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  1. 12 minutes ago, Lathe26 said:

    Regarding the 4-color printers:

    1. Have you considered opening up the printers to take photos of the circuitry inside?  I'd be curious if any particular company is listed on the circuit board.
    2. Have you thought about photographing or scanning in the manual?  There is already a PDF available but some of the pages are in the wrong order and half of the pages don't have visible page numbers to (i.e. it's hard to figure out the correct order of pages).

    Hi, I’ll see about opening them both up this weekend. I’ll post pictures of the boards in this thread.


    In regards to scanning the manual, I believe the PDF you’d be referring to is the one I made of my first unit’s manual, as I don’t believe anyone else made a scan. I wasn’t aware it had pages out of order and/or missing. Fortunately, this new unit has a new manual that seems to be in much better shape. I’ll scan it again, but it’s quite long so it may take me a while.

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  2. Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve published a new revision of the spreadsheet, but unfortunately it’s not quite ready. In the meantime, I have some interesting, and possibly unfortunate to some, new additions.



    First, the 4-Color Printer. In an incredible turn of events I’ve acquired two of these units. The unexpected part however, is that I’ve uncovered a new variant. This makes me wonder just how many of these units were produced and what Radofin’s stance on the Aquarius was. Notice the difference in plugs. The two units have completely different power sources, and were clearly manufactured for seperate regions. One has a standard US plug, the other has a European plug. The US plug unit was acquired from a US auction, the European plug was acquired from a UK auction. These aren’t adaptors, they’re built into the unit. So, two 4-Color Printer variants are now known. There are no noticeable differences between the two other than power.




    Secondly, two new variants for software. A Radofin variant of Biorythms, which I don’t believe has been seen before (let me know if it has). Additionally a new Zero-In variant. A blank box variant, and a variant with a front label.



    Lastly, I wanted to give a new look at the Aquarius Store Demonstration Cart. The box matches that of what Radofin used for later releases, such as Chess and Zero-In, suggesting this cart may have been made by Radofin. However, the cart shell used was branded Mattel Electronics, so it’s anyone’s guess who actually produced this. I’m guessing Mattel also used similar boxes to Radofin’s, and that they produced it. Thanks for reading. As always if anyone has new info to share please post! A new revision of the spreadsheet will be released soon.

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  3. Massive pickup!


    but… holy hell this wasn’t cheap. New record for how much I’ve spent on an Aquarius lot.


    In any case:


    4-Color Printer (my second one)

    Zero-In (my second one and the variant I was missing)

    CHESS! - One cart left. CIB chess obtained.


    CIB Extended Basic to replace my loose one.

    Previously unseen paperwork

    Radofin variant of Burgertime and Biorythms




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  4. 4 hours ago, Zendocon said:

    I got onto Discord about a year ago, and I had searched for "Intellivision" but didn't find this server until now.  I know there's a server out there for "Aquarius Computer", where there was a little discussion about the Intellivision ECS at one point.

    Yep, I made that one. I’d love to advertise it here but I’m not going to try to take the focus away from the Intellivision discord server. Perhaps the Intellivision server could have a channel for the Aquarius?

  5. 3 hours ago, mvdsteenoven said:

    TLC is The Lisp Company, the Logo variant used on Aquarius. This book is about learning Logo, but much more technical. 




    Thanks for letting me know about this book. Will add it in the next version. Some of these books are just incredibly difficult to find! Never seen this one for sale in particular.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, sixersfan105 said:

    I agree that there's a good chance this tape is the last remaining House of Terrors, and there likely were only a few to begin with. Thank goodness the community was able to digitize it for preservation and enjoyment for all!


    Oh wow, that would be amazing if you could dump Diamond Mine! Definitely keep us posted on your progress. I know we could also use a better dump of Disco Fever, something I've been meaning to try to do. 

    I'll make a thread here with the dump once it's made. I'd love to see a better dump of Disco Fever. That tape has managed to evade my collecting for the past few years unfortunately. I believe it's one of 4(?) Add-On releases I'm missing at this point.

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  7. On 4/7/2021 at 1:31 AM, sixersfan105 said:

    Here's a new one for you, @EdgeOfPortal. There was much chatter over the past 24 hours on the Aquarius Facebook group about a previously unknown Aquarius cassette game: House of Terrors. It's quite advanced and appears to have been a homebrew of sorts from 1986 and requires 16K and a hand controller. The creator, Tjerk André, joined the Facebook group today after someone contacted him privately to let him know that his game was recently discovered. Apparently he wrote several games for the Aquarius. Here's the link to the most recent post about it (I believe it's a public group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/aquariuscomputer/permalink/2775282722802067/


    Pretty amazing stuff!

    Thanks! It looks very interesting, I’ll have to give it a download. I need to figure out what to do with this tape, I suppose I can put it in there as a Homebrew, but my bet is this is the only copy of the tape remaining.


    Also, I took a look at some info posted in the comments. I gathered some info about dumping Aquarius tapes, so with that I should be able to finally dump the Diamond Mine cassette! I’ll try to do that this weekend.

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  8. 10 hours ago, Andrew Davie said:

    It's possible I had some documents that mentioned these, and I included them in the list of what was made.

    In any case, I really did send *everything* to the buyer. Why not track him down?


    I'm nearing full completion of the Aquarius collection (at least in terms of cartridges and hardware), so I would absolutely want to track him down, if anything to gather more information about the items. Have you got any info to get us started by chance?

  9. 2 hours ago, sixersfan105 said:

    Do we have any proof that they actually exist, though? Because we've seen ads before (and catalog inclusions for actual ordering) for Aquarius games that never saw an actual release, including Lock 'n' Chase, Sea Battle and Reversi (Montgomery Ward catalog (US) with catalog number, pricing, and ordering details) as well as Sea Battle and Lock 'n' Chase in the Dutch user club in 1986. 

    No, we don't actually. Well, now that I think about it, perhaps a column that states whether or not a particular cassette has been seen before could be a good addition? What do you think? A large majority of the cassettes on the list haven't been seen, but were still included in case.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Intelligentleman said:

    Yep, nice setup. Would be a good way to get started with the computer with one single purchase. I'd like an extended Basic cart.

    Yeah, pretty nice setup. Some rare documentation too. I don’t have that documentation, but I can’t justify taking an extended basic from someone just for it. If you really want an Extended Basic, whole lots like this are pretty much the only way you can get it. The last three extended basic carts including this one were all in lots with hardware and other software. One in January 2020 iirc which came with the computer and a bunch of software. Believe stupus grabbed that one if I recall. One in December that I grabbed, came with a Kronos computer and Finform and fileform, and finally this cart. I would go for it if you have the spare cash, they aren’t exactly common. If this one had a box... I’d be throwing more cash at it than I care to admit.

  11. 11 hours ago, jaybird3rd said:

    I'm not familiar with RetroAchievements, but if it can already monitor in-memory score changes, and if it supports MAME, it sounds as if it wouldn't be difficult to implement for the Aquarius as well.  Support for Aquarius emulation in MAME has improved considerably in recent releases, and it should be simple to identify the score locations in memory for different Aquarius games.


    Being able to save and re-load high scores is definitely a cool idea, but it would require patching the original games to support that feature.  Coincidentally, my design for the SuperCart II (the successor to the cartridge board used in the Aquaricart) will include an EEPROM for saving small amounts of permanent game data in the cartridge, including high score tables.  I had intended to support it in some new Aquarius games that I have planned, but theoretically, it should be possible to patch some of the old games to be able to reload their high scores from the EEPROM.  Not all Aquarius games keep track of the player's high score (as a separate value from the current score), but for those that do, it might be a fun project to try.

    RetroAchievements uses the LibRetro API (https://www.libretro.com/). Supported multi-emulators are RetroArch, and RA's own RALibRetro. The libretro project creates 'cores' based off of pre-existing emulators. Aquarius support isn't available because no one has made an Aquarius core for libretro. If someone were to create an Aquarius core, and if it had it's memory exposed, then RetroAchievements would be fully capable of supporting the system. I would do it myself, but I'm lacking in knowledge to do such a thing.

    On the other point, thanks for the info about the possibility of saving high scores on real hardware! Sounds a bit annoying to have to patch the old games, but if that's what has to happen, then it sounds good to me.

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