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  1. Here is a theme, if you will. It's a few small edits of the "emulator" folder. The giant word "BOOM!" has been removed from the Menu Backgrounds. The Atari Flashback Gold bezels were swapped in. The blue and yellow SD Card icons for side loaded games were switched to generic Atari 2600 box art (since there is no SD Card slot). The ActiVision game launch/splash screen text was changed to an ActiVision logo from the Atari 2600 time period. Simply swap out the "emulator" folder you dumped to the root of your USB Device with the "startup.sh" script with this new "emulator" folder. Or you could go into the "emulator/res/images" folder and just swap out the individual images that you want to change ala carte.

    ProTip: If you are having trouble getting the "startup.sh" control file script to trigger (slow 2.0 USB device), try launching a game. If you still cannot get it to dump, simply use this theme ("emulator" folder) instead.

    Looking forward. The rom packs that were made for the AFB9HD and AFB9Gold will also work on the AFBX. The all-games.ini file, the thumbnail sizes, naming conventions and file extensions all stayed exactly the same. I'll have a new pack up sometime very soon. And, it will be backwards compatible with the Flashback 9s.

    I want to take a second to sincerely thank Brad. Thank you so much, bud. I really enjoy modding the Atari Flashbacks. It's a super fun hobby that I couldn't enjoy without your efforts. You're awesome.




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  2. You put the artwork and the ini file in the rom folder that you generate when you update with the most current CFW AND run the mount and startup files. You will still need to source the roms. I didn't include them. The roms will need to have specific names, just as they appear in the ini file. The officlal ini file is needed for all the game descriptions text and controls.

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  3. if the official update file isn't renamed to "atari_update.img" the system won't see it, or prompt for joystick left, when you turn the console on. If it IS named properly, and it doesn't prompt for joystick left, I would guess either broken/incompatible SD Card or broken SD Card reader/console.

    Not sure how you can brick these from firmware/custom firmware, as the system will always recognize properly named updates and you can flash it back. That's the beauty of these atgames systems. I'm not super knowledgeable, but I'm pretty sure there is a partition that doesn't get flashed over, ever. And that is where the program is at that looks for properly named updates when the console gets powered on. so if you "brick" it, you just re-flash an update to fix it.

    The sound issue (games not playing with sound) is a known hardware issue. I've experienced it seldom. Launching a game and exiting back to main menu brings the sound back for me. I have heard others will unplug the HDMI and plug it back in while system is powered on and that fixes it, but i've never tried that myself.

    I can tell you I have flashed dozens of systems multiple times, all the official and custom firmware works. I have "bricked" a system once. (powering on would load the atgames logo and make the chirp on the legends flashback 2018, but never go to the built in games list.) But I just re-flashed it and everything was fine. I can also tell you that the custom firmware to add games and artwork to the main UI is what you need to be using. You can flash the Atari FB9 Gold over the standard unit and make it a gold.



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  4. So, I pressed the issue, and there is no firmware.bin file available.



    Hi Thomas, 
    Thank you for the follow up. 
    Please note that there was never update released for the Atari Flashback Portable Player on our website so we suspect that probably the website it was downloaded from might have damaged the unit. Atari Portable should play the games that are uploaded on the SD card (with correct format) without any firmware update. 
    We would like to offer you a replacement, however, we don't have this unit available in stock. Would you be interested to receive a version without wood-graving as a replacement. At the meantime, we would like to retrieve your unit back for checking. 
    Please let us know. 
    Best regards, 
    AtGames Customer Support 


  5. My camera sucks.


    I opened up the new portable, The board says "AP3280B_MK1F_V1.0_20190705" and "20190716"

    One chip says:

    M12L128168A-            6T

    AZN1P83TX             1832


    The other says:
    MXIC L183341



    So, I'm guessing we can't get neo boot loader working on this as it is not a RedKid chip but instead a Monkey King (rockchip)???

  6. So, I emailed AtGames and tried to get a copy of a firmware.bin file, but I don't think they even have anything to send me. At this point I probably won't pursue it any further.


    "Hi Thomas, 
    After further checking with our development team, the system should recover once the SD card is removed and power cycle done. Unfortunately, there is no option to perform the factory reset on this product and turning it on and off should set the unit back to original settings. 
    Is it possible you find the binary file location it was downloaded from so we can investigate at our side and find out what might have caused this unusual issue. 
    Thank you for checking. 
    Best regards,"



  7. yes, and I think the SD Card limit is 4GB.

    All the folder structure has to be set up to implement the artwork and corresponding XXX.bin database files. If you add more roms to say folder "ROMS D-E", you wont be able to just add artwork, you'll have to delete the ROMS D-E.bin database file and start over. Which is why all the artwork and assembly editor programs were included if someone wanted to do that. 

  8. Almost forgot. This one can run new firmware and update with a "firmware.bin" file, like Kevin Mos3 said. So, it DOES have that going for it. Although, I doubt they will ever release firmware updates, as it doesn't even appear on the AtGames flashback update portal zone whatever page, with the other new units.

    Maybe I should email customer service and tell them none of my games are showing up in my list after I updated it with a flashback X image and see if they send me a "firmware.bin" file???

  9. I will say I enjoy the larger screen a lot. Even if it is the same quality. Last years model had the smallest screen of the bunch, so that was a big improvement for me. I'm also glad for the modern size SD Card support. Not that I need up to 16GB, but those are readily available these days for 5 dollars at Wal-Mart.

    Things I would like to see in the future:



    Some kind of small spinning knob for paddle games

    Link port/cable for multi players.


    Do we even need an SD Card slot anymore? Couldn't the system have the tiniest bit of space on it for game saves and whatnot and the Atari romset could be added to the system itself with the micro usb charge cable and a PC? I mean, the roms virtually take up no space. I'd love Wifi/leaderboards/online play/Achievements,  but that seems like a stretch for AtGames at this point in time.

    Also wasn't there talk of implementing more improvements on these in the past. I remember reading this thread and Bill asking what 7800 games people wanted? I know he kept saying there isn't a market for Lynx and stuff? but with all these buttons on this portable, why not allow 2600,7800,Lynx, hell even 5200 roms and Atari Arcade games to be loaded from the SD Card for the people that want to play those games? I mean, you can play NES,SNES,GENESIS,SEGACD, and ATARI2600 on the Legends Flashback Deluxe. So, what gives? They say there is no market for a Lynx flashback portable system, but I think there IS a market for an Atari Flashback Portable with a wide variety of different Atari system emulators (like Lynx) built in. This years model didn't even get a larger number of games. 80 last year, 80 this year. This years model was a cosmetic makeover (A super slick makeover), and a chance to get one with a large screen. Had it also had 90 games (ten 7800 additions) and 7800 rom support thru sd card. everyone would have upgraded this year.

    If I was AtGames, I would ditch the "Atari" flashback portable and just make it a "Legends" flashback portable and let people put whatever they want to on it.  Keep the same form factor. Bundle a few Atari 2600 games and games from other systems. Sick the Atari logo somewhere on the box with Capcom and data east and shit so people know it runs 2600 roms. Have it support the same systems the legends flashback console does.

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  10. After further messing with last years model, this years model and the 2017 sega genesis ultimate portable, I think its all the same D-Pad and Out Of The Box this orange one is great and last years black one was just fine. It probably varies from unit to unit, I'm sure.

    And to reiterate, I've never used the 60 and 70 game models with orange d-pads. so I have no idea how it compares to those.

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  11. I finally tracked one down at a 5th Dollar General store today. It was back to $40.00.
    (I also have last years model with the black D-Pad, and the save and replay buttons.)



    D-Pad feels great. One game of river raid and I'm convinced it's better than the black D-Pad at least. (I never tried the 1st two versions with the orange D-Pads) But, for the record I was fine with the black d-pad. 

    Its the old shell, like some have said, and I like that it matches my Sega Genesis Portable, but, again, last years model was just fine. But its nice to have two devices that match.


    The design is slick. At Games nailed the design elements. Only small thing missing is the Atari logo design engraved in the battery door cover like last years, but it doesn't even matter.


    THE BAD:

    The larger screen is really nice, but its still a cheap screen that looks fine when viewing from the left, like shit when viewing it from the right. (Just like last years model)


    You still cannot add artwork to titles on the SD Card. even though we could with the Sega Portable. Makes no damn sense.


  12. I like the idea, just not the design. it looks like a brick. Plenty of room? I would disagree just based on the looks of it. Just barely enough room? possibly, hopefully.

    $200 seems high. I mean, this is basically a cheap wireless 2P joystick and a Legends ultimate in a box, right? For a minute I thought, well it has a lot of licensed games built in and they have value, then I realized that the Legends Flashback 2 has 100 built in games and it's $40 bucks. 5 times less expensive.

    Also not a fan of two guys sitting RIGHT NEXT to each other to play this thing. Single player joysticks would be better. 

    Just my opinions. I mean, I'm a fan of At Games, this is just free fan feedback.



  13. I'm sitting here looking at my dedicated MKII control panel and looking at the panel in the video thumb and thinking, yeah that looks crammed as all hell. I also have a robotron cabinet converted to mame with a 6 button setup and it sucks. Really I'm talking about the lack of space/depth below the 8 action buttons. where do your hands rest at? hand cramp city. I mean, it seriously looks like there is more space above the buttons than below them. I also think the 2 player stick setup is no good. I would prefer a single joystick, or 2 single joysticks for 2 player action.

    Still, its an awesome idea, a legends ultimate in a joystick. and i've never tried one, so it could be fine.

  14. You can flash the Atari Flashback 9 Gold custom firmware to a Legends Flashback 2018 unit and use the custom Atari rom pack to add all games to the main menu with art. 

    The Legends Flashback controllers work and I'm assuming Sega pads would work as well. There are a few issues running the Atari Firmware on the Legends unit but you could get games running. I never did test paddles, but I hear it was a hardware issue with the AFB9. I don't know if the LFB2018 has the same hardware limitations.


    The Legends Flashback 2019 Deluxe has .a26 Atari support through the SD card, the standard 2019 version does not. I haven't heard how the Atari paddles work on the 2019 deluxe yet. Anyways, this would be more ideal than flashing the 9 gold onto a unit not intended for it. And you would have sega pad support.

  15. On 2/3/2020 at 11:53 PM, negative1 said:

    No luck getting the 2018 to update.
    Put in an SD card, with the img file, and turned it on.


    The regular menu came up.

    I'm using a 2GB sandisc drive.


    Nothing happens, any other things i should try out.

    Reformatted the card, and put the files on there.




    I need some more info to help, bud.
    what img file did you use? the official firmware or custom firmware?


    if it is official firmware downloaded from the Atgames website, you have to rename the image form "2.8.4.img" to "arcade_update.img"

    All the custom firmware works, maybe try a different SD Card. Maybe the SD Card isn't being read. Make sure its formatted correctly and inserted correctly, or maybe you have a defective unit/SD Reader?


  16. Here is Neto Boot Loader all set up for the AtGames Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player if you want to test it out. The "TOOLS" folder just has software for adding artwork to any added roms if wanted. Also, it has software for patching games to create hacks. It also has Genesis screenshot thumbnail art. This folder DOES NOT have to go on your SD card.


    BOTH  the "GAME" and "TECTOY" folders and their contents MUST be placed on the root of a compatible 2-4GB SD Card. 


    Sound and compatibility is much improved. Limited save functions. Game genie code support. Also it has folder support for games. 16 folders on each page. 99 folders, max. 99 games, max in each folder. Only downside to Neto is adding artwork is a bit more difficult and when you back out of game it takes you all the way out to the main firecore menu and you have to load Neto again. You can still run games with art thru the SD Card game list/game folder just like before, You retain everything. Neto Loader is an entry/slot in that game list and you load it from there. it has debug mode, Pal and NTSC support, etc. a lot of features, but it has kind of bare bones menu/UI.



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