'm not promising anything.

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  2. On 3/14/2020 at 11:47 AM, Draxxon said:

    Has anyone else noticed that the box art looks jacked up on the Atari FBX? It's really noticeable on diagonal lines on the large box art, M Network games really look bad. I don't remember it looking like this on the AFB9, but I gifted my FB9 to my buddy when I got the FBX going so I don't have it to check anymore. After working so long on the boxart for the FB9, I can't believe I wouldn't have noticed this.

    I'm continuing to add Homebrew games to the pack. A lot of them don't have box art so I am creating them as I go. I'm at about ~930 games. I'll post the update when I reach ~1000.

    So I finally got un-lazy and figured this out. Out of the box the box artwork is the wrong size. So when i ripped the stock images and made new ones the same size, everything is wrong. you can really tell on the M-Network games like tron with diagonal lines on the box art. It was NOT like this on the Flashback 9/9Gold. Well I tried resizing the box art to the size that the Legends Flashback 2018/19 uses, and low and behold, the images display correctly.

    Large Box Art images SHOULD be: 183 x 255 pixels
    Small Box Art images SHOULD be: 122 x 170 pixels

    I'm working on a 2.0 Pack now with correct box art size. I'm going to try and test, find and remove the non working games. I'll see if i can get the Boot Up time down as well.

    To show what I mean, the first image is stock, fresh out of the box. The second image is an M-Network game with the new (legends flashback) box art sizes.




  3. I am completely fine with everything everyone is doing. I too built my pack out of work that was already done here before I came. I am no different.

    It was weeks and weeks and weeks of work. I focused mainly on box art only. I fully understand that 1100 games is overkill. The whole idea was for you guys to edit your own lists, as you saw fit.

    I only supplied a giant base, that still needed a lot of work. I'm glad you guys enjoy it. Keep up the good work, fellas. Happy New Year.

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  4. I would agree with Atariboy here. Im guessing the Atari Flashback 11 will most likely be the same thing as the last unit. I'm guessing nothing will be changed at all, except maybe the built in games list. 

    I dont see them updating stella, returning the sd card slot (theyve said its not up to them.) I doubt they will improve HDMI or Paddle support. Only thing i see them updating, maybe, is the lazy/ugly menus and UI. Thats simple and long overdue.

    I know they dont seem to think so at atgames, but its time to make mini systems that actually look like they should. Its past time really. 7800 mini, 5200 mini, jaguar mini, all should have come out if possible. Same with Intellivision and ColecoVision or any other property they could license. People buy the mini units and put them on a shelf. They would have to have them.

  5. sorry so late. No clue how long, 15 minutes i would thing is plenty long, though. Youll know if when you try to load the dump folders on the next play if games and art is missing. or you can look in the rom and emulator folders and see if the files are present or corrupted.

    and dont worry because you can mess it up. If you didnt wait long enough and files are missing, just delete the rom and emulator folders and try again.

  6. update your console with its correct custom firmware update. put the control files that come with the firmware on your sd card all by themselves. nothing else. power on the system with the sd card inserted with the control files on the root and wait. wait a very long time. if you don't have rom or emulator folders on your sd card, the control files will dump the files on your system to the sd card. the games and art will be in the "rom" folder on your sd card afterwards.


  7. This is a pack that will convert your Legends Flashback 2019 to a Sega MasterSystem Flashback. It plays SG-1000, Mark-III, and MasterSystem games. If you already flashed your system for the ColecoVision pack you do NOT have to re-flash it. 

    Again, feedback would be awesome, I'm curious to know if real MasterSystem pads will work on this.


    MasterSystem Flashback Converter v0.2



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  8. Even with a 3.0 flash drive, the initial power on boot up is 30 seconds. I forget, but i think stock is like 10 or 12 seconds? The 2.0 drives are slow for dumping the partitions, loading individual games, flashing firmware and also for navigating the main game list. It's 30 seconds because there are 1100 games. remove games for less load time.


    If I'm following your question, the scripts only dump the rom and emulator partitions from the system to the flash drive if there is no rom or emulator folders present. If the folder/s are present on the drive, they will be loaded instead.



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  9. So, I collect the various mini systems and like to hack them. I've been trying to figure out what to do with the 2019 Legends Flashback (100 Games, Standard Edition) unit I have. It has a few built in ColecoVision games and the emulator core. but you couldn't add more .cv games to it. until now.

    Please give feedback, and if someone could test if actual CV controllers of some type work, please. otherwise you have to use the on screen menu like the built in CV games do.

    instructions are inside the rar file.

    ColecoVision Flashback Converter v0.3


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