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  1. The achievements for Cloudy Mountain have already been created by another user. If you're interested in trying to earn the achievements yourself, you can make an account on the site. Once you've made an account, go to: https://retroachievements.org/download.php Download one of the emulators there, either RetroArch, or RALibRetro. They'll allow you to sign into RetroAchievements (if on RetroArch then through the options menu, if on RALibRetro it asks to log you in on boot up), then you can install a core. A core is essentially the emulator itself. RA supports multiple systems, so each core represents a specific system. Download an Intellivision core through RetroArch or RALibRetro, then you can use any Intellivision rom to play it. RA does not provide roms, so you'll have to grab one yourself. If you want to know how to make achievements for other Intellivision games, follow the steps above, except download specifically RALibRetro. It has special tools built-in to make achievements with. It involves searching for memory addresses, and then using them to code achievements. It sounds a bit complex but it isn't that bad once you learn the tools. You can learn more about them using RA's developer wiki: https://docs.retroachievements.org/Developer-docs/ I'd highly recommend joining RA's discord server: https://discord.gg/dq2E4hE The community is very active and there's plenty of people to help with achievement coding, or RetroAchievements in general. Hope this explained everything!
  2. I dev on RetroAchievements, and the way it works there is that RA's supported emulators monitor the game's memory, and based on user-made code, an achievement will trigger when 1 or more specified addresses is equal to, less than, or above a specified value. For example, if an achievement says, 'Reach 10,000 Score' then the emulator will monitor the address that represents score, and if it reaches 10,000 or higher, then the achievement triggers. I would say the best way to accomplish this, if possible, is have it monitor the memory of the Aquarius. I'm not sure of the technical parts for the Aquarius though as I said.
  3. That's a really cool idea. I'm not entirely sure about the technical aspects of that, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable here could provide some info? @jaybird3rd perhaps?
  4. RetroAchievements is a community run site that adds achievements to retro games through emulators, for those of you who haven't heard of it. I've just noticed they added support for the Intellivision. Figured it was worth bringing up here. So far, people have made achievements for 4 intellivision games, those being AD&D Cloudy Mountain, Treasure of Tarmin, Ice Trek, and Astrosmash. It's entirely community run, so any of you could even make your own achievements for Intellivision games using their tools. https://retroachievements.org/ (site homepage) https://retroachievements.org/gameList.php?c=45 (Specifically Intellivision) Unfortunately for the Aquarius brotherhood there's no Aquarius support yet though.
  5. Yeah, many of the cassettes have their own CCI and Add-on variants. I haven't been able to get my hands on all of them personally. Strangely enough, I've just checked and each of my own Games Pack tapes are the Add-On variants, so I'm not entirely sure why the add-on variants haven't been included. They'll be included in the next sheet, though I don't have Games Pack 4 to check if it has an add-on variant as well. Interestingly enough, my Postman Pot tape is branded on the art by Add-On, yet the tape itself is CCI. Now, on any other system I would say, oh well the seller must've combined a loose tape and a loose case, but Aquarius Cassettes aren't exactly common. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has a Postman Pot like this? I do believe many of the tapes have these variants, unfortunately the tapes don't come up very often. I'd be interested in compiling a list of the CCI variants, as from what I've seen the Add-on variants are more common. None of my tapes are CCI branded except for the Postman Pot oddity, in which the tape is CCI and the art is Add-on. If any other collectors here could let me know which, if any, of their tapes are CCI, I would like to add them to the list. I always chose to exclude these as I count them as part of the hardware; they're included with them. A Radofin data recorder will include the Radofin international manual. Would people rather me add them separately? On a separate note, this comment got me to remember that the list is actually missing standard Radofin versions of the Data Recorder and Mini-Expander. It includes the Kronos Europea and Arabic versions, as well as the Mattel versions, but not the standard, multi-language versions. I'll have to add them.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mattel-Aquarius-4110-Vintage-Home-Computer-not-working/114712057305?hash=item1ab55f15d9:g:0~AAAOSwVJBgP6LA So what's up with this Aquarius? Serial number is seemingly missing, it's not working, there's a hole cut out of the case and a chip is visible from the front. Certainly something is noteworthy about it because it's got 4 bids, but I'm at a bit of a loss here. Wouldn't really matter if I did know because they don't ship to the US, but has anyone got an idea about it?
  7. Thank you! That info will be added in the next version of the sheets. The homebrew library for the Aquarius is so small that I felt adding the ‘unofficial’ releases wouldn’t be an issue. I’ll add those as well. Agreed, need these.
  8. Thanks for pinning the thread! Enough new info has been added/changed to the sheet that v2.5 is ready for release. This version will be available right on this post, and additionally on the first post of the thread as well. This will be true for all future versions of the list as well. If you have new information to add to the sheet, please let me know here and it will be added in the next version! The list now consists of 77 cassette tapes, 33 cartridges (incl. variants), 16 hardware (incl. variants), 15 literature items, and 4 bundles. Changelog: -Added programmer info for Diamond Mine -Removed Zorgon's Kingdom (Special thanks to sixersfan105 for solving this one) -Added Bomb Catcher II from Cronosoft/Roy Templeman -Corrected Roy Templeman's name (Sorry about that!) -Added 'Keral' variant of Aquarius I computer. Aquarius Computer Collecting List v2.5.xlsx
  9. It was a total pain in the ass to get my hands on! However, that being said, if you do enough searching, you'll eventually get one! Check out international ebay sites.
  10. Got in a lot from Italy today! Bought it back in December but it's been stuck in USPS. Was getting increasingly worried they lost it. Thankfully, they didn't. Anyway, among the lot was some Kronos Europea hardware, a couple Radofin variants, but let's just go straight to the highlight. It's an Extended Basic! There wasn't a box included in the lot, but I'm not going to complain about that. Secondly, it also included the Italian catalog, which I've been looking for. Missing just two cartridges now.
  11. I’m just joking around, don’t worry about it. There are however 8 watchers so it’s probably going to be a battle of the wallets.
  12. Now now, let's not get any crazy ideas about bidding on sealed Aquarius printer paper that is missing from my collection.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mattel-Aquarius-game-cassette-pac-mr-rare/363290759433?hash=item5495d11109:g:pr4AAOSw9jNgJlLc Aquarius Pac-mr cassette on eBay right now. They don’t come up all too often, but the price could be a bit lower in my opinion.
  14. Welcome to the Aquarius! For starters, assuming the data recorder isn’t missing it’s cable, you can actually load cassettes to your Aquarius from a modern computer. Original cassettes are quite hard to find, so if you’re looking to play them, I’d recommend loading them from your computer. On the collecting side of things, retail US software and hardware is pretty common, and shouldn’t be much of an issue to acquire. It should be mentioned that all cartridges were in fact available in the US, but some only through mail order. These are the cartridges that will give you trouble. Zero-In, Melody Chase, Chess, Space Speller, Extended Basic, and an original 32K memory cartridge. If you get into collecting Aquarius, be prepared to spend quite a bit of money, and a lot of time searching. However, as you mentioned you bought the Aquaricart and Jay’s excellent 32K memory cart, these really aren’t necessary if you’re not collecting. The Aquaricart includes each of the cartridges I mentioned, and his 32K is more reliable and easy to come by. Still, I’ve attached an Aquarius Collecting list I made that I believe is the most complete out there. Enjoy your new Aquarius, hopefully this helped in some form. Aquarius Computer Collecting List 2.0.xlsx
  15. It’s a really interesting unit. If you’re interested in it, I’ve got a scan of its manual I took from my unit. It’s got some markings on some pages, but enjoy it! I believe this is the first time it’s been posted here as well. 4-Color Printer Manual.pdf
  16. In my experience ram digging on other systems, generally there are multiple memory addresses associated with lives, score and such. For example, there can be an internal life count (how many lives you actually have), and an address for what is displayed on screen. When the internal life count updates, it also updates the display address. The display address under normal circumstances can never update on its own other than if the internal life count is also updated, so updating the display address wouldn’t also affect the internal life count. So, if it works the same as other systems I’ve messed with, then my guess is you found and modified only the display address. Modifying the display address only made it appear on screen as though you had 99 lives, but in reality the internal life count was still it’s original value. So when you lost a life, the internal life count updated the display address to the actual amount. This is only a guess from other systems I’ve messed with, as I haven’t really taken a look at either the Aquarius or Intellivision ram values.
  17. Thanks! Could be a new resource for Aquarius items.
  18. what site is that if you don’t mind telling me?
  19. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-NEW-Super-Rare-Modem-Cartridge-for-Mattel-Aquarius-Home-Computers-/373435696803?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 You heard the man, it’s Super Rare! It can be yours for only $2,500.
  20. Excellent, thank you! I did indeed get that from the worthpoint listing if memory serves me right. It’ll be removed in the next version of the list. It’s good to have that solved.
  21. First off, welcome to the Aquarius community! It's great to see new people interested in the system, as it gets so little attention. I don't personally own a micro expander, and I have no intention to purchase one as I have a majority of the worldwide carts and a good number of cassettes, however as a new owner it may be in your interest. Most of the harder to find Aquarius stock is in collector's hands now, and what isn't is very expensive, so I'd really recommend Jay's Aquaricart and his 32K memory cartridge to go with it. I've got both, and they're excellently made. The 32K cartridge is what I use at all times, and the Aquaricart is an excellent catalog of software. I believe he said at one point he was interested in making a version 2 of the Aquaricart with cassettes on it, but I could be mistaken. I'd recommend getting a Data Recorder to go with your Aquarius and mini expander. It'll come in handy later on, and you'll be able to load cassettes from your pc using it's cable. Now, to go into the collecting side of things. A full Mattel set won't be too hard to accomplish. BurgerTime is the biggest challenge for the Mattel made carts, unless you include the modem, which I'd personally say is a bit harder to find. The full worldwide set is where things get difficult. The big 5 (Extended Basic, Melody Chase, Space Speller, Chess, and Zero-In) are all extraordinarily difficult to find. Many of us have been searching for years for them. They'll require a great deal of patience, and your wallet will hate you. I know mine does. Still, if you're up for the worldwide hunt it's very enjoyable to track them down. The cassettes range in difficulty, but some of them come up pretty frequently. You'll have the most luck with the hard carts and cassettes on eBay UK and Italy. Now there's also plenty of variants and such but if I put down everything I have to say about it, we'll be here for ages. I'll end this bit with a list I made of all known Aquarius Cassettes and Carts. I hope this helped! Enjoy your new Aquarius and welcome to the community! Aquarius Computer Collecting List 2.0.xlsx
  22. I’m not surprised really, it seems the Netherlands had a strong Aquarius market. The hotspots in my opinion for Aquarius were the UK, Italy, Australia, and the Netherlands.
  23. With the Aquarius, it can be tough to determine what is rarer than what, but from what I’ve seen, at least in the US, Radofin variants are very tough to find. All of my Radofin variants have come from overseas, except for one. The Radofin variants seem to be somewhat common overseas, but I’d say it’s the opposite in the US. Mattel releases of burgertime are much more common in my experience here in the states.
  24. $500 is far too steep. I’m not sure if I would even do $200 for that, seeing as the system and mini-expander are not boxed. Still, burgertime would be very good. I would aim for $175 maybe? That’s probably max I would do. I also could be wrong, but it would appear to me that the burgertime is missing some overlays, and isn’t complete. If you’re alright with that... then $175-$200 is probably ok, but it’s a bit hard placing a price on Aquarius items.
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