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  1. I am curious if the new version still has messed up box art.

    As far as swapping the core... I was only able to extract the files from the official firmware, I never could figure out how to repack into a custom firmware. I'm pretty sure you needed to use Linux and thats where I quit. I've used 7-zip to extract .img updates just to look at them and poke around for files.

    I imagine that the Legends Ultimate Arcade firmware updates are the same thing as the flashbacks and could be unpacked. you could take a core from there, rename it whatever the built in stella core is named, swap it, and use ImgRepacker and create a CFW. flash it to the system and see what happens. 

    As far as dumping the partitions, they did that here:
    Request: Atari Flashback 9 Boom firmware backup - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums

  2. yep. I have access to a filament and a resin printer, and the guy has limited model making/modding skills. we could it make it happen.

    have to find one of those tiny low profile flashdrives. I would be tempted to just hide everything inside the afbx, no faux carts at all.

    although, making separate flashdrives, like one for comercial and one for homebrew would cut the bootup time in half and easier to navigate a smaller menu screen.

    man, lots of ideas.

  3. The LFB 2019 Deluxe has both the CV and the Atari cores. So, if a custom firmware was developed for that system, you could add CV and Atari games to it. If I remember right, Atari 2600 joysticks and paddles DO NOT work on the LFB2D, though. Not sure if its a hardware or software issue.


    Is there a way to slip the CV core into the AFBX and just allow the CV extension in the 'game' folder/'ext usb drive' menu? I have no clue. Will other controllers even work on the AFBX so you can bring up the CV onscreen numberpad and have 2 action buttons for gameplay?? again... no idea.




    I realize not a lot of people are following this, but from here I am going to test the CV Pack and remove broken roms/fix broken rom paths. Also, I'm going to add the sega game gear games and box art to the sg-1000/master system pack and see what boot up time ends up being. I learned my lesson on the AFB9/X packs. I'm shooting for "themed" SD Cards this time. (or put multiple system set ups on one SD Card and move the files around as wanted on your pc.)

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  4. no, there is no CV core in the AFBX. But, the LFB and the AFBX are the same single board computer inside their shells. So, I wouldn't be surprised if it is possible, somehow.

    from what i can tell, the CV core is the BlueMSX core, because CV super game module games aren't supported. 


    I'm still curious if real CV controllers work in the LFB2. Here is the CV core from the LFB2 if you want to examine it.



  5. What you're describing is what I mean. It's not a big deal until you're on level 10 of Kaboom! and "In the Zone". Lmmfao. 


    You wanna know what really blows my mind, is that the 9 and X have been hacked for over a year and there are hardly any videos of it.
    You can find tons for console reviews, or for creating a 'game' folder and adding roms, like that is somehow hard or secret. but just a couple only recently of the CFW and ATARI Pack.

    What also blows my mind is that I'm not stranger to the modding scene. You constantly get reminded that you shouldn't share rom packs. Not once has anyone said anything about the Atari games. Not even once.

  6. With real 2600s getting more and more expensive and harder to find, and harder to hook up to a TV in your current living room, this is a cheap and modern alternative.

    personally I loved Astroblast, Warlords and especially Kaboom! with paddles on the original Atari, so for me, its hard to beat the original system. I can live without the newer version of stella and the newer homebrew titles, but the flashback really is lacking in the paddle games support department. So for "gamers", original hardware will always be king.

    Having said all that, I really did try to help make the AFBX experience just a little something like the NES Classic and PSX Classic for the "modders".  I feel this little box is as cool as those.
    And maybe for the Atari "collectors" as well. Like the AFB2, Hopefully the 9 and X are flashbacks that the die hard collectors may not pass on anymore.

  7. I have finished testing all 1100+ games. All the roms and box art are now linked correctly.

    That being said, I noticed that you get a black screen on game launch and you have to power off the system to exit if you've browsed a large number of games.
    For the few times I heard that there were "quite a few errors", there weren't that many. A couple were file name mismatch errors and a couple missing large box art images.

    There weren't even all that many broken games. There were a few, as I suspected, but I wonder if people were instead encountering the black screen loading error.


    I removed multi cart games, clone games (but there are a few left), utility cartridges and tech demos.

    The "Atari Games" section and "Paddle Games" section have also been finally sorted out. There were also a handful of new homebrew titles added.

    980 games remain. ~25 Sec. (Approx.) boot up time. And its super stable. No more games that fail to launch.


    I tried to streamline and finish everything as much as possible for this pack.

    I tweaked the "Sans Boom" theme. That's what comes set up with this download. All the box art looks fantastic now. You won't be able to go back and un-see the stock error.
    All that is left is sorting the all-games.ini file entries and adding all the game descriptions and info text. (And hopefully remove the rest of the clone games.)
    That's gonna take another year, I bet. :(



    A.T.A.R.I. v2.1




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  8. well, over one year (and 2 consoles) later, the art pack is finished. I'm about 3/4 of the way through testing and fixing/removing broken file paths/roms.
    I don't have the new VCS, but if you need any help with images for it just ask.

    As far as new official firmware, there is none on AtGames firmware portal website. There was a late model, 2019, reset button accessible from the outside on the bottom of the unit quietly released (at menards). It comes out of the box with firmware version "V.0.1.7". I have no idea what is different as far as firmware changes. But, I can tell you the Box Art is jacked on the AFBX and they SHOULD fix it with a firmware update. (the thumbnail sizes changed from AFB to LFB on the "sdcard.png" and "sdcard_blue.png" in the emulator folder. That was my clue what to try to fix it.)

    So, the swapping of the emulator on the AFB is a bust? Also just wondering... how much free space in on the NAND. Happy New year, bud. Thanks for everything.

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  9. So, yeah, I noticed this long ago but didn't make a huge deal out of it because I like Atari and AtGames. 
    Maybe it's because I spend so much time looking at the box art on the AFB9 and X that I even noticed it at all.

    On the AFB9 the box art thumbnails display correctly, but on the X they don't. Everything is screwed up looking because AtGames is using the 

    same thumbnail sizes from the AFB9 on the AFBX, but the X actually is looking for the box art sizes that the Legends FB 2018/19 uses.

    As a test I tried an M-Network game cover with the Legends FB box art image sizes because that's the only other size I would even think to try out of the blue to test.
    I got lucky that it was correct, I don't know what the system really is doing to the images or looking for, but the results are 100% correctly displayed box art images.

    I feel like this is something the 9 had over the X, and I also wonder if the late model (rest button on the bottom) AFBX fixed this issue.

    I think that this pack is worth sharing and calling a version 2, and it makes all the old art obsolete/incorrect. Even the stock games box art.

    Basically anything that came before this is better suited to run on the AFB9 than on the AFBX.

    Here is the new pack. I shaved about 5 seconds off of the boot time too. (~25 sec. now)
    Fixed quite a few other errors and such, I won't bore you any more though. Happy New Year.



    A.T.A.R.I. v2.0.21



    From here, its testing and removing broken roms or replacing them with working versions, and finding errors in file names that prevent games from launching.

    Then its on to finally sorting the all-games.ini file entries and entering the game info text.
    A shit ton of boring ass work, I'm not promising anything.

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  10. On 3/14/2020 at 11:47 AM, Draxxon said:

    Has anyone else noticed that the box art looks jacked up on the Atari FBX? It's really noticeable on diagonal lines on the large box art, M Network games really look bad. I don't remember it looking like this on the AFB9, but I gifted my FB9 to my buddy when I got the FBX going so I don't have it to check anymore. After working so long on the boxart for the FB9, I can't believe I wouldn't have noticed this.

    I'm continuing to add Homebrew games to the pack. A lot of them don't have box art so I am creating them as I go. I'm at about ~930 games. I'll post the update when I reach ~1000.

    So I finally got un-lazy and figured this out. Out of the box the box artwork is the wrong size. So when i ripped the stock images and made new ones the same size, everything is wrong. you can really tell on the M-Network games like tron with diagonal lines on the box art. It was NOT like this on the Flashback 9/9Gold. Well I tried resizing the box art to the size that the Legends Flashback 2018/19 uses, and low and behold, the images display correctly.

    Large Box Art images SHOULD be: 183 x 255 pixels
    Small Box Art images SHOULD be: 122 x 170 pixels

    I'm working on a 2.0 Pack now with correct box art size. I'm going to try and test, find and remove the non working games. I'll see if i can get the Boot Up time down as well.

    To show what I mean, the first image is stock, fresh out of the box. The second image is an M-Network game with the new (legends flashback) box art sizes.




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