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  1. Thanks alot for detailed answer, i forgot to adjust my base offset for xbios area. It seems that it has something to do with I/O location which by value reported by xbios menu - gets configured to pretty random address which is often occupied my program after load. This address can be overridden in config, default one seem to be 0x03C0 which possibly can cause overlap but there is no documentation and bit too low level stuff for me unfortunately. With this xbios.cfg which should equal xbios defaults you wrote I can get program loaded but keyboard is not working at all. Without xbios.cfg, just with xbios builtin defaults is everything ok. 00000000 43 58 41 55 54 4f 52 55 4e 20 20 20 08 07 e2 02 |CXAUTORUN ....| 00000010 e0 02 00 00 00 00 ff 40 80 |[email protected]|
  2. Hello, i would like to move xbios to start on page 4 instead of default 7. My guess is that it can be done according memory layout but i just cant figure out any xbios.cfg settings which do work same as default one plus shift. Thanks.
  3. Hi, depends on definition of realtime It is tile based from hand drawn tiles.
  4. Hi, thanks. By chance i've played this one quite a bit Its controls have interesting approach but bit too gamepad driven - it would be nice to have full control on joystick/gamepad but it is not possible on stock atari joystick. I do plan more keyboard oriented way with tabbed screens with menus.
  5. Thanks alot, looks really handy. Definitely will save lot of time instead of reinventing wheel
  6. P/M graphics seems to me way too restrictive. I've already got scripts to split tiles to sections so more reasonable is use 1k more bytes for another tiles without any special low level magic involving P/M
  7. Rather single player, realtime mechanics for multiple characters would be harder to implement with keyboard only. Yep, in similar way as is already used in tech demo. Stats, some gauges maybe, quick actions menu. Depends how much space will remain in tilesets.
  8. I am aware of that that post, kinda surprising i must say Thanks alot, havent quite figured out ATR files yet.
  9. Map in case someone got lost Some kind of automap or minimap wouldnt be bad idea i guess.
  10. Basicially yes. There are more qualified people here to explain but problem is simple - you can have high resolution or colors. Having both especially with higher amount of graphics is on stock 48/64k atari difficult to do and i dont like huge blocky pixels :). At this moment i am at maybe 85-90% of usable ram.
  11. That would be nice. Though thing is that more than optimize code i need to reduce amount of it because even simple switch expression is huge(and i need lot of them). So tedious rearranging is needed, tables referencing tables etc. Otherwise performance is not that bad, uncapped game runs about 15 fps.
  12. Yes, i am planning that sooner or later. Mad pascal is definitely great to start but i dont like how pascal in general forces you to work with pointers and arrays. Also cc65 is much more flexible when bundling binary data and handling memory layout. Right now is in use 150+ files which need to be loaded to fixed memory locations to work with. Btw your new game "ADAM IS ME" looks really nice
  13. Glad you liked it, nice to see how other person plays it. Map is actually quite small but floor squares randomly rotating you (message "you are feeling dizzy") do confuse people alot it seems
  14. Thanks for trying out. Boxy outlines are kind of feature given by used text mode. Fixing it is possible but overhead on cpu would be noticeable so not really worth it i guess. That would be nice but who knows how it will end up
  15. Hi, progress so far: - redone in cc65 - optimized, double buffering - added sprites I created simple playable demo of one level - level contains 200 gold crowns in chests combined but to win you need just 100 - two enemy types(orc, rat) with different attack/movement speeds - simple stats system based on stamina and health - there are also secret buttons, ilusionary walls and spinning squares. Controls are WSAD, SPACE for attack and ENTER for action. Attacking needs 3 stamina points. You might need disable BASIC via OPTION durring powerup. game.xex
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