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  1. This is likely nothing, but I feel it's worth mentioning just in case it is something. I was looking around for my info on some Aquarius titles, and I came across this catalog. Apparently it's a Christmas 1983 catalog from Montgomery Ward. They've clearly assigned each title their own retailer catalog no. and all 3 (Reversi, Lock N' Chase, and Sea Battle) are featured in the sales sheet. At first glance I think that at the very least, Sea Battle is almost definitely an Intellivision screenshot, but the other two look like they could've possibly come from an Aquarius. Anyway, I'm not sure what to think of it, but it's the first I've seen these titles actually available to order from a sales sheet.
  2. Probably my Gameboys if I’m being honest. I just don’t use them that often and I feel like I only own them because I “have to”. I have lots of obscure and unique consoles that pretty much only serve as display pieces, but I love obscure consoles so I wouldn’t get rid of any of those. So GameBoy I suppose.
  3. Yeah I can imagine! I only have about 30 intellivision games myself, all boxed.
  4. Very nice. After I finish my Aquarius collection, I may get back into Intellivision. All the variants are pretty interesting.
  5. Nope. They announced that Covid-19 only lives on cardboard for something like 24 hours. So your biggest threat is actually the person delivering the mail. Just leave the package sitting for 24 hours and you're good.
  6. Yeah, that sounds right. Wanting to figure out if anyone has them, and possibly their contents and origin.
  7. There was a listing a while back that had some games that included some sort of blue manual. Looked to be in a different language. I took a screenshot of the listing (it's long since ended). Just looking for any more info on these new manuals.
  8. Odyssey 2. It seems to match your situation pretty well. You can get a boxed system for $60 or $75 last I checked, and almost all the games are pretty inexpensive. In North America there's only around 3 really expensive games out of the 49. Games are fun too. Otherwise, Intellivision.
  9. Luckily the worst thing I’ve seen at my goodwill was just a Wii console only for $40. Not really what the post is asking as well, but I also got kind of disappointed at one point. There was a box for an HTC Vive for $10. Opened the box annnnnd... HP Printer. Disappointing, but obviously I wasn’t expecting much from that box since it was a goodwill. That’s pretty much everything interesting I’ve experienced there though apart from the usual $2 madden games.
  10. Yeah just for the games unfortunately though. I’m looking to get a protector for the system’s box. Thanks though.
  11. Agreed on listing on eBay. That’s how I found out about RetroProtection actually. And, sorry to Starwander but still haven’t gotten around to buying protectors. Haven’t been working due to Coronavirus, and any spare money has been going towards other stuff. I’ll buy 20 within the next few weeks though.
  12. What do you think the best method of disinfecting is without damaging the cosmetic shape? Just looking for advice for this.
  13. The Aquarius and how to get the most from it by Ian Sinclair. Been looking for this one for awhile, finally got it.
  14. There’s an Aquarius on eBay with a cassette from Egypt. It looks to me like an audio cassette that got thrown in but I don’t know. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F124116733450
  15. Video isn’t showing up. I believe you can just paste links and it’ll show up now.
  16. I’m personally buying about 20 tomorrow. Just hadn’t had the time to do it yet. Maybe post in the main protector topic? I thought there were a lot more people saying they’d buy some.
  17. @Starwander Are there plans for more Aquarius protectors? I mean hardware, larger boxes (Finform and logo sized).
  18. Melody Chase arrived! Very quick shipping. Interestingly enough the keyboard overlay seems to have a tiny printing error on it where it says “Melody Chase”
  19. Yeah, as a matter a fact I’ve been throwing around the idea of a full sealed r-zone set. Sounds like it wouldn’t be too bad, and it would be nice to do along side Game Gear US CIB (some of those boxed Game Gear games are really hard to find!)
  20. Huh, they really increased in price since I last checked. Great that you got one though, I actually don’t have one of my own.
  21. You’ll find one eventually. The thing about these Aquarius items is they always seem to show up many times even if it takes a few years. Plus now you’ve got one less person looking for it!
  22. I assume you mean the Melody Chase. It’s from Germany. Generally for Aquarius items I watch searches on eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Italy. Works pretty well. Saw this and for obvious reasons bought immediately. But yes, it is a very nice looking copy.
  23. Also, I ended up getting it for 240 euro with best offer so it really wasn't too bad.
  24. Yes! I decided just to give an exception for price this time just due to what it was. Now I only need 4 more carts. Thanks. Will take more photos when it arrives.
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