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  1. Being 12 at the time, I remember kids trading carts for a few days at a time at school to get the most out of your system. I'm sure kids still do it, but, its fun during a systems launch when your a child because the average kid only had a couple to a few games. Super Punch Out was one I was always borrowing, until I got a copy for myself.
  2. I think that the LC SBC is the product that really lacks the APL functionality. Why would I pay $100 for 20 shitty games and no case or hookups when you can get a core for $70 or Core and Pad for $100 or even an R.Pi kit for $100? For the 40-Pin connector? IDK, the LC SBC really doesn't offer anything. And while I'm on the subject, who in the hell would swap out a pandoras box for a LC-SBC? I hope the LC2 SBC has APL.
  3. No idea on the flashback stock, I noticed too, but didn't mention it because it is a bummer. I'm predicting the future AtGames product with APL is a bartop cabinet. I bet the Core Max and LC SBC never get it. Here is the Mini:
  4. It's actually not compatible. You need an SD Card.
  5. if by "Board level ultimate thing" you mean the Legends Connect Single Board Computer, it does not have APL. Bill L says the cabinet, the mini cabinet and the pinball (And some future, mystery, AtGames products) only have APL. I also wanna take a second to say Congrats to Rocketfan, for solving his own mystery and getting Atari 800 on the flashbacks and ultimately his LUA. If there is one thing I learned doing all this crap its... If you really want something to happen, you have to do it yourself. Good Job, brother. P.S. That R.Pi to the TV stuff looks complicated, what do you think the chances it will work are? You do realize I just know paint programs and not command lines and stuff, right? lol. If I have to SSID in with scart using lakka or some shit it's over with. Ha ha ha.
  6. I remembered AA User No Quarter said this in the 2021 speculation thread (2nd monitor). "Best current solution for 4-player gaming w/ ALU is to add a Gamer Pro & separate TV/monitor as has been demonstrated by BuyStuffStore."
  7. I tried searching for device (AFBX) in HDMI-CEC mode on my Element brand TV, but, It didn't see it or the LFB2. Just the Roku. I haven't tried with the R.Pi yet.
  8. I did look, I knew it was on the cabinet, I didn't see it listed on pinball, which surprised me, so that is good to hear. I'm also glad to hear its being considered for future products. That rocks. I hope some are priced for legacy flashback owners to tinker with. I would love to see it on the Legends Core Max personally, along with a 2nd HDMI and USB port. Even on a Legends Connect would be sweet. Thanks for the quick and concise response. Now comes the real question. How does APL work exactly? HDMI-CEC? Not that it makes AtGames any money but, what else allows you to connect to an old flashback with HDMI-CEC aka APL? only the AtGames arcade/pinball machines? Modern TVs have HDMI-CEC mode and you can hook R.Pis up to the TV.
  9. So, I'm getting into this Legends Family Ecosystem and I'm seeing that only the Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinet has Arcade Play Link connectivity. I think that sucks. I understand that maybe my Legends Core shouldn't have it, but, why doesn't the Legends Connect single board computer have it? I mean nothing else has APL. It's a bummer. While I'm sure not intended by AtGames, the AFBX and LFB 100 games version now have giant community builds with artwork, and it also turns out the LUA cabinet is a $600 dollar solution to playing games with other controllers with more buttons on the AFBX thru the HDMI port. Which may not sound like a huge deal, but the AFBX is limited in emulating other systems because of the 1-button Atari joystick. Plus, the AFBX community build has a lot of content that the LUA CoinOpsX and saUCE packs do not, most notably Atari 800 games. It's a win-win, and, I hear it "works like a charm!" from a LUA owner. I totally understand that the Bed Bath & Beyond Plug & Play systems are the past and the Legendary Legends Family of products is the future, but, I feel like if future products, and hopefully some less expensive options, in the Legends Family could remember APL connectivity, that would be awesome. The old legacy AFBX and LFB2 community builds are only going to continue to get more awesome. Bottom line, AtGames is a company with a shitty past that turned it around. Please don't now be the company that ditches the AFBX and LFB2 connectivity and the system's owners. Try to keep APL and the old flashbacks alive, as they are a part of the good AtGames history. Lets see it in the Legends Connect SBC. It could be a $100 option for old flashback owners to use other controllers instead of only the $600 LUA cabinet. P.S. I have been using my Legends Gamepad a lot with my Legends Core and BYOG/CoinOpsX and I have no issues at all. It's totally fine. My only question is, what hell is the rumble feature for? When you use it as a PC controller? I don't get it. Anyways, I really like how it goes to sleep if not used for 5 mins. The PS5 pad is always on. So, turns out the PS5 pad is always dead and the LGP is always ready to rock and roll. I'll be ordering a 2nd Legends Gamepad soon. #1stPartySwag
  10. I do have that Atari R.Pi 3B+ so I can try that stuff sometime today. (It would be nice to finally find a use for it.) It would be sweet to figure out how to get LFB1s to APL connect to LUA. I'm guessing AFB9s are a bust because flashing them to an X is going to break your SD Card slot, and your all-games.ini/game list, like that dude recently. I wonder if AFB9s gain OTG support when flashed to an X? You know, I never messed with the LCore because I felt guilty that I wasn't spending time on these flashback projects instead. I'm actually glad I did. And it looks like I get to mess with the R.Pi next, which was my plan. It sure would be neat to run other controllers thru it, thru the TV HDMI, on the AFBX. basically swap the LUA with a R.Pi and your TV. Cool stuff. Is there a way to run the LUA to a 2nd monitor (while hooked up to the AFBX) like a living room TV? and then use PS5 pads or Legends Gamepads wirelessly linked to the LUA? Also, you can use PS5 pads with the LUA correct? So, you can use those during APL with the AFBX, correct?
  11. Well, at least the LUA owners will have something fun to check out if they ever discover it. (It looks like LUA *UGH* saUCE packs on archive lack Atari 800, ZX Spectrum, wonderswan, pokemon mini, G&W and maybe more. So, there will be something new for LUA owners.) Plus, you discovered a $600 solution for extra button and dual joystick games support for your AFBX. (It's cool that you already had one so you can mess with it) And, we have a clue how other controllers working over the HDMI port functions. Now I have to wonder. Does the LFB2 ULTIMATE Community Build work on the LUA with APL? Should making new, up-to-date, CFW for the LFB1, LFB2 and LFB2Deluxe (Which has no CFW ATM) be a priority? I understand there is the issue of, who knows how to make new CFW??? P.S. All this cracks me up because it feels like we are hooking the LUA up to the AFBX as an "other controllers" solution, and not the other way around (just to play the Atari games on your LUA) as intended. lol. I guess old Bill L. was right all along. The LUA Family of products and its ecosystem really is the future. LMMFAO.
  12. @6:55 that Vanilla Mortal Kombat 3 is running slow. Shitty pic, but, I have a newer Element brand TV, I hit menu button on the remote. Next i went to Set Up. I scrolled down to HDMI CEC and clicked on it. It was already set to on, which gives you these options: Auto Standby (on), Auto TV On (on), HDMI Arc (off), Device Control (on) and Device List. If you click on Device List it searches for devices, It found my Roku and says HDMI3 - Playback 1:Roku. Clicking that takes me to my Roku, the TV remote doesnt seem to control the Roku box. I haven't got the AFBX out right now to check but I will later today. Pretty cool stuff. I didnt know what HDMI Arc was, so I looked it up: "The often-overlooked ARC stands for "Audio Return Channel," and ever since the HDMI 1.4 standard was introduced, ARC has been available on TVs, soundbars and receivers. This protocol offers two-way communication between devices over a single HDMI connection. Essentially, the HDMI ARC port lets you use HDMI as both an input and an audio output." Okay, so what do I try? Use the TV remote to control the AFBX or do I need to stick a USB Keyboard into my TV's USB Port?
  13. I wanna say its just a USB keyboard. I have seen some troubleshooting ReadMe texts while setting up my LC that explains how some cores like SNES and the original GBA core the reddit sauce chefs (GOD that is a horrible name, lmmfao) used had no way to map select to a button on the LUA control panel. They hooked up a USB keyboard and hit the letter D key for the Select Button as a workaround. Digging in a little further, I find that the Legends Connect SBC (LCSBC) has some info on how to swap it into a pandoras box? (WTF, that's weird to me) AN101PandorasBoxCompatibility.pdf (atgames.net) Then this pdf shows the pinout for the GPIO on the LCSBC: LegendConnect_IM_std_20201116 (atgames.net) So I thought I would check the pandoras box pinout to see if I could learn anything, but, I'm clueless when it comes to some of this stuff. I thought maybe D would be select, but its not. Is this the same as JAMMA? I'm not sure any of this applies or helps, but I think we are on to something.
  14. I figure you're right. The extra HDMI ports just go to the screen, but, CoolToy threw me off when he pulled out the wall adapter and said you could go that route. I bet he was wrong, and it will be easy to check like you said. An easier method than dragging another monitor over would be to plug the AFBX power into the wall and not the LUA and see if the LUA's controls still work. It never even dawned on me that it was an extra controller thru USB, and what we have been searching for, even though it is so obvious and was in our faces all this time. (I bet you the system is looking for a USB Keyboard, just like BobsTossAway said.) No, actually all I thought about was getting these Youtubers to make some promotional vids for the forum and the pack, lol. To be honest, when I first saw all of this APL stuff, I just assumed that the games somehow downloaded from the flashbacks to the LUA and that is how it all worked. I never really thought too much about it again until today. About the USB power... Ive always just hooked my Mini Classic Consoles to my TV's USB port for power. The only mini that it didnt work on was the PSX Classic, IIRC. Off topic a bit, but, one thing I wonder about as well is the LFB2 community build connecting to the LUA. Mainly because that CFW is built off of the OFW that had no or shitty APL connectivity (I can't remember). It was the final OFW that added the online leaderboards for 4 or 5 games and the added or improved (again, can't remember) APL connectivity. On a side note, it looks like the price of the LFB2 is going up. (BTW, did you try APL with the LFB1 running stock as well?) Rocket, it looks like only the LUA has APL. I dont think the joysticks, Legends Connect SBC or even the Pinball Machine have APL. Just the $600+ arcade cabinets, maybe I'm wrong, but thats what it looks like after a quick check on the AtGames online store.
  15. No, the Legends Core (LC) does not have the 2nd HDMI port and switcher button. Plus, in Settings, Arcade Play Link (APL) is greyed out and not selectable/supported. (Also not supported on the LC is the Wireless Control Deck Mode (R.Pi Mode), OTG Mode or Control Mirroring.) As you know Rocket, I have been setting my LC up the last couple weeks. I had really not done anything with the LC because I was always tinkering with the AFBs and LFBs. I think this APL feature is nice for these AA community projects because these plug and plays are getting older and the LUA is still pretty new and relevant, and these P&P Consoles still link up to them. Squeezing a little more life and usefulness out of these packs. I have the 100 games LFB unit, but I don't own the Legends Ultimate Arcade (LUA). So I cant try any of this. If I had those options in the LC's Settings I would have figured this out sooner. I just happened to see an old video today of APL with a LFB and the guy was playing some sideloaded Spiderman game. I always just assumed that you could play the built in games only. Today I realized the community builds will probably work as is and there are a few hardcore LUA owners that may dig this. I'm hoping maybe the Youtubers will discover the AA community builds and will hook them up to their LUA and make some videos. Really cool to hear about the extra buttons. Do you have spinners and will those control the Atari paddle games? Also, how exactly does the LFB and LUA connect together? Thru the HDMI port? In the video above by CoolToy, he says he could just plug the LFB2 into the wall and use the wall power cord. Is he wrong? do you need the USB connection for the Controls? I wonder if the Legends Connect SBC has APL. If you could somehow jam one of those into a AFBX or a LFB2 or something.
  16. Ive been thinking about the Legends Arcade cabinet and how it can link up with a AFBX or a LFB 100 games unit. Here is a video showing it hooked up to a stock LFB. So what happens when you hook an atari flashback x with nexus up to a Legends Arcade cabinet?
  17. Just sort of wondering, can this LFB project be plugged into a legends ultimate arcade cabinet with the files running from USB hack? Like, I know you can hook up a stock LFB system and even play your sideloaded games with the LUA controls. I just think this may be neat for a LUA owner to mess with.
  18. Im not very technical, so I dont know if this is what is needed. It may just be the OS code for the emulators and stuff not the Atari FB UI. I thought we went looking for it before and didnt find it or maybe it wasnt what we needed, but I couldnt remember so I posted it here just in case.
  19. Atari Flashback 9 and X Source Code: https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=877283
  20. Here is the source code for the OSS Software in the Legends, Atari and Sega Flashbacks. It seems like we looked for it before and never found it? Or maybe we did and it wasn't what we needed? I thought some of the links were broken, maybe??? I can't remember. Well anyway, it was here: Credits – AtGames E-Store Here is also a picture of the "Arcade" Legends Flashback shell (2018, 50 games) if you have never seen it. sega_flashback.zip atari_flashback.zip legends_flashback.zip
  21. I think menu is also the select button. Tapping menu will hit select and add a coin to arcade games with cores that dont support the hotkey/menu coin adding. Check which cores are running which games, I think that is the difference. I think post #289 is the last time we discussed it. It has been going on since the GBATemp forum days and had something to do with the hot key taking up a slot? If you get one of the Sega controllers with the mode button where the right shoulder button is, you can add coins from your controller. Amazon.com: Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Controller 6-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Genesis - Original Port - Black : Everything Else
  22. "box art" looks great! Varying sound quality is across the board for everything, not too much has even been attempted to tweak the sound settings. It would be nice to sort all that out as far as what does what. There was a way to get a text file to generate using the runcommand.lfb entry that would spit out the potential core settings (if any) that are available. You can check libretro docs for possible settings and try them and see if you get any effect. settings go in the /data/retroplayer.ini under [core settings] from whatever /alt_rom/data folder you are running your vectrex games from. Maybe that can give a clue to the display issues. The vecx core has the following options that can be tweaked from the core options menu. The default setting is bolded. Res Multiplier (1-4)
  23. How did you flash the AFBX update over your AFB9G. Did you use the SD Card or the Android Tools and a PC? What is the version number show in your about screen? It should say version V.2.1.1 and you flashed the custom firmware from the post above and it restored your system without an SD Card inserted? Again, how did you flash it? With the SD Card or Android Tools and PC? It prompted you to update and press left, and you got the spinning glowing circle update graphic? Like, does it say Atari Flashback 9 gold across the top of the background now? You have the purple grid and planet background back? All your built in games are showing and work? When you put an SD Card in your system and the box art doesnt show, what is on your SD Card? delete everything off of your SD Card and see what happens if you put just a folder named "game" on your SD Card and inside it place an Atari 2600 rom with .a26 extension?
  24. Well, yeah the emulators work. Except for Jaguar, but I threw it in there because its Atari.
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