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  1. I am working on sets for LFB 2019. I have Coleco and SG-1000. Working on Master System now. So these won't be of use, as is, yet. But, you could most likely use the art for other projects. Check em out and let me know.




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  2. rrifonas AKA rmr_md had created custom firmware for the Legends Flashback 2018 (50 games model) that allows you to add games with box art that I feel went kind of unnoticed. It was originally posted at the GBATemp forum. Here is the link to the CFW update. This CFW also overclocks the system. Instructions are inside.


    Something to note! This custom firmware was created off of the most current official firmware update. If you update, it will reverse you NES A and B buttons. In the case of this older Legends Flashback 2018 unit, however, you could just flash back to the older custom firmware and undo that, but you won't be able to add box art with the old CFW.

    Once you update you can add games with box art to the main menu just like we have with the Atari FB9 and X. Here is a SEGA SG-1000 pack with art I put together. Big thanks to Franky32 over at GBATemp for helping put it together and testing! Simply put all the files in this archive on the root of your SD Card. Up to 32GB SD Card will work after the update. Should also point out this opens up all the extensions in the SD Card menu just like the old CFW. (sg-1000, sms, gg, smd, scd, nes, snes, fba and mame)

    SEGA SG-1000 Flashback Converter v0.2


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  3. I know with the sega cd bios (.bin) and the neogeo bios (neogeo.zip) for FBA on CFW you don't rename the bios extension like you would the roms. Where is the SNES core "looking" for the bios at? in the same folder as the roms like with segacd and neogeo? or is it looking for the bios in a "system" folder that doesn't exist? like how dreamcast does on RA? When we swapped the genxplus core with the picodrive core I never could get 32x games to run because I had no where to place the bios files. rrifonas got them working, im not sure how.

    Basically the core is looking for the specifically named bios somewhere specific. if you rename the bios, or its not in the specific place, it wont work in the case of the two I mentioned before.

  4. do not update it. the official update is doo doo. there is no custom firmware yet.


    you do NOT need the update to play games from the SD Slot. you need an sd card 32GB or smaller. create a folder named "game" on the root of your card. put your roms in there. you can play NES (.dat) snes (.fig) genesis (.bin) sega-cd (.bin and .cue with the sega-cd bios files also in your "game" folder.)

    no spaces or periods or brackets in the games file name, or it wont work. There is a limit to how long the name can be, but its pretty long.

    As an FYI the 2019 DELUXE version can also play Atari 2600 (.a26).


    main thing is the official update reverses the A and B buttons on NES games. and it also takes away your option to reset the NES buttons altogether. so youll be stuck. there is no Out of Book firmware to restore to.

  5. Since there are always questions and help requests popping up I thought I would make a thread to help others.
    This was a FAQ put together that may help Atari Flashback 9 and X users. Have any other questions? Just ask Here.


    What does "AFB" and "CFW" mean?
    AFB stands for Atari Flashback. CFW stands for Custom Firmware.


    Where can I buy this console?
    The AFBX can be found at the Family Dollar store. The AFBX Deluxe version can be found at Sam's Club.


    Do original joysticks and paddles work?
    Yes. In the case of the AFB9 units, a paddle controller only works after a modification is done.


    Can the CFW brick my console?
    No. The system will always recognize a properly named update file if present on boot. 


    Will I lose any of my stock games?
    No. The control files are hiding the internal rom and emulator partitions, and instead, loading them with all their roms, box art, UI elements and game config file from the storage device. If you delete the two control files, the unit will function like normal.


    Will I be able to return the system to normal?
    Yes. If you are running the CFW, you can always flash it back to the official AtGames firmware. Just note, once you update with either the official or the CFW you can NOT return to out of the box stock. You can only restore to the current official AtGames firmware version update from their website.


    My storage device isn't working?
    Your device is not compatible or it is not formatted properly. The file system should be FAT32. Make sure your device uses MRB partition style. For USB devices try using the MiniTool Partition Wizard. For the AFB9s the SD Card needs to be 8GB or less. For SD Cards, the SD Association's Card Formatter utility is what is recommended.


    Why won't the system recognize my update image file?
    Make sure the file is named "atari_update.img" and its on the root of your storage device. And the device is securely inserted before you power the system on.


    Why won't the RKdevTool see my AFBX/D console in recovery mode?
    Make sure you have installed the AFBX/D device drivers with the DriverAssistant to your PC. Some newer PCs with Windows 10 block the drivers. Solving that issue, or using a PC with an older version of Windows may help.

    Why won't my console connect to my PC?

    Make sure you are using a USB cable with a data line. The included USB cold will not work.


    Why does the system keeps prompting me to update it over and over again?
    After a successful update the system will immediately prompt you to update it again. The second time press right and choose no. After it loads the main game menu, power off and remove your storage device. Delete the update file from the root of your storage device.


    I flashed the wrong firmware / I'm stuck in recovery mode / the update didn't work. Now what?
    If you flash the wrong official or CFW for your specific model just re-flash it. If it gets stuck in recovery mode, re-flash it. Update was interrupted? Re-flash it.


    I dumped the partitions but files are missing or are corrupted?

    You did not wait long enough for all the items to de dumped. If you are using an old sd card or a USB 2.0 device it will take a very long time. Sometimes the control files will not be triggered at all. Launching a game can help trigger them.


    Do I have to dump the partitions first or can I just use the "rom" folder in this ROM Injector instead?

    No. You do NOT have to dump the partitions first. You could just place the "rom" folder and the control files on the root of your storage device after a successful CFW update.


    Why won't this game load? It's just a black screen when i try to launch it.

    The ROM file is not compatile with this version of the Stella emulator or the ROM file itself is corrupted.


    Why do I get a back screen and it freezes when I select the first small box art thumbnail?
    The game description is too long. Find the "all-games.ini" game config file in the "rom" folder. Shorten the games description. Use NotePad or NotePad++ to edit and save the game config file.


    Why when I navigate the pages of my SD Card or Ext. USB games list does the screen turn black and freeze?
    You have a side loaded ROM in the "game" folder that has a file name that has special characters or is too long and you scrolled to the page it is on. Also note, the system won't boot if there are too many ROMs in the "game" folder. Around 6/7000+ ROMs and you will get a repeated black screen on boot.


    Can I rename multiple ROMs at the same time?
    Yes. A batch utility named Advanced Renamer is recommended.


    Can I change the screen resolution?
    No. There is no option to change the resolution.


    Why can't I edit certain images and UI elements?
    Certain files in the "emulator" folder, like the no bezel image "bezel_00.img" and the Stella core, are hardcoded to the system and cannot be edited with the CFW.


    Can a newer version of the Stella emulator be ran instead?
    In theory the Stella core could be swapped out. But it is not as simple as just doing a switcheroo with the emulator file. There is quite a bit more that would need to be done for it to be attempted. And then the question of if this device is even capable of running the 6.x version of Stella at all.


    Could changes be flashed to the system permanently?
    Yes. You can flash custom changes to the system permanently by creating new custom firmware. Even change hardcoded elements. But there is a small, limited amount of free space on these units. The ROM Injector pack would not fit.


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  6. Let me first say, yes you need a usb cable with a data line. Same as other mini systems like the NES Classic.

    I had the exact same issues. A lot of people have. I tried on a windows 10 laptop and the drivers were blocked. I tried to install them manually and failed. I have a couple MAME arcade machines with old PCs and older version of Windows. It worked just like it said in the AtGames instructions with one of those. I have since seen a lot of people have the same issues. As far as the AFB9/X packs with art. Make sure you use a 3.0 storage device. old sd cards and flashdrives take a miserably long time to load, but they will work. They also take a few times to get the firmware updates and partition dumpings to work. It takes a few tries. I've seen a few people give up because of these issues.

    Now if you do have an AFBX and a 3.0 device it is gonna take aprox 30 seconds to load everything after the green AtGames boot screen. After some asking around this was the longest we were willing to wait. Its because there are 1100+ games with art. That's why no more large updates are happening to it anymore. One way to lessen the black screen time is to remove games. you need to delete their entries in the all-games.ini file in the rom folder. Eventually ill come back to the Atari pack.

    Glad you got it all sorted out!

    P.S. I just wanna say, imagine my frustration when I tried to update mine and there was no help. Because we all have had the same problem we have figured it out together. I got lucky trying the MAME machines PC. I have hacked all the mini systems. this one is right up there with the NEO GEO mini.

  7. I gave you guys everything I had. I'm sure everyone has a storage device of multiple GBs. Put the "Settings" folder on your storage device and copy and paste whatever folders you want to use from it to the root of your device. You can run 1 or 2 or all 3 custom folders. GAME, EMULATOR and ROM folders. all the tools I use are in there. artwork by way of the art of Atari book. all the game manuals, firmware, etc.

    Yeah, it was overkill. you basically have to choose what rom folder, game folder and emulator folder you want to run. It was a collection of everything we had all posted for the AFB9/X from the two threads. I'm currently taking a break from Atari 2600 and working on a similar (smaller, 300+ games) ColecoVision pack for the Legends Flashback 2019.

    I hope the instructions text file helped you out a bit! The ATARIv1.1 is meant to be a base for anyone to make their own setup and packs to their own tastes or to share with others. You guys can add to it, continue the rom packs (with art), streamline it, IDC, whatever you want.

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  8. 22 hours ago, Bill Loguidice said:

    By the way, we do have ColecoVision games on our various platforms still, including the Legends Ultimate.

    Oh for sure, I have 300+ CV games with box art running on the LFB2019 right now. But, I collect mini consoles. The AFBX was an awesome shell. I would love to buy other systems in as nice of cases as that to collect and display.

  9. 2 hours ago, Atari_User said:

    If true, is there anyway to add GG and SMS to the FB 100?



    The Legends Flashback 2018 (50 Games) with the newest Official Firmware supports....



    The Legends Flashback 2018 (50 Games) with the newest Custom Firmware supports....


    The Legends Flashback 2019 (100 Games) out of the box supports.... (the firmware update fucks up the nes buttons don't do it!)


    The Legends Flashback 2019 Deluxe (110 Games) out of the box supports.... (the firmware update fucks up the nes buttons don't do it!)



    There is no Custom Firmware for the Legends Flashback 2019 (100) games, yet.

    (although there was an unreleased CFW that had...) *SEE ABOVE PIC



    There is no Custom Firmware for the Legends Flashback 2019 Deluxe (110) games, yet.




    But to answer your question, the sega emulator (gen plus gx) is the same on both units. Rrifonas who made the CFW unlocked the 

    extra supported extension for use in the sd card menu (.gg, .sms. .sg, etc. are ran thu the sega emu.)


    basically he unlocked anything that was built in and added an extra mame core in an unused Atari slot on the 2018 units.


    the LFB2019Deluxe has the Atari emulator and the colecovison emulator on top of the old LFB2018 units emulators.

    the regular LFB2019 just has the colecovision emulator, its missing the Atari emulator.


    side note, I hear TG16 is getting added to the LFB2019 CFW.


  10. For the Atari Flashback 11 I would like to see no sd card and no otg adapter with usb at all. Instead a little bit of free space on the console itself. The Atari games are not that large in size. 200MB would be plenty. You can create custom firmware and flash extra games to the system now, but there isn't enough space for all the games and artwork.

    Also I would like to be able to add box art to the games I add. Its not that hard and people can figure it out. We have been doing it with custom firmware since the FB9. We could do it on the sega ultimate portable and it was more difficult back then.


    Newer version of stella, but that's what everyone has been saying. Same thing with the audio delay.

    If there is a deluxe/gold version, I would like paddles instead of 10 bonus games we could add to the system ourselves. finding old paddles is a pain. It would be nice if AtGames had paddles available for purchase. An all black console (vader) with star wars games, bezels and backgrounds would be sweet also.


    update the bezels. there are four and they suck. one is a damn sega pad, lol. use the AFB9Gold bezels maybe.

    WiFi, online leaderboards.

    Compatibility with the Legends Arcade cabinet.


    I think to get people to buy a new flashback it should offer something more than the old one. I saw a handful of people pass on the woodgrain portable last season for that reason. we bought the X because of the form factor. Its more like the mini units out nowadays. I think you should continue down that road, but add something new.

    I wouldn't mind a colecovision and intellivison mini flashback like the X was, either.


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  11. Looks like I already screwed it up. I was up late watching the neighborhood and did that pack trying to stay awake. I zipped up the leftover crap and uploaded that by mistake. 

    If you downloaded it, delete the three new game packs. They are in settings/game_packs/. Delete (556) special_pack, (741) digdugnate_pack and (1119) draxxon_pack.

    Here is the right file.


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  12. please share pictures when youre finished. also, im sure you can still use the art pack here with your project.
    Ive had two people reach out and tell me they used the artpack for a retroarch setup and the naming was already done. Although, the thumbnails for the AFB units are small, im not sure I would want to use them personally.


    A.T.A.R.I. v1.1 Update


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  13. you would only be able to update via otg cable if you have already done the official at games update with the android tool and opening the system.

    my guess is its a usb2.0 device and slow, try doing the update with a 3.0 device. or try the 2.0 device over and over until it works.

    If its a 3.0 device, try a fresh update file download. make sure its named "atari_update.img" 

    make sure its on the root of the device. make sure the device is plugged in before you power the system on.

    Can the CFW be flashed to the system the hard way? (Opening it up and holding the recovery button and using the android tool?)


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  14. Here is a pack of game folders. These have all been renamed to work, side loaded the old way thru the SD Card or EXT. USB Drive side menu option.
    Included is Frosted Froggies renamed AFB9/P/X 529 game pack, smokemonster's 603 game pack, 1G1R (one game one rom) pack 661, no-intro set 703, dataghost pack 756, Arenafoot's AFB Portable pack 1001, Atarimania Collection 1196 and a Hack & Homebrew pack of 3731.

    You could combine the Atarimania pack and Homebrew pack for a 5700+ game folder if you wanted to, but don't go larger than that. Around 6~7000 games in the list and the console will fail to boot.



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