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  1. well, I guess the plan is to put .atr and .xex 400/800/XE games in the a800 category and filter out the 5200 ports and put them into their own 5200 set.

    i really like the 5200, i never had an 800, a set w/ the silver and blue box art would be neat.

    for basic games that run in the a800 emu menu, i put them in a new folder. /rom_a800/basic. easy peasy, no art, no name conventions.

    I'll separate .atr from .xex with the "atari" and "paddle" Genre= sections.

  2. moving forward how should we sort this? 

    throw it all in atari 800? or something more sorted?

    And if most 5200 games were ported to a800, how do they play? 

    could we just build an atari 5200 category out of those versions?


    Rocket, I just went into emulator folder and clicked on this thru the 800 menu.

    basic came up no sweat. can it be added to the main menu of 800 games with art 

    as an entry?



  3. I did use the reqOSB Drelbs, ill fix it.

    When i go into an 800 game, bring up OSK, hit next page, hit f2, hit warm reset, i see the basic screen for a half a second then i go right back to the game i was playing. do i need like a BATARI.rom file in my /emu or something? I cant get to (stay in) the basic os screen.


    .atr support is awesome, btw. I'll get it implemented in the pack. can you give me a short list of working .atr?

  4. Here is a list of tools you can use to edit these materials easily.

    all-games.ini = Use NotePad or NotePad++ (FREE) to edit these files.

                           /rom_lfb/res/makeini.bat is a batch program to generate an ini file.

                           put it in the folder with the roms that need an ini file and run it.

                           or just copy one, delete all the text in the file and start a new one.


    retroplayer.ini = Use NotePad or NotePad++ (FREE) to edit these files.

                            they are located in the /rom_X/data folders for each category

                            this is where you edit the specific emulator core's settings. 


    change file names/extensions = Advanced Renamer - Free and fast batch rename utility for files and folders

                           If you need to take out all the spaces, periods and brackets "[]" in a rom set use this.

                           you can also change all the extensions, like .bin -> .a26, or add the "s" to small 

                           thumbails "xxxx.s.png". It is very helpful. Portable & FREE.

    box art= Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing (getpaint.net)

                           clearly there are infinite choices of art programs and you can use more than just one

                           but this is as easy as it gets for people not used to photoshop. you get layers, transparency,

                           magic wand, way more than just MS Paint. This IS all I use for this project. FREE.


    rezise box art = Flexxi - Batch Image Resizer download | SourceForge.net

                            flexxi will let you resize multiple pictures at once. no watermarks, and its

                            portable and free. you can't batch resize in paint.net


    crop box art = there are many options for this. I only had to do it once (ATARIv2.0) here is what i used,

                          a free, online batch image cropper.
                          BIRME - Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy 2.0 (Online & Free)

    Fonts = the systems fonts are located in the /res/fonts folder. if you install those fonts to your computer you can use them

                and you can use them inside of paint.net also. there are a ton of free fonts online, and there are even atari fonts

                i use MumboSSK and SF Atarian System. you can swap fonts on the AFBX.

    Sounds = sounds are in /res/audio. sound effects are .wav, BGM is .oog. you can swap sounds.

    BG Images = some are hardcoded, it makes it hard to make a real coherent theme. they are .png images. edit and swap them.

                        they are in the /res/images folder.


    cores = you can swap cores and system files in the emulator folder, if you screw something up, no worries, download a fresh NEXUSv2





  5. So.... A.T.A.R.I. (AtariAge Text, Art & ROM Injector) v0.1 - v0.9 was just me trying to get to 1100 games and have more than ArenaFoot's AFBP pack, w/ box art.
    A.T.A.R.I. v0.X was me thinking I ported it over to the AFBX. (but it is actually still for the AFB9/G)

    A.T.A.R.I. v1.0/1.1 was me getting to 1100 games and taking a break to work on the Legends Flashback and Coleco and Classic Sega. (I dumped all the assets I had)
    A.T.A.R.I. v2.0 was me fixing the AFBX box art.  It displayed wrong. (For the AFBX, but will work on the AFB9, box art may not display correctly)

    A.T.A.R.I. v2.1 everything was play tested. All of the non working roms were changed or removed.

    A.T.A.R.I. v3.0/3.1/3.2 member, Rocketfan, added folder support, other cores, multiple BG menus, run commands, gotos, etc. for (AFBX ONLY)

    A.T.A.R.I. v3.3 is when the naming convention changed to "NEXUS V0.1.0" The nexus is the name I gave to the "Hub" screen, and the new Project.

    NEXUS V.0.2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3 (for the AFBX ONLY) the hub's layout changed and we got Atari 800 core support. 

    This all spans two thread. the AFB9 CFW and AFBX CFW threads.


    2.4 we got atari 800 onscreen keyboard and atari basic os.
    All those packs are around here somewhere. I'm hoping good old RocketFan ports his updates over to the AFB9/G. I'm like 90% sure Nexus will work as is on it with Brad's CFW as is.


    P.S. And if anyone really gives a eff..... NEXUS = Newly Engineered eXpandable United System.

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  6. I'm going to best buy tomorrow to buy the cheapest capture card I can find.


    Questions (for anyone to answer)...
    There is no way to map LFB sega pad Y button (CV OSK) to atari joystick Select button in the CV core?

    Can we change screen resolution/orientation for MAME Games?
    Can we enlarge the A800 viewing/display area?

    Are there any SNES 1 button games? Will that core work?

    Is there any value in a pdf viewer for atari game manuals and texts?

    will afb9/g get folder support?

    what other atari cores could be ported to this device?

    does the MAME2003+ core allow for any extra playable games?
    What the hell is sega pico, are they games for babies.... will they work?

  7. @Velvis, You are limited with the one button joystick. Coleco is a bust for now, there is no button for the on screen keyboard. but the LFB2 has the complete Coleco pack finished. if you go to the Atari Vault (Return Switch), and click on Sega Flashback or Legends Flashback, the non-Atari games are already there. I broke your Warlords Arcade art btw, i put an "s" at the end of the images file names and I didn't check it first. But, i did fix it...


    Here is the new pack. I recommend that both AFBX Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition owners first update with the AFBX Deluxe V.0.1.9 CFW FULL by Brad & MrFister. So if and when future updates come from AtGames, you can continue with the Deluxe versions firmware, as I will. In the future, the updates from AtGames WON'T be the FULL AFBX Deluxe version in the update. They will NOT add the bonus games in the updates. I also wouldn't mention any of this to Sam's Club. :) 

    the pack now contains a folder named /restore. In this folder you will find the 2 firmware updates removed by AtGames if you decide you want to flash back to a stock condition. I also provided the v9 CFW FULL by MrFister. For people who want to experiment and flash back and forth and so new users avoid flashing the wrong firmware update. All Credit for that goes to MrFister & 80's_Brad. Thank you to RocketFan for the Atari 800 updates and AFBX ROM compatibility list. Thank you to Velvis for testing paddles, Thank you to Kevin for the Artwork not yet implemented. Thank You to Captain Classic for the info and feedback. And AtariAge, and EVERYONE else here, THANK YOU GUYS TOO!

    ATARI FLASHBACK X - NEXUS V.0.2.4 (Atari 800 On Screen Keyboard / Atari Basic OS Update)

    (~1600 Games)




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  8. 36 minutes ago, Velvis said:

    How do you switch from the VCS games in the nexus pack to the other categories/systems?


    Shhh.... its a secret switch so you can blow peoples minds.


    So, the other day I noticed a bunch of empty rectangles where spaces are on the NTCS game info, like the all-games.ini got herpes, anyways, I've just finished fixing it. You dont want to know how long it took. seems stunt cycle was in the NTSC too, took that out.

    I fixed Kevin's box art, I added Rokects On Screen Keyboard to A800, it works. added about half of the games in the to do list. Sorted out some prototypes from the Homebrew.

    the pack is basically now back on track after the update fiasco. again for the record, im running V.0.1.9 FULL on my standard unit, for those following along.

    the pack is stable on it, and i suspect with folder support on the AFB9, it would work as is on it too.

    P.S. Velvis, drop this on your usb drive and copy over the old all-games.ini file, Its Warlords Arcade version, with art, in the atari arcade section.
    Joystick works, you can mess with paddles more if you want to.




    I think the monitor display is still wrong orientation, maybe someone could look into mame settings to fix it for the retro settings file in the /rom_arcade/data folder.

  9. warlords and Arkanoid work for MAME with a joystick. the screen isnt the right size though. I went ahead and added Warlords to the Atari Arcade folder.
    I included Arkanoid for FBAlpha with correct screen size if you want to try paddles on it, but there is no config menu, they will work or they wont.


    I put the games in the legends flashback theme for the test, that has the mame2000 retro settings so the games will skip the mame hit left,right screen.




    this is a stand alone test, stick it on a fresh usb drive, dont copy over your files with this.

  10. @Velvis, if something is going to work with paddles it is going to be MAME2000. I had a copy of arkanoid in there for people to test with paddles, but no one spoke up.
    Ill throw together a test pack if people want to try.

    @Rocket, I will get to the games again soon. I was just talking to Kevin in PM about what you are saying. If the paths are modified, i think the nexus pack will work as is on the AFB9/G. Nothing will have to be changed.


    does anyone know if the menu images from the Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinet can be ripped? It is basically the same thing as this.

  11. with my pack, you will boot straight into a very similar version of Fisters NTSC pack. I moved the sears games to a new section.

    either way your stuck with a version of his pack, :)  the choice is do you want folders and all the other systems, or strictly a loaded 2600 device.




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  12. I went back to look at the v9 large box art, its huge, it covers the white boarder that was made for it in the background. But, I think it looks nice.

    Its deff way better than before, and you can see more details in the images. I believe this is the size the AFB9Gold displayed at.


    to be clear the size is 211x290 and 122x168. same sizes they have always been, they just show up differently in game in the menu now.


    We have an opportunity to take the mistake of these early AFBX's, actually run with the smaller LFB box art sizes of 183x255 and 122x170 and save on pack sizes with 1000s of games.

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  13. Yes, that run file is a custom file from Rocketfan. removing it will break the gotos, and the hub.


    box art sizes are not different across any version, they displayed wrong on the X.

    9 had orginal size/larger artwork. that pack is called ATARIv1.1 (Use whatever you want from it)


    The X's have the same size art as the 9, but it didnt display correctly. the X was actually looking for the smaller size the LFB units use.

    I resized/shrunk all the art to fix the issue. and that pack is called ATARIv2.1 (Use whatever you want from it)


    this was all before we could run hardcoded system files from the USB, so now we arent stuck with the updated firmwares changes 

    to the box art display size. My pack is still built off of the v18 CFW, with all the v9 system updates implemented, minus the box art fix.

    My system IS now a v9. w/o USB inserted i get fixed art, new ADVII box, fixed S.I P2 glitch, and the couple audio fixes. I'm okay with this setup. 
    What works for the NEXUS is keeping the slightly smaller art size, over 1000s of games, will be a smaller download, and the thumbnails look fine.

    IF an AFBX or AFB9 user started with a clean /emulator folder dump with the control files, and cut and pasted games w/ art to the rom folder, they

    probably need to cut and paste from ATARIv1.1 - If they are running nexus, specifically the packs /emulator folder, they need to cut and paste games from the ATARIv2, thats my guess. I havent tested it tho.



  14. I think this is the best solution...


    AFBX and AFBXD users update with the FULL BASE V.0.1.9 Custom Firmware Update from Brad & MrFister.

    We continue to move forward with the NEXUS pack, and we have to use A.T.A.R.I.v2.1 for our file repository.

    The art is sized for this project, and there is still processed Homebrew games there that were cut prior to folder

    support that need to be put back.

    AFB9 and AFB9Gold users need folder and core support. Then, its own project will need built. They will have to

    use A.T.A.R.I.v1.1 as a file repository. It has art set up for the AFB9/G. It is virtually the same pack, it just

    hasnt had the non working games removed. Not a big deal if all you are after is box art and /res folders (themes.)


    AFB9/G users can recreate the NEXUS setup, or make something new. They have my permission to call it NEXUS

    or copy mine and call it something new, whatever you like. The sky is the limit. I figure you CAN just put my pack

    on your AFB9 once you get folder support, and maybe the box art will display correctly, I'm not entirely sure at

    this point. maybe it will be wrong but display correctly because it is being enlarged and not shrunk to fit. Once if/when

    it gets folder support, we will know more.

    P.S. I'm guessing you could flash a FULL AFBXD v9 update onto an AFB9/G. But I'm with Kevin, the 9 seems to play better.
    But you can test and always flash the 9 back to a 9.

  15. Here is what I've learned...


    1. If you update a regular edition with the v9 full base image (provided in MrFisters thread, 2nd one posted farther down the thread), it becomes a deluxe and in the about screen it shows v9. Just as I expected.


    2. If you put all the nexus v2.3 files on a drive, it works, box art displays correctly, but the version number shown in the about screen is v18.


    3. Legends Core Gamer released today (LFB3) and of course not one of the 4 gamestops in Springfield, Illinois got any. I should have known. I love

    AtGames, but I hate them too.

    So... obviously running RocketFan's system files from the USB allows for the box art to display correctly, the change atgames made to the box art sizes the computer looks for is not implemented/present on the USB drive. That also means that NEXUS will still only display correctly on an AFBX. Now the question is, do we STILL fix the artwork the AtGames way so that AFB9 users can port this over?

    I am going to keep the v9 FW for now. But I'm just a little hesitant to process more box art until we all know which way we are going for sure. But I say, flash the full v9 CFW by Fister & Brad, make your system deluxe, up to date, fix the box art, and you can still run the Nexus pack.

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