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  1. Yes, at this moment 7 charsets with varying height and all are already 40-50% full. With 4-directional 9*9 tiles big is impossible to have enemy sprites in charset more than few at once. Only option is to have reserved tiles in charset and and copy to them from normal memory as needed - which could be quite bottleneck. Having various premade tables is definitely way to go, already doing so alot.
  2. It is done in Mad Pascal but except DLI routine there is nothing written in assembler so i believe there is lot of room to improve and make scene drawing almost unnoticeable even without double buffering. What will be bit of a challenge is to get on screen at most 6(2x3) 4-directional enemy sprites.
  3. Thank you, reproduced just fine. Looks like DLI timing issue, should be fixed in file on first post.
  4. Looks nice though i cant get anywhere near that visuals I've got somewhere my my palm T2, there were some nice RPGs on palm for sure.
  5. Yep, just not sure how use them. I dont know much about atari hardware but presented width of 8 pixels makes them very limiting and unusable for me.
  6. Yes, there is this possibility but bit too early for that. Also, there is no story - still kinda trying out if i can get features planned done.
  7. Hi, can you please post screenshot of wrongly rendered screen and/or steps to reproduce? Thanks!
  8. Not sure what you mean. It is basically text mode with hardcoded charsets - nothing here to transform/calculate.
  9. Actually using TILED - https://www.mapeditor.org/ ,trying to offload as much work possible to existing tools.
  10. It is character mode based and there was needed lot of preprocessing of tiles, choosing right view size, scene grid etc for it to look good and still have room for other content than wall tiles. There was already several iterations and every one needed custom fitting which easily becomes chore. Slowly approaching fun part of it i hope
  11. Hi, i've been occasionally working few months on DM styled dungeon crawler. Kind of fed up with it so time to take a break and post results :). There is lot to improve in terms of size and speed but it did come out quite nicely i think. game.obx
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