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  1. Well, I am not very sure about "best looking" part but it is nice to hear it that way
  2. Also already suggested earlier in this thread. Next big release will have this alongside other things. Last two "releases" were more tests how far I can get with current version in graphics area and no new features compared to first B/W one were added. Thats another possibility. However similarly as with custom font, It is more like nice to have feature currently
  3. Yes but it would require some bigger changes in code, currently is masking hardcoded for sprites only which are treated quite differently compared to walls etc.
  4. That was already suggested, stuff like this will be addressed in next big release. I just wanted to somehow settle visual aspects. Every enemy should move, i guess some might get stuck but it never happened to me
  5. And now something completely different ... well, kind of image.atr
  6. Not much new - bit of UI changes, main view now uses 4 shades of gray and sprites are fully masked. Masking is quite costly so I am now in process to make all things somewhat less slow.
  7. Is that good or not? I've quite tested monochrome version on PAL Atari with Sony CRT and artefacting was pretty acceptable. I guess there is lots of possibilities for various tricks, however this is my first Atari(and 8-bit actually too) project so I dont have much of a experience with these. Can you maybe be bit more specific? Thanks.
  8. These are fair points, will have it on mind. I cant speak for others but in my case are custom fonts purely practical thing - ~400 bytes font is in situation when is left ~1500 bytes of ram kinda luxury. There is constant need of doing things "good enough" and there is lot other gameplay improving stuff to be more worth having than fancy font.
  9. Monochrome version has its charm but it lacks possibility of differentiation objects, richer UI, scene depth etc. unfortunately. Yep, thats one of the point. Removing empty blocks around sprites would be kinda costly in terms of memory on B/W. With color mode this is much easier to be done. As you say, only that. Graphics had to be redone and there is still not used fifth color. Thanks, what is the problem with stock font?
  10. There were suggestions that monochrome graphics doesn't quite do justice to atari hardware ... So I've tried do kind of quick conversion to mode 4. It feels pretty different compared to B/W, environment clearly looks better but not so sprite graphics. What do you think? nhyrdemo_mode4.atr
  11. Hah, havent really considered commercial release, unsure I will be that persistent to make so many levels :). Mostly done in C, only little of assembly.
  12. Yes, i know it. Thats what i wanted to ask you but forgot - isnt there any way to disable BASIC in xBIOS without holding OPTION key on start? I am not very knowledgeable about OS internals so maybe it is not right question to ask ...
  13. Thats my point too. I wanted to avoid as much inputting obscure 3 letter commands or having special key for every operation etc. This is also reason I am not quite open to having specific keys. Another thing that if people see game behaving(and looking) more or less like something from advanced 16/32bit platforms, they kinda start to expect advanced platforms features - good example is hackish automapping working on 2x2 grid
  14. Depends, we have already agreed that inventory and controls are far from optimal. Objections on using items can be solved by improving UI. Other thing is that making player to try every rock in level just to make essential progress further is very bad level design decision. Thats why only places where is pick axe usage needed are clearly recognizable as obstacle. Other cases are optional and upto player to be explored or not.
  15. Locked room and only skull in it? Usable to annoy player I guess
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