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  1. Yep! But it looks like GameStop has other colors up as well (for example, graphite black). There’s no listings for any Amico consoles on the retailers I mentioned.
  2. Doesn’t look like it’s at any other retailers at the moment. Only GameStop. I checked Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, hell even Toys R’ Us.
  3. Have you considered a version of this for the 1983 Aquarius Computer?
  4. Ah, that's right. Didn't even think about that. Would still be interesting to try though.
  5. Hmmm... makes me wonder if an Aquarius and about 10 mini expanders would still function well. I can't try it though. I only own 2 mini expanders.
  6. The Aquarius may be great and it is my favorite system to collect for, but I think you’re forgetting something...
  7. Tommy, I have a few questions from a collecting standpoint. I'm not sure if these have been asked before, as this thread has been going on for 526 pages, but here they are: 1. Out of the Amico library, just how many games will have physical releases? 2. Will physical releases vary in price based on the game, contents etc? 3. Will there be releases similar in style to "collectors edition" or "Limited Editions"? 4. Will physical releases have a standard for how many copies are produced? With modern consoles such as the switch and ps4, the minimum order quanitity vary in the low 1000s, so some games can be quite difficult to get. I guess what I'm asking is, will physical releases be easy to obtain?
  8. Not jay but there’s someone on eBay UK who frequently sells custom “micro expanders”. They allow you to use a USB drive with the Aquarius.
  9. These things are awful to store in a visually pleasing manner unless you go for CIB which is extremely expensive and takes a very long time to find certain boxes. The carts don't have end labels. They're just slightly too large to fit in cassette cases. They're irritating to dig through if you just have a stack of them. That being said, Game Gear is the only Sega system I have any interest in collecting for (maybe dreamcast as well but that's not the point), and I'd really like to find a visually pleasing way to store and display these cartridges. So, what does everyone else do for them?
  10. I would stick with the US Set if I were you. I spent almost 1000 dollars on Aquarius the last 4 months on trying to get the remaining worldwide hardware, cartridges, cassettes, and any books (which is saying something because that really only made up a few things.). I guess some people here with the Intellivision spend more than that in 4 months though.. Only have 3 more carts to go though, so that's good. Having a shrink-wrapped burger time is impressive on its own, by the way.
  11. no idea. but uh, if there's any Arabic Aquarius over there then let me know.
  12. Yes, were any arabic games found to exist (or add-ons for that matter.)? They also put together an arabic Aquarius Computer and matching arabic Aquarius Mini-Expander, if anyone didn't know that.
  13. Ah good news guys, he changed the asking price to $500. Finally affordable.
  14. If I had to guess, Radofin (usually they're more rare). But those were mostly released overseas and I'm in the US, so maybe most of what I see is the Mattel version.
  15. You didn’t need to show me that variant, my wallet is already dying.
  16. Yeah there's been a lot of stuff lately. I imagine thats due to people needing money because of Covid-19. I don't think it's a typo. In the description he says this is a side business he started, so I mean good luck with those prices.
  17. Wh-what? I mean its a bit rare but not $900 rare. I paid less than 75 for mine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPER-RARE-Burgertime-Mattel-Aquarius-Complete-in-the-box-Super-Clean/274330034690? Can't be a typo either as he has a tron up for 100, which he knows is worth less (Judging by the "SUPER RARE" in the BurgerTime listing)
  18. Agreed. This grading business is awful (for video games, that is), and it really has no place here. The grades don’t actual mean anything to me, since honestly saying something is bad, good, great, mint, etc. is plenty of info for me. And like someone said early you’re not even grading the inner contents. It’s pointless, and all it does is fool people into thinking something is worth more. They really ought to figure out how to check sold listings then and actually determine value. I don’t doubt that the Amico is bringing in extra attention though.
  19. But why? Someone else will have to verify that this is an actual seal but isn’t this one the same thing? https://www.ebay.com/itm/293167299344 If so then that person clearly has gone insane. That’s 800 dollars extra just for a case and a worthless grade.
  20. Very interesting interesting. Also thanks for posting this, that’s a new cassette tape to add to my list. Never heard of “One Arm Bandit” before.
  21. Outpack cassettes were Digital Output, but they definitely weren't the ones who released 32K. That was Radofin. Should have scans of that soon by the way.
  22. Really? Didn't know it couldn't. Anyway, here's some close comparisons of INTV, 2600, Aquarius:
  23. ^That's apparently a INTV screenshot from a quick google search, so I don't think it came from INTV. It looks certainly doable by Aquarius standards (the one in the catalog I mean). I haven't had much experience with INTV, most of my expertise has gone towards Aquarius, so perhaps someone more experienced with Lock N' Chase can confirm that there is no version with the orange background featured in the catalog image? No Aquarius prototype has been found yet, but many others have. For example, someone here has a Shark! prototype which we didn't even know was in development (I think it was user MattelAquarius?), and we've found multiple command console prototypes, one of which I myself own. So I think its safe to assume that there is one out there, we just haven't found it yet. Judging by what we've found for Lock N' Chase (Cover art, this possible screenshot, catalog descriptions), I think it had to have been pretty far in development.
  24. Yeah, I think I may have read that a while back. Have to say, I really like that box art! Hopefully we'll eventually find a prototype. Correct me if I'm wrong but that screenshot of Lock N' Chase in the Montgomery Ward catalog is not an Intellivision screenshot, right? It's got to be an Aquarius shot then.
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