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  1. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.13 Here are the rest of the Lutro games. They seem to be mostly broken for various reasons. Anyways, here they are if someone that knows more than me wants to try and get them to work. lutro.rar
  2. Sorry I missed this. V.0.9.0 was the last full base version that was uploaded (In post #310 on page 13). Start there. There were four or maybe more patch updates after it that have to be added on.
  3. I have worked at arcades. The biggest one was Aladdin's Castle in Springfield, Illinois. It was owned by Namco at the time. It created some complications in my Pro Tekken career. My paychecks were from Namco. I technically worked for Namco. I have tons of awesome and crazy stories. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For anyone that thinks they arent smart enough to work in an arcade, you can. Most of your day is going to be vacuuming, cleaning screens, fixing token and ticket jams, etc. Once you have done it for awhile, you learn more, like swapping joysticks and buttons and redemption (Collecting the tokens from the machines). Monitors were not an everyday thing people worked on. And once you have a firm grasp on how it all works you will figure out which games have a broken coin meter or no meter at all. Or you learn to disconnect the meter and you take all the tokens out and sell them to people coming into the arcade. Jungle Jive instantly comes to mind as there are a shit ton of coins not locked up for gameplay and there are notoriously NO coin meters in this game.
  4. By now, emulation itself feels so old. I mean, I was in college in 1997 and remember playing NES on nesticle in the computer labs (along with a 15-pin sidewinder controller) and blowing peoples minds. (And getting kicked out of the lab a lot.) Looking up from the back of the lab and seeing one screen with castlevania playing must have been like magic. Over the years people have come to love it or hate on it for various reasons. There are Pro and Cons, and we all know what they are. So, I get both sides of the argument. This is what I will add. When it comes to the "original hardware is best" argument, I feel like I have personally "been there, done that". I don't even need a CRT monitor. I want to play the new/current/modern version on my living room tv. Even if its inferior. I want to experience ALL of gaming, as it is happening. But, like i said, emulation itself is so old now that its everywhere. It not the hot new thing in 1997 anymore. What has been fun is watching emulation from the old days go from not very accurate to very accurate. I think watching the time gap from a systems release to its emulators release is interesting too. Seeing it go from a thing that computer/gamer nerds did to bootleg games to being used inside classic mini consoles nowadays kind of blows my mind.
  5. So, those games need a newer version of stella emulator to work. To run a game with the later stella emulator use the extension .26a.gme (instead of .a26.gme) but be warned, this little system struggles to run newer stella so they will run a little slow. And, to be honest, they run a whole lot better on a RetroN77. Here is AFB9 vs AFBX w/ overclock vs R77. (The flicker error is in my capture device and not the game).
  6. Well obviously I want Primal Rage Recharged, lol, but I'm pretty sure WB owns that. Combat Recharged for me, please. But, I don't own a VCS... so.... Steam it is. Cool art, BTW.
  7. It would be cool if that faux cart was a flashdrive or a passthru for a usb or SD Card slot. One thing I noticed tho is the AFBX "cart port" is a super shiny black. If you try to clean it, it shows scratches pretty easily. I have to wonder how those faux carts are mounted. Double stick tape? I personally don't want to mar my system for a 3d printed block.
  8. does your system have a reset hole on the bottom? If there is no reset button hole on the bottom of your system, you HAVE to do the official update with android tools and a pc first to get OTG support. The official update is a PITA, I think I did it on a Windows XP machine. An old ass MAME machine was the only PC in the house that "Found one loader device".
  9. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.12 Console section update. I tried a few games and they worked with no button mapping need, then I tried a few more and only the A, B, and C buttons were not recognized??? snes.rar
  10. Legends Flashback Ultimate V.0.7.11 ***Before you apply this update DELETE your /favs folder from your card. This Update will fix the Import Favorites Button in the Universal Favorites Section. There are also some updates for the Console Section. Have Fun. LUFv7.11.rar
  11. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.10 StellaView Update. I tried these long ago and remember cool Japanese versions of games I never got to play as a kid like BS Excitebike and a SN Zelda 1 Remake. I also remember trying them another time and all I got was the same overworld map menu in Japanese at the beginning of every title (is this the BIOS screen?). Well, this is the latter, overworld map menu. I just don't know enough about these versions yet so I'm looking to you guys for help. I tried a couple different cores. This is the core that has the clicking sound (Snes9X). That said, I found some more cores. They are in this update. We should really start experimenting and seeing what works best for each system, IMO. LUFBv7.10.rar
  12. So, I have some stuff in here I actually want to play now. Are you guys having more fun with your Legends Flashback yet? I know not everything runs perfect, but that rewind button is pretty handy.
  13. before im guessing bin+cue ran with gen+gx, now .bin it is set up for picodrive, i think. I found some sound issues with the bin+cues, chd seemed better, but TG-CD is already using the .chd extension. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.9 SufamiTurbo Update. LUFv7.9.rar
  14. Now some questions so I know how to proceed. Can we get OTG support on this device? Can we increase the 32GB SD Card capacity? Has anyone had any luck with Playstation .pbp files? What format should we use for Sega-CD? TG-CD is using .chd already. (CHD seems best for both from my testing. Has anyone else tested various CD game file types?) Use the PicoDrive or Gen+GX emulator for Sega-CD games? Which emulator is better for NES playability? .dat (built in) or .nes (added roms)? Has anyone tried the Vectrex, DOS Box, Amiga, C64, etc. cores? Any idea what the audio settings and sample rates do in the retroplayer.ini files? Do we have a sound guy around here? Here are some examples of sound settings: (Can we clean up sound emulation with these settings?) [Global] AudioSample=150 (Atari FBs) AudioSample=2048 (Legends FBs) [sf2ce.zip] mame2003-plus_sample_rate=22050 [AudioType] HomeRun.a26=2 [Pitfall.a26] AudioLatency=100
  15. Thank you again, Sir. Thanks for sticking with it and helping out. I appreciate you. Ok so, V5 was still using the A800 ports for "A5200" games. V6 got the actual .a52 ROMs. The last update tells the emulator to run the games in A5200 mode. This update maps the keys. X button is the on screen keyboard. Use it to start games. ("STA" Key is Start, "EKB" Key is Exit On Screen Keyboard.) Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.8 a52.rar
  16. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.8 Here is your console section update. Thank you again to BartMan for the game descriptions. nes.rar
  17. Legends Flashback V.0.7.7 Atari 5200 Update patch. Thank you Mr. Harry for finding this error. a52.rar
  18. V5 in post #126 is 1GB. I will check on A5200, probably got lifted from the NEXUS project w/o the data folder.
  19. there are two sets of games. built in ones you can play free offline and an arcadenet set that costs a monthly subscription, but you can add whatever you want to the unit for free with fan made add on packs. It is HDMI as far as the core system I got.
  20. I tied them all on the LFB. You can play black onyx, death race and Victory SCE on it, but you must need the other buttons on the AFBs. There was some talk about rebuilding cores to get a second action button working. So maybe leave those few in for now so we can test with them in the possible future. Turbo still wouldn't let me pass the Skill Level Select even on the LFB. It might be possible to get death race working by swapping the action buttons in the KeyMapping. I'll check it out later today. I played Victory SCE on the LFB a little. One button was shoot, and one was shield+doomsday bombs IIRC. Maybe we can get shoot mapped to the P1 Fire button.
  21. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.6 This is an IntelliVision update. These 25 games are NES-On-A-Chip versions from the TV Plug & Play Unit. Somewhat similar to the Atari Flashback 1 games. They seem to be decent ports so far compared to the abysmal AFB 1 NES-OAC ports. Astrosmash played fine, different, but fine. It is also kind of nice to just fire up a game and play it readily with the P1 controller. iv.rar
  22. Changing them to subset 1 and 2 gives us more option as far as sorting, but if someone imports favorites when we are all said and done those sets wont make sense. I think it may be better to leave it as console and arcade for now. I was looking into CV games a bit more. Front Line and Victory have Standard Controller Edition (SCE) versions. Victory SCE had brackets in the file name thats why it wouldnt work. It also seems the standard and SCE versions were swapped. Here is another cv patch to fix it. You may want to delete both of the old sets of Victory and Victory SCE from your SD Card if you don't want dead/doubled files. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.5 cv.rar
  23. Okay that update above has some issues. Don't use it. I got Victory SCE and Frontline SCE firing up. I've never played these so I have no idea about the controls or if they are "working" properly or not. I was working on this and the LUFB pack at the same time. It was the first time I worked both packs at once, I got a little screwed up. This pack uses the LUFB pack as a base and I removed the non working games mentioned here. There is a handful of Adult games brought back that were previously cut out. The Bustin' Out series and Strip Poker. There may be others. I should point out that, until we solve the riddle of a second action button, some of these games may fire up but still be unplayable. ***DELETE YOUR /rom_cv FOLDER from your flash drive and REPLACE IT with this one below. Let me know how it goes. rom_cv.rar
  24. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.4 (Update Only) Small ColecoVision Patch. Super Game Module games and some other non-working games were removed. There was a space in the file name for Final Test Cartridge so you will have doubles of that. Remove the set that has the space in it. Here is a list of what else was removed if you want to manually go into your /cv folder and delete the rom and box art files. Zombie Near Turbo Tunnels & Trolls Super Space Acer Snake (Schlange) Princess Quest Pong Fantasy Cookie Monster Munch Amazing Snake cv.rar
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