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  1. with my pack, you will boot straight into a very similar version of Fisters NTSC pack. I moved the sears games to a new section.

    either way your stuck with a version of his pack, :)  the choice is do you want folders and all the other systems, or strictly a loaded 2600 device.




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  2. I went back to look at the v9 large box art, its huge, it covers the white boarder that was made for it in the background. But, I think it looks nice.

    Its deff way better than before, and you can see more details in the images. I believe this is the size the AFB9Gold displayed at.


    to be clear the size is 211x290 and 122x168. same sizes they have always been, they just show up differently in game in the menu now.


    We have an opportunity to take the mistake of these early AFBX's, actually run with the smaller LFB box art sizes of 183x255 and 122x170 and save on pack sizes with 1000s of games.

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  3. Yes, that run file is a custom file from Rocketfan. removing it will break the gotos, and the hub.


    box art sizes are not different across any version, they displayed wrong on the X.

    9 had orginal size/larger artwork. that pack is called ATARIv1.1 (Use whatever you want from it)


    The X's have the same size art as the 9, but it didnt display correctly. the X was actually looking for the smaller size the LFB units use.

    I resized/shrunk all the art to fix the issue. and that pack is called ATARIv2.1 (Use whatever you want from it)


    this was all before we could run hardcoded system files from the USB, so now we arent stuck with the updated firmwares changes 

    to the box art display size. My pack is still built off of the v18 CFW, with all the v9 system updates implemented, minus the box art fix.

    My system IS now a v9. w/o USB inserted i get fixed art, new ADVII box, fixed S.I P2 glitch, and the couple audio fixes. I'm okay with this setup. 
    What works for the NEXUS is keeping the slightly smaller art size, over 1000s of games, will be a smaller download, and the thumbnails look fine.

    IF an AFBX or AFB9 user started with a clean /emulator folder dump with the control files, and cut and pasted games w/ art to the rom folder, they

    probably need to cut and paste from ATARIv1.1 - If they are running nexus, specifically the packs /emulator folder, they need to cut and paste games from the ATARIv2, thats my guess. I havent tested it tho.



  4. I think this is the best solution...


    AFBX and AFBXD users update with the FULL BASE V.0.1.9 Custom Firmware Update from Brad & MrFister.

    We continue to move forward with the NEXUS pack, and we have to use A.T.A.R.I.v2.1 for our file repository.

    The art is sized for this project, and there is still processed Homebrew games there that were cut prior to folder

    support that need to be put back.

    AFB9 and AFB9Gold users need folder and core support. Then, its own project will need built. They will have to

    use A.T.A.R.I.v1.1 as a file repository. It has art set up for the AFB9/G. It is virtually the same pack, it just

    hasnt had the non working games removed. Not a big deal if all you are after is box art and /res folders (themes.)


    AFB9/G users can recreate the NEXUS setup, or make something new. They have my permission to call it NEXUS

    or copy mine and call it something new, whatever you like. The sky is the limit. I figure you CAN just put my pack

    on your AFB9 once you get folder support, and maybe the box art will display correctly, I'm not entirely sure at

    this point. maybe it will be wrong but display correctly because it is being enlarged and not shrunk to fit. Once if/when

    it gets folder support, we will know more.

    P.S. I'm guessing you could flash a FULL AFBXD v9 update onto an AFB9/G. But I'm with Kevin, the 9 seems to play better.
    But you can test and always flash the 9 back to a 9.

  5. Here is what I've learned...


    1. If you update a regular edition with the v9 full base image (provided in MrFisters thread, 2nd one posted farther down the thread), it becomes a deluxe and in the about screen it shows v9. Just as I expected.


    2. If you put all the nexus v2.3 files on a drive, it works, box art displays correctly, but the version number shown in the about screen is v18.


    3. Legends Core Gamer released today (LFB3) and of course not one of the 4 gamestops in Springfield, Illinois got any. I should have known. I love

    AtGames, but I hate them too.

    So... obviously running RocketFan's system files from the USB allows for the box art to display correctly, the change atgames made to the box art sizes the computer looks for is not implemented/present on the USB drive. That also means that NEXUS will still only display correctly on an AFBX. Now the question is, do we STILL fix the artwork the AtGames way so that AFB9 users can port this over?

    I am going to keep the v9 FW for now. But I'm just a little hesitant to process more box art until we all know which way we are going for sure. But I say, flash the full v9 CFW by Fister & Brad, make your system deluxe, up to date, fix the box art, and you can still run the Nexus pack.

  6. Here is what I've learned...


    1. If you update a regular edition with the v9 full base image, it becomes a deluxe and in the about screen it shows v9. Just as I expected.


    2. If you put all the nexus v2.3 files on a drive, it works, box art displays correctly, but the version number shown in the about screen is v18.

    So... obviously running system files from the USB allows for the box art to display correctly, the change atgames made to the box art sizes the computer looks for is not implemented anymore. That also means that NEXUS will still only display correctly on an AFBX.


  7. Mr @Bill Loguidice
    I see the old legends core hits shelves tomorrow. I hope we get some round here.

    I have a sort of off topic question. On the 22nd AtGames release new firmware updates for the AFBX, AFBXD, LFB2019, LFBD2019 and the old LFB2018.

    Now, its all gone. I got the Atari Update, but i missed the LFB updates. Do you have any idea what might me going on? I know the River Raid sound fix was wrong on the Atari side of things, but I never got to see the LFB stuff. I Hope to God Almighty they fixed the NES buttons..... B goes on the left, tell them for me, pretty please. If not its kind of a deal breaker without being able to reconfig my buttons.

  8. please tell me someone downloaded the LFB firmware updates that just got taken down???
    Didnt the release notes say something about fixing NES buttons??? UGH!!!!!!!
    wouldnt running that core make all the "Wrong Button" games work on here?! OH MAN!!! :(


    all this talk about v21 and we have no clue what the LFB got. What if it got the newest version of stella??? LMMFAO

    Edit: Rocket, I actually have both nes cores i believe. one were B is button 1 and one where A is button one.

    unless that is controlled in some settings elsewhere. Ill have to look into it.

  9. I say we wait for new official firmware. Why was the firmware removed? I'm guessing that...

    A. the firmware was NOT V.0.1.21 (But something new that was whipped up to quiet us down and had box art fixes)

    B. the river raid sound fix was implemented incorrectly and they want to remove that and fix it.
    Typically when they put out new firmware and rip it down, something fixed goes back up pretty quick. I've seen it

    once, maybe twice happen on the firmware portal.

    For those asking. The biggest difference in ALL the versions... AFB9, AFBX, v18, v21, etc... is the box art. Also you have to

    understand that out of the box v21 still had crappy box art. seriously, any out of box, newer firmware was not what went up online.

    The reason the project split from AFB9 and became exclusively AFBX was because we resized the box art to make it display correctly.

    until the online v21+ showed up, box art had not been fixed. ALL AFBX firmware had crappy box art until the 22nd. AFB9 never had this issue.

    When they release the newest firmware, for real, and we CFW it, we will have to double back for the old art and swap it back in.

    After that, once folder and core support is implement on the AFB9, everything will be interchangeable again, as far as I can tell.

    I see two roads we can take. We can all make our own packs and projects and compilations, like a bunch of goofy ass mugen kids or

    we can have a community standard CFW that we all work off of, and move forward together. There can still and should be independent packs

    and projects and whatnot, but we should all work to make our stuff compatible and interchangeable so other can have fun too. The only

    real set back is we have to swap the old art, we gain newest version flashed to system, and everyones art and themes can be cycled around

    from pack to pack, from AFB9 to AFBX. You should know by now I make giant packs so people can build their own setup easily. Its the whole point

    of all of this. If its not easy for others or each project is its own universe, there is no point in me continuing to process all this art. I would like to

    build a sort of pack that is a database of materials to cut & paste from (or just run it if you want to).

    But the writing is on the wall. this system, thanks to Rocket, is now wide open and begging for each user to create their own unique and personal

    set up. enough art and themes have been processed to give someone a base to start with, and its not even that hard to figure out. It will be crazy 

    to see what we all make in 1 years time. Lets just not all implode like other crazy internet projects. Im too old for that shit. :P 



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  10. Yes once you update, the old version is gone. I don't know if you can dump it in windows. 0.1.7 is only important if you are collecting all the old firmware. Sometimes stuff gets changed and we want to go back, like with the flipping of the A and B buttons on NES games on the LFB units. But for this instance, There is nothing that 0.1.7 has to offer to hang on to it, IMO. even it is outdated now. I'm thinking it always was and v1.8 was floating around this whole time.

    If I thought for a second something interesting might be buried in 1.7 that was worth hanging on to, I would be for it. At this point, It's about as useful as version 1.5. But like you said, once you flash it, its gone. If there WAS something buried in there, we would never know. Thank you guys for waiting off on the updating and archiving this sort of stuff. It will be cool to have it all in one place.




    I went to the electronics store and checked out video capture devices. I realized I have no idea what I should get. What is a cheap device that will do the trick?

    Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to do this for a living, just promote the pack on youtube.

  11. Thats not me helping you with linux, sorry.


    if version 1.9 is out, I would flash the CFW and play with it. then if you ever feel the need to go back to stock, flash the new v9.
    I know Mr. Fister is the one into all of this, tho. He is trying to collect all the various past firmware revisions. I'm guessing he is the one PMing you.
    If you are close to dumping it, maybe talk to him first.

    Just a guess, does Ubuntu need the AFBX drivers installed to "see" it, like a windows machine?

  12. Atari Flashback Nexus - YouTube
    The youtube page is all set up. The intro for videos is made.
    We need 100 subs to get the custom URL, that is the first step.

    You guys want these video comments on or off? If I set videos for kid friendly, it will turn the comments off I learned.
    It has been awhile since Ive ran a youtube account. We will make it however we want to, tho.

    If you have a video you want put on here, or want to help out with the page, just speak up.




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  13. Kevin, I've narrowed it down to these. Tell me what you think. I'm sorry you lose some resolution when they get sized for this system. You'll have to forgive me, when I started this little project out, I used ArenaFoot's AFBP pack as my base. I think that is where your versions originated from for me. I'm not aware that I have Xenophobe of yours in my pack, but I processed it anyways. I can always add the various new versions to the pack if you want.

    If there are more games I need to fix or there are more games you want added in the future, just let me know.
    Thank you, Tom.



  14. 11 hours ago, rocketfan said:

    Draxxon, also a minor idea.  Those Genre categories "Paddle Games" and "Atari Games" are hardwired strings in the retromenu executable, but they could be modified to something more generic, like "Subset 1" and "Subset 2" or whatever might work better, as long as the number of characters do not exceed the original string.  Your genre settings might be possible to modify also.  So in the list you could have genre=set1 and "set2" (or whatever).  That would be done in the retromenu.run out on the stick, so it would never impact the way things run when booting without the stick.  Just a thought.

    I must have missed this. Thats a good idea.
    you wouldnt even have to change the atari or paddle genre= stuff either. you only see that in the all-games, and i can remember atari=set1 and paddle=set2.

    but it really just depends what people want. If no one wants the LFB and SGFB folders, then, there is no point in changing the side menu names. I personally want the other "virtual flashbacks" on my console. I think they're cool, and I actually do play those games on this atari X.

    I'm looking to pick up a video capture card for my X in the next couple days, any recommendations are welcome. And, i created the YouTube page:

    Atari Flashback Nexus - YouTube

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  15. .xex = Atari 800
    .a26 = atari 2600

    .nes = Nintendo/Famicom

    .gen/.md = Genesis / Megadrive / (via gen+GX)

    .bin+.cue/.iso/.chd = Sega-CD / Mega-CD

    .sg = SG-1000 / Mark-II

    .bin = Genesis / Megadrive / pico / 32X (via picodrive)

    .sgg/.gg = Game Gear

    .sms = Master System / Mark-III

    .zim = Arcade Games (via Mame2000)

    .zip = Neo Geo / Arcade Games (via FBAlpha2012, Maybe more systems than just Arcade games)



    unlocked LFB2 has no 32X, Atari800 or Atari2600 (although Out of Box Deluxe units WILL play .a26)


    .sms = Master System / Mark-III

    .zim = Arcade Games (via Mame2000 or MAME2003+, I forget)

    .bin/.gen/.md = Genesis / Megadrive / (via gen+GX)

    .bin+.cue/.iso/.chd = Sega-CD / Mega-CD

    .sg = SG-1000 / Mark-II

    .gg (only) = Game gear

    .dat (only) = NES / famicom

    .fig = SNES

    .cv = colecovision
    .7z = Neo Geo / Arcade Games


    its all just choices, you could swap them all around with enough know how, I believe.
    the joysticks 1 button is what the limitation is here.

    On a side note, it looks like the Legends Core Gamer is set to release in stores tomorrow.



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  16. Im trying to figure out why it takes so long for homebrew to load. /rom and /rom_hb have around the same number of games and the same size folder. 400~500 games. ~60MB. Is it the length of the all-games.ini doing it? Is a random hb game causing it? do we even need 2 HB folders after all? Did removing a shit ton of HB games from ATARIv2.1 even need to be done? How many games can I add to a section before load times increase from the stock ~4 secs if I can figure out if something else is causing it in homebrew?

    I'm going to take a small break while we wait and see if AtGames releases any more FW updates any time soon, and see if any new CFW arises. You guys have the tools to add or subtract whatever you want from this pack. just keep a running list of compatible stuff while we wait to see which way we go. I'll continue no matter what you all decided. Just know I vote for up to date CFW. Ill double back for the old art, it wont be that bad.

    "I'm fast, Chuckie; real fast." - Tommy Pickles


    (AtGames Update; Space Invaders P2 & Audio Fixes)


  17. lmmfao


    For what its worth, I have all the updates they made implemented into the pack. And I am still fixing their mistakes. Good thing I spent all that time testing to see if River Raids audio was better and it was the same and I thought I was an idiot and couldnt tell. I Fixed Audio on handful of games (Maybe this can be looked into and implemented in all games), Fixed P2 on Space Invaders Arcade, We fixed box art by changing all the art to what the computer was looking for, they changed what the computer was looking for to match the original images they already had.

    The main reason I see making new CFW is, people with new models are going to be swayed into not using the CFW based solely on that alone. I personally would like to have an up to date stock machine when i have no usb drive running. Either way, IDC.


    P.S. Did AtGames say ANOTHER update was coming? Online Leaderboards??? Hrmm... I see all 3 LFB units got updates as well.

  18. they also fixed the box art, in a different way.

    they also fixed space invaders arcade, im porting it over now.
    I'm also adding their ini changes to our packs ini.

    thats all i see. maybe im wrong.


    and you would have those changes made to your console, not running off of the usb device. In fairness, thats a big deal.
    We should just move forward with new CFW, Im just getting over the shock realization of what it means for just me.
    I saw this coming, I tried not to speak it into the universe, lmmfao. 



  19. [Global]
    BezelPath=<path to bezel>







    These are the fixes they implemented. What I dont get is how is box art fixed in this v21 but not in the photos of stock v21, my guess is this is newer or different. but yeah, there is no way the fixed burgertime on my screen is the one people with v21 have been showing me. As far as gameplay, I dont see any difference. I see that they are still using 122x168 and 211x290 so Im guessing they fixed it on their end instead of editing every image and now all my shit is about to be wrong again. It will take a good day or two to fix it. With the current CFW, all the box art has been fixed and we can add these other changes manually. I see no reason for someone not to update with the old CFW at this point.

    Here is my opinion. there is no reason at this point to make a new CFW, we wont gain anything but a higher version number. And I think its about to create a shit ton of extra, needless work for me again. I will have to resize every box art, again. even with batch tools its a bitch. there was a tiny bit of cropping that happened in the switch over, and it will happen again. I could go back to ATARIvX.2 or whatever the hell i called it, and use those images as a base. ugh... It's a no brainer for me. But we have been on a quest for it, and we've gotten this far. And I know people want a device with the highest version number, so, lets do it! Just know its a double edged sword for me.

    Is there a way to manipulate the displayed version number in the about screen? That will be much easier than resizing this box art. That along with just cut and pasting that bit of audio code for the retro ini file and weve done practically the same thing. I see they moved space invaders to its own folder so it probably is this fixed version. I'm sure we are good to go.

    [Space Invaders™]
    Sort=Space Invaders



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  20. 59 minutes ago, MrFister said:


    I have the usb hack working on 0.1.9 but now all the games are gone when I reboot.


    If the built in games are gone from the system itself without a USB drive inserted? My guess is they didnt flash to the system or the all-games.ini file is in /emu or /rom or vice versa. Brad rerouted the all-games from /emu back to /rom like on the 9. I think. dont quote me. just taking a stab at it.

    If the games are gone from the /rom folder using the control files on your flash drive. they didnt fully dump, delete the rom folder and dump them again, wait longer this time.





  21. 46 minutes ago, KevinMos3 said:

    For my hacks that you have in the pack, I'd prefer they be distributed with the labels/boxart I did for them.  I haven't made labels/boxart for all of them, but I have for a fair amount.  There are several variants for most, like Adventure Enhanced, Double Dragon, Xenophobe, and some others.  I think you could re-size most of them for boxart and they'd look decent, but if not, let me know and I'll see about modifying them if I can find my original templates.

    I would totally love to have the proper art for your games, and everything else for that matter. I have very limited knowledge when it comes to this sort of thing and really need help. There is no disrespect if I use the wrong image, its just ignorance on my part.

    Kevin, if you can get me a list of art and changes you want made to your stuff, let me know and Ill change things around ASAP. Box art needs to be 183x255 and 122x170 for the Flashback X. I can always help out with that stuff if you need. If you have variant art, we could use one for the small image and a different one for the larger one if you prefer? Shark Attack is an example of a two cover game in the pack now.

    And this goes for anyone on the boards, you want your stuff added or removed or edited, anything, I WILL do what you ask. I'll make sure your work is represented the way you wish it to be. 


    Thank you, Tom "Draxxon"

    EDIT: OH MAN!! LMMFAO! I'm never going to be able to choose. such epic stuff! Also Kevin, have you put any thought into what kind of message you might want added to the Note= part of the game description? If anything.


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  22. I have added everything we've talked about here so far. As always, I need feedback. What sucks, looks/functions bad, outright wrong or broken, needs added, whatever! I'm going to be working on sorting out the Protos, Hacks & Imports from the Homebrew in its folder. Then double back for the games cut from the A.T.A.R.I. v2.1 Pack. I also need to look into the lossless .png file size reduction as well. Side note, still no email response yet from AtGames service department regarding the firmware update. :( 


    (Other Arcade/Atari Arcade/Atari 800 Games Update)


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  23. you can always just download the newest version of NEXUS, and go into the /nexus/all-games.ini file and just remove the link to categories you dont want. If you dont want the sega section, make the all-games.ini entry look like this:

    ,Sega Genesis Flashback]
    ,Description=Switch to Sega Genesis Flashback mode.
    ,Note= \
    ,Please do not turn off the system while restarting.

    you have to take out the "[" or the system will see the entry. this will remove the link to the section in the nexus so you cant go there anymore. You could also easily add the section back if you changed your mind later. Colecovision is probably a bust because of the one-button joystick, but if you pick up a LFB2 (100 games) I've already finished the coleco and sg1k/sms packs.

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