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  1. That explains it. Don’t know much about MSX. Thanks!
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255108416986?hash=item3b65a585da:g:sOgAAOSwjP5hJlzL If this turns out to be something real and I miss out because of this post, that’s that. But what the hell is it? Doesn’t look like any Aquarius cart I’ve ever seen, nor cassette.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Burgertime-Snafu-4K-16K-Aquarius-Home-Computer-System-Mattel-Electronics-Sealed-/124866135459?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 Aquarius lot with sealed BurgerTime. A bit pricy at $200, but they allow offers, if anyone wants to give it a go.
  4. Ah, alright. I’ve got a couple of D&Ds already. Thanks anyway.
  5. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/spelcomputers-en-games/spelcomputers-overige/m1739191834-werkende-aquarius-spelcomputer-met-games-expander-en-cass.html?previousPage=lr Aquarius authentic 32K Memory cart in this lot if anyone has a method of ordering from the site.
  6. Well… if you can somehow justify the incredibly high asking price… or convince the seller to sell separately, there’s a loose Aquarius Melody Chase in here. https://www.ebay.it/itm/324675639382?hash=item4b982d1856:g:Q3sAAOSwcNhgxjs8
  7. Yep, I made that one. I’d love to advertise it here but I’m not going to try to take the focus away from the Intellivision discord server. Perhaps the Intellivision server could have a channel for the Aquarius?
  8. Intv is not my area of expertise... is the red stripe variant hard to come by? I’ve got a boxed one I got for cheap years ago but it doesn’t work.
  9. Thanks for letting me know about this book. Will add it in the next version. Some of these books are just incredibly difficult to find! Never seen this one for sale in particular.
  10. I'll make a thread here with the dump once it's made. I'd love to see a better dump of Disco Fever. That tape has managed to evade my collecting for the past few years unfortunately. I believe it's one of 4(?) Add-On releases I'm missing at this point.
  11. Thanks! It looks very interesting, I’ll have to give it a download. I need to figure out what to do with this tape, I suppose I can put it in there as a Homebrew, but my bet is this is the only copy of the tape remaining. Also, I took a look at some info posted in the comments. I gathered some info about dumping Aquarius tapes, so with that I should be able to finally dump the Diamond Mine cassette! I’ll try to do that this weekend.
  12. I'm nearing full completion of the Aquarius collection (at least in terms of cartridges and hardware), so I would absolutely want to track him down, if anything to gather more information about the items. Have you got any info to get us started by chance?
  13. No, we don't actually. Well, now that I think about it, perhaps a column that states whether or not a particular cassette has been seen before could be a good addition? What do you think? A large majority of the cassettes on the list haven't been seen, but were still included in case.
  14. Thanks for letting me know, I'll add them when I get a chance. It's a shame these tapes have been practically lost to time.
  15. Yeah, pretty nice setup. Some rare documentation too. I don’t have that documentation, but I can’t justify taking an extended basic from someone just for it. If you really want an Extended Basic, whole lots like this are pretty much the only way you can get it. The last three extended basic carts including this one were all in lots with hardware and other software. One in January 2020 iirc which came with the computer and a bunch of software. Believe stupus grabbed that one if I recall. One in December that I grabbed, came with a Kronos computer and Finform and fileform, and finally this cart. I would go for it if you have the spare cash, they aren’t exactly common. If this one had a box... I’d be throwing more cash at it than I care to admit.
  16. Don’t have an account myself and I already have the extended basic, so here's a good lot: https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/computers-en-software/vintage-computers/m1676681318-aquarius-computer.html?previousPage=lr
  17. RetroAchievements uses the LibRetro API (https://www.libretro.com/). Supported multi-emulators are RetroArch, and RA's own RALibRetro. The libretro project creates 'cores' based off of pre-existing emulators. Aquarius support isn't available because no one has made an Aquarius core for libretro. If someone were to create an Aquarius core, and if it had it's memory exposed, then RetroAchievements would be fully capable of supporting the system. I would do it myself, but I'm lacking in knowledge to do such a thing. On the other point, thanks for the info about the possibility of saving high scores on real hardware! Sounds a bit annoying to have to patch the old games, but if that's what has to happen, then it sounds good to me.
  18. The achievements for Cloudy Mountain have already been created by another user. If you're interested in trying to earn the achievements yourself, you can make an account on the site. Once you've made an account, go to: https://retroachievements.org/download.php Download one of the emulators there, either RetroArch, or RALibRetro. They'll allow you to sign into RetroAchievements (if on RetroArch then through the options menu, if on RALibRetro it asks to log you in on boot up), then you can install a core. A core is essentially the emulator itself. RA supports multiple systems, so each core represents a specific system. Download an Intellivision core through RetroArch or RALibRetro, then you can use any Intellivision rom to play it. RA does not provide roms, so you'll have to grab one yourself. If you want to know how to make achievements for other Intellivision games, follow the steps above, except download specifically RALibRetro. It has special tools built-in to make achievements with. It involves searching for memory addresses, and then using them to code achievements. It sounds a bit complex but it isn't that bad once you learn the tools. You can learn more about them using RA's developer wiki: https://docs.retroachievements.org/Developer-docs/ I'd highly recommend joining RA's discord server: https://discord.gg/dq2E4hE The community is very active and there's plenty of people to help with achievement coding, or RetroAchievements in general. Hope this explained everything!
  19. I dev on RetroAchievements, and the way it works there is that RA's supported emulators monitor the game's memory, and based on user-made code, an achievement will trigger when 1 or more specified addresses is equal to, less than, or above a specified value. For example, if an achievement says, 'Reach 10,000 Score' then the emulator will monitor the address that represents score, and if it reaches 10,000 or higher, then the achievement triggers. I would say the best way to accomplish this, if possible, is have it monitor the memory of the Aquarius. I'm not sure of the technical parts for the Aquarius though as I said.
  20. That's a really cool idea. I'm not entirely sure about the technical aspects of that, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable here could provide some info? @jaybird3rd perhaps?
  21. RetroAchievements is a community run site that adds achievements to retro games through emulators, for those of you who haven't heard of it. I've just noticed they added support for the Intellivision. Figured it was worth bringing up here. So far, people have made achievements for 4 intellivision games, those being AD&D Cloudy Mountain, Treasure of Tarmin, Ice Trek, and Astrosmash. It's entirely community run, so any of you could even make your own achievements for Intellivision games using their tools. https://retroachievements.org/ (site homepage) https://retroachievements.org/gameList.php?c=45 (Specifically Intellivision) Unfortunately for the Aquarius brotherhood there's no Aquarius support yet though.
  22. Yeah, many of the cassettes have their own CCI and Add-on variants. I haven't been able to get my hands on all of them personally. Strangely enough, I've just checked and each of my own Games Pack tapes are the Add-On variants, so I'm not entirely sure why the add-on variants haven't been included. They'll be included in the next sheet, though I don't have Games Pack 4 to check if it has an add-on variant as well. Interestingly enough, my Postman Pot tape is branded on the art by Add-On, yet the tape itself is CCI. Now, on any other system I would say, oh well the seller must've combined a loose tape and a loose case, but Aquarius Cassettes aren't exactly common. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has a Postman Pot like this? I do believe many of the tapes have these variants, unfortunately the tapes don't come up very often. I'd be interested in compiling a list of the CCI variants, as from what I've seen the Add-on variants are more common. None of my tapes are CCI branded except for the Postman Pot oddity, in which the tape is CCI and the art is Add-on. If any other collectors here could let me know which, if any, of their tapes are CCI, I would like to add them to the list. I always chose to exclude these as I count them as part of the hardware; they're included with them. A Radofin data recorder will include the Radofin international manual. Would people rather me add them separately? On a separate note, this comment got me to remember that the list is actually missing standard Radofin versions of the Data Recorder and Mini-Expander. It includes the Kronos Europea and Arabic versions, as well as the Mattel versions, but not the standard, multi-language versions. I'll have to add them.
  23. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mattel-Aquarius-4110-Vintage-Home-Computer-not-working/114712057305?hash=item1ab55f15d9:g:0~AAAOSwVJBgP6LA So what's up with this Aquarius? Serial number is seemingly missing, it's not working, there's a hole cut out of the case and a chip is visible from the front. Certainly something is noteworthy about it because it's got 4 bids, but I'm at a bit of a loss here. Wouldn't really matter if I did know because they don't ship to the US, but has anyone got an idea about it?
  24. Thank you! That info will be added in the next version of the sheets. The homebrew library for the Aquarius is so small that I felt adding the ‘unofficial’ releases wouldn’t be an issue. I’ll add those as well. Agreed, need these.
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