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  1. I can’t tell you I bought it new, but I can tell you that they were indeed released in the states. Along with my 32K Memory, I received a New Worlds sales sheet, in which the customer wrote notes about many products. They wrote down the Bentley Industries address in California, and the rest of the notes detail various things about Aquarius items they had asked Bentley about. From the notes I can tell you when this order was placed, 32K Memory, and Space Speller were available to order from Bentley. Melody Chase, Chess, Extended Basic, Zero-In are all mentioned on the sales sheet, but there’s no notes written by the customer for those, so I can’t tell you if they were available. I doubt they were ever available at a retail store though. I think it’s probably mail-order only.
  2. Looking good. (Though, I’m not sure how much the picture of actual worms fits on the front of the cassette)
  3. I figure I'd like to update this occasionally as we get new information, and try to keep it the most up to date list around. So, here's version 2.0, with some new additions. As with the other one, if you have missing info, please let me know. Enjoy. Aquarius Computer Collecting List 2.0.xlsx
  4. Are you still offering BL-Bird on cartridge? I would be interested (especially if the price mentioned in the forum is still the case.)!
  5. Bought it! Great to see new software being released for the Aquarius. I believe this is the first physical homebrew being released?
  6. ...Is it out yet? Either I'm missing it or I don't see a buy button. Never mind found it.
  7. Yeah it is. There’s a website. You might have to be on desktop for it though, not sure.
  8. I don’t think they’ve joined it yet. Stupus, if you’d like to, you could join the Aquarius Discord server.
  9. Very impressive! I’ll get there eventually...
  10. Looking for a nice condition complete in box copy of The Ooze for the Sega Genesis. PM me if you’ve got it. Thanks!
  11. I've started a Discord server for the Aquarius Computer, which you can find here: https://discord.gg/YjHfdK2 I'm not entirely sure how much attention this will get, but if anything it's an alternative to the Facebook group. If you're interested, go ahead and join!
  12. Oh man that looks good. Well, that'll be my first Intellivision homebrew.
  13. We're really doing this? We're up to 350 dollars for a Power Lords now? That is really irritating, it used to be $200. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Power-Lords-Boxed-Cartridge-w-Manual-Clean-CIB-Magnavox-Odyssey-2/233592156189?hash=item36632d701d:g:1FkAAOSw6TVewuAZ
  14. Well I own a 32X, but I don’t have any games for it, so I guess that. If we have to have at least one game, then it’ll be wonderswan (1 game), R-Zone (1 game), Tapwave Zodiac (1 game, Epoch Cassette Vision (1 game).
  15. Yeah, but they’re nice to have. I certainly wasn’t planning on typing them out myself that’s for sure. I also hadn’t seen the Dutch manual, so that was interesting. At some point though I need to type out the programs in my Jouez Avec Aquarius book, as I don’t think those came with this deal.
  16. Oh! just got the email. Ok, I'll take a look at that now
  17. Yeah. I bought it but I'm still waiting. Did you get it by email or Ebay messages?
  18. Could you let me know what all it includes? In terms of cassettes and scanned in materials.
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mattel-Aquarius-Type-in-Programs-through-an-emulator-Digital-Download-1-00/133405393129?hash=item1f0f94c0e9:g:p2QAAOSw2sJetSuw I suppose for convenience sake this isn’t all that bad, but it’s an interesting bin.
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