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  1. Is that good or not? I've quite tested monochrome version on PAL Atari with Sony CRT and artefacting was pretty acceptable. I guess there is lots of possibilities for various tricks, however this is my first Atari(and 8-bit actually too) project so I dont have much of a experience with these. Can you maybe be bit more specific? Thanks.
  2. These are fair points, will have it on mind. I cant speak for others but in my case are custom fonts purely practical thing - ~400 bytes font is in situation when is left ~1500 bytes of ram kinda luxury. There is constant need of doing things "good enough" and there is lot other gameplay improving stuff to be more worth having than fancy font.
  3. Monochrome version has its charm but it lacks possibility of differentiation objects, richer UI, scene depth etc. unfortunately. Yep, thats one of the point. Removing empty blocks around sprites would be kinda costly in terms of memory on B/W. With color mode this is much easier to be done. As you say, only that. Graphics had to be redone and there is still not used fifth color. Thanks, what is the problem with stock font?
  4. There were suggestions that monochrome graphics doesn't quite do justice to atari hardware ... So I've tried do kind of quick conversion to mode 4. It feels pretty different compared to B/W, environment clearly looks better but not so sprite graphics. What do you think? nhyrdemo_mode4.atr
  5. Hah, havent really considered commercial release, unsure I will be that persistent to make so many levels :). Mostly done in C, only little of assembly.
  6. Yes, i know it. Thats what i wanted to ask you but forgot - isnt there any way to disable BASIC in xBIOS without holding OPTION key on start? I am not very knowledgeable about OS internals so maybe it is not right question to ask ...
  7. Thats my point too. I wanted to avoid as much inputting obscure 3 letter commands or having special key for every operation etc. This is also reason I am not quite open to having specific keys. Another thing that if people see game behaving(and looking) more or less like something from advanced 16/32bit platforms, they kinda start to expect advanced platforms features - good example is hackish automapping working on 2x2 grid
  8. Depends, we have already agreed that inventory and controls are far from optimal. Objections on using items can be solved by improving UI. Other thing is that making player to try every rock in level just to make essential progress further is very bad level design decision. Thats why only places where is pick axe usage needed are clearly recognizable as obstacle. Other cases are optional and upto player to be explored or not.
  9. Locked room and only skull in it? Usable to annoy player I guess
  10. Lovely to hear. Had my doubts initially if it will be actually any fun for others but it isnt that bad it seems You are right, I guess it would be better to have it in some unified way. No, thats intentional Same as with magic barrier, most of them are not affected by Orb. Player have to figure out which one can be removed. Just wondering - did anyone found Long Sword? 🤔
  11. I am glad you enjoyed it Blinking map cursor was one of "nice to have" features I planned to do but it didnt make it to the demo. Final version is going to have it or something like this. Spent quite some time on this release and wanted to just have it out instead of infinite flow of features creeping in.
  12. I dont know much about VCS but it doesnt seem to support .atr files by default. However after installing some linux based Atari emulator like atari800 on device you might be able to do so.
  13. Well, His Dark Majesty is turn based, also Roxblox doesnt look like being time critical. Such long hold would probably hinder the game flow action realtime fight, especially with stronger opponent it could be last thing you do Still some utilization of joystick sounds interesting, just needs to be fitting game genre. Yes, thing is that RNG can be very funny guy and just not let you score a hit while enemy does three in row which can be especially on start of game deadly. I need to rethink battle math to less rely on randomness. Info about hit amount is possible, just need think of way doing it in unintrusive way.
  14. You are right, UI and its feedback towards player needs improved. Tutorial in final game is essential. Yes, i want it like this if possible. XL/XE machines are very helpful in this, I do plan to use extra memory for ramdisk, music and maybe sprite masks to reduce blockiness. After some recent findings in my code, it seems pretty doable to have almost fully featured version for 48K systems. Also there is still quite some pretty suboptimal code and planned C code ZP optimizer will make things better I believe. It its on the list, ven in current controls state enemies while being quite slow can be easily outrun even it is not very comfortable Yes, in inventory can be SPACE and RETURN be completely interchangeable, makes complete sense. In game it is bit more complicated. You may want to cast passive spell staying in front of lever for example. Have to try some other ways.
  15. Definitely, i've spent too much time playing it like this that some details are missed easily. Weapon/Armor stats can be "estimated" by looking at numbers on STAT screen. Also this is more like philosphical question if have game more exact, number crunching or bit more vague and old fashioned. Anyway adding EXAMINE to item menu for showing item details is good idea. Another thing is logging fight progress. Console got only 4 rows and logging message of hit amount or if enemy missed when attacking would be too frequent to be useful but more verbose apporach is worth considering for sure. That's typical case on uncle Scrooge approach To save ram, especially with more floors is automap stored for every 2x2 area which makes it 1/4 of original 128 bytes needed to store it. I will probably separate final game into several independent 3-4 floor episode each to avoid such tricks. That relates to another philisophical approach questions and also relates to item stats. I would like to avoid as possible todays very dead-on approach when is player told what to do exactly "this door needs ivory key with dragon shaped rune on it" and leave in bit of mystery and need of experimentation. Also doors can be set to optionally consume keys so inventory doesnt get overloaded with heap of keys but with this environment doesnt feel "organic" with live enemies waiting locked somewhere just for you to be killed. And you marched on her in very brave way I wouldn't dare to stand close to her for so long because of RNG nature Columns are another thing - for example DM felt very static and empty and I wanted to spice it a bit so there is heap of rubble or column. Also other objects are planned to interact with, there are three slots which can be used for enemies(maybe even friendly NPCs) or "deluxe" game objects to interact with. I think so too, especially when i was making them it was 100% trial & error really not knowing what i am doing at all BIG thanks for such detailed feedback and also for making the video. I do really appreciate that!
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