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  1. For multi-carts there are a few options. You might want to look into a Harmony Cart: https://harmony.atariage.com/Site/Harmony.html I am less familiar with it, but a PlusCart might also be an option?: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/297172-pluscart-an-inexpensive-diy-wifi-multicart/ The last one I know of is the UnoCart: https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/uno-2600-cartridge So there are a few choices for Atari 2600 multicarts.
  2. Global shipping has been a disaster this last year. I get monthly treat boxes from Japan, and some of them have spent up to three months in transit. It used to be two to three weeks from shipment to delivery. Likewise I have had two packages shipping from the UK to Canada both take over two months to arrive. A few months ago I sent a package from Canada to the US, and had it take a little more then two months to finally be delivered. Do not even get me started on China's shipping time. I have some parts on order that have an estimated arrival date in June. I too have bought a Harmony cart a few years ago, and can confirm he is 100% legitimate. But the reality is that shipping, and especially international shipping is a complete mess and there likely will be considerable delays. But that is just how it is this last year thanks to Corona.
  3. That is certainly very cool! ... and with two very good games as well.
  4. I cannot imagine this investigation will discover anything surprising. China has had the lions share of global electronics manufacturing for decades. As soon as they had problems, now everyone downstream of them has problems as well. I suspect the result of this investigation will be for diversification rather then reliance on a single source, and to encourage (hello subsidies!) electronics manufacturing and production in the US. Which certainly will not be a bad thing, but also a little late to help out with the current shortages.
  5. That is going to get some howls from the PS5 FPS Battlefield/COD players. Burning though a 70$ controller every 2-3 months is not going to be a very welcome additional expense I expect. I am pretty sure at some point Tommy had made a post here about designing the Amico for durability and is intended to last for years of play. I would expect that would cover the controllers as well? At 400+ hours, the PS5 seems to be setting the bar pretty low for the Amico to surpass them.
  6. As much as I hate to see a delay, it is also understandable why. When Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are bogarting the market and yet still suffering component shortages for their consoles, you know the new guys to the market are going to get the short end of the proverbial supply stick. I was hoping for summer, but it certainly could be worse then October. On the plus side, with the additional time for the Amico to be tested and polished up programming-wise the likelihood of critical Day Zero/Day One updates should be hopefully reduced. How I loathe those, despite how they seem to be considered acceptable and normal nowadays. Plus a larger game library available at launch is not such a terrible thing. That is part of what has me shaking my head at the PS5 buyers. Dropping around a grand (thanks scalpers!) for a console with a basically nonexistent title library; meaning you will likely be for some time using it for playing PS4 games. For now it looks like my Atari, Intellivision and the PS3 get to entertain me for a few more months yet
  7. I am hoping for a summer release as it does seem April is not now feasible. I have mentioned this before but even the 'Big Boys' of console gaming are still having problems due to shortages of components. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/02/sony-shipped-4-5m-ps5s-in-2020-but-is-struggling-to-speed-up-production/ So it should not be too shocking that Intellivision is also feeling the pinch, and probably more so as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are likely taking the lions share of what is available. The joys of having almost all component manufacturing and assembly centralized in one country. If they have problems with production, then everyone downstream also has problems.
  8. That is a sad ending to a tragic tale. Insurance may have covered the monetary worth, but the collectibles are usually invaluable to the one actually collecting them. Plus, depending on rarity some of this collection may be literally irreplaceable. It is good that he got some of the collection back, but it certainly still is a tragic loss.
  9. Well, I know nothing about the PS3 Slims, but you might want to try the tips from this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OmGCCgqVEw They seem to be repairing a similar problem, and seem to have a few things to try for resolving this problem. If all else fails, a good cleaning and new thermal paste might be something to give a try as well? The console is old enough that either of these could be a problem; or part of the problem.
  10. I have both a standard Intellivision, and a Sears Super Video Arcade I got for cheap as it had aged from tan to to a rather nasty nicotine-stain yellow (a common problem I am told) though it otherwise works perfectly. The SSVA I do prefer though. It might just be me but I swear the controls are a bit more comfortable on the hands for gameplay, but the big selling point for me is the joypad cables are removable from the console so you should be able to add in cable extensions if you wished. I bought a few three meter generic ones off eBay I am waiting on to arrive to try with it! If it works I can put the console on the entertainment centre and still game comfortable from on the couch. With these endless Corona restrictions, not like one has much else to do but watch some TV and game.
  11. I can't say I am that surprised. There was a huge jump in CPU/GPU and memory between the PS1 and PS2. Even between the PS2 and PS3 there was another sizable and noticeable jump in system specifications and graphics. Between PS3 and PS4 though I think you are now getting into diminishing returns, where system specs are still increasing but the effect is less evident then in previous generations. Which I think then makes it more difficult to convince a happy PS3 owner who can already also watch DVD's/Blu-rays and stream Netflix, to drop 300-400$ for a console upgrade. An upgrade where they also have to rebuild or replace their existing game library. The PS5 is even worse, with shortages and scalpers driving the price for a PS5 console alone to over a grand. A hefty chunk of change to spend on a console with no real library yet.
  12. If you are looking for something a bit more joystick-like, you could try a 'Super Action Controller'? I have a few of them and though I actually use them more on my 2600 then with the Colecovision, they are an official Colecovision accessory. There is also a Wico Colecovision joystick, but I believe they are rare to find and quite a bit more expensive.
  13. I can see your problem right there; Hazelwood. I had sent a package to the GF end of November, it moved quickly until it hit Hazelwood then sat there for three weeks. 30 miles from where it was to be delivered. *eyeroll* It probably would still be there if I did not spend half a day digging and found a USPS e-mail complaint contact and filed a report about the package sitting there without being processed or sent out for delivery. Two days later I get a response from USPS they solved the problem, and the package was finally delivered. I am no sure what is going on there in Hazelwood, but they seem to have considerable problems with processing mail the last few months. Also back to the topic, I think Tommy had said if there is to be a new delay that he will announce it sometime this week. So at least he is keeping us informed. Luckily I have a backwards compatible PS3 that I have been keeping busy with. Between 'Intellivision Lives!' and 'Activision Anthology' as well as some new-to-me PS3 titles; I am certainly getting my gaming fun in until the Amico shows up.
  14. Well, it does not seem Tommy is terribly optimistic on hitting April for a release date. As unfortunate as this news is, it is not terribly unexpected though. With even Sony's PS5 having production problems meeting consumer demand for their units, as one can see by the 200+% markup on eBay (and that are actually selling at that price) I would expect the little guys would have even a harder time getting the parts and factory work lined up for manufacturing their units. Hopefully if there is a new delay, it is not too long!
  15. Looks amazing! Quite impressive that everything still has their original boxes and are all in such good shape!
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