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  1. As collectibles that you can also download into various games it seems to have been a great idea. At least I know my little nephews have a shelf filled with Nintendo Amiibos. The specialized console certainly did not seem to catch on though.
  2. Found this eBay listing this morning: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/odyssey-2-video-game-system-untested-Sold-As-Is/224168938753?hash=item3431828d01:g:SRgAAOSwZzNfbLJ3 25 USD (or best offer) for an untested Odyssey 2. While on eBay I find 'untested' usually means 'tried it, and it did not work' for 25$ it still might be a bargain for someone?
  3. I got a wonderful surprise today! I had won an eBay auction for a sizable collection of Intellivision goodies, around 70 games (some are duplicates of course), two Intellivoices, a handful of adapters for hooking up to TV's, plus a working and very nice looking Intellivision console. Nice as I can keep one Intellivoice, and give the other to my cousin for his Intellivision. Even better is that it is obvious that someone took very good care of this collection. Everything is very clean, and though I have to finish sorting it all (thanks to customs for mixing it all up during inspection) it does seem that most of the manuals are there, plus the controller inserts. It looks like they were all organized together at one time. As it seems it is going to be a sparse holiday season for console gaming, I think this will keep me occupied and happy during the long winter months ahead. There are quite a few games I have never played before in this collection. One interesting thing is the hand labeled Baseball cartridge is surprisingly heavy, doing a bit of looking online I imagine it was one of the early cartridges with RF shielding? It is shocking how much weight difference it makes to have it in there!
  4. If I were to pick a Hot Wheels 'car' to race, it would be this: The Mystery Machine! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hot-Wheels-2017-HW-Screen-Time-Scooby-Doo-The-Mystery-Machine-28-365/603434294
  5. Bethesda has produced some amazing games, but they are also usually only playable after the mod community gives them a complete top to bottom going-over to patch all the glitches and bugs they could not be bothered with. I was considerably unimpressed with Bethesda jumping on the microtranaction bandwagon. You would have thought their charging AAA title pricing plus DLC's would be profit enough, especially for titles they depend on the players to finish and polish up for them.
  6. I believe this is correct. There was a court case here a few years ago where Hanes (the underwear people) decided to take a company called Hanes Hummus (unshockingly, they make hummus) to court claiming that the name would be confusing to consumers. However, as Hanes (the underwear people) was unable to present anyone who could claim 'I bought this jar of Hanes Hummus, smeared it all over myself and only then realized it was not actually underwear at all!' they lost the case. So it seems similar/identical names is allowed, as long as the products of each are unlikely to be confused with each other.
  7. 299$ is an attractive price, but only enough storage to hold just a few AAA titles (512GB, minus the formatting and operating system requirements) is not going to impress a lot of people I am thinking. Especially if additional storage costs close to what the console itself costs (North of 200$ seems to be floating around a lot). You could use a slower and cheaper drive for simple storage, but swapping around 80+gig game files constantly is certainly at minimum a continual inconvenience, and defeats the main purpose of having a faster system drive in my opinion. I expect more then a few buyers are going to feel the budget model is not such a great deal after a bit of actual use.
  8. I would recommend to watch the Battlestar Galactica 2003 reboot mini-series. In my opinion, it was considerably better then anything they produced once they got picked up and started producing the show as a series.
  9. It seems inevitable. According to the latest shipping data I could find for China to US sea freight; it is currently 30-40 days. Like someone earlier had said, to meet their delivery deadline the units would have to be manufactured, loaded and already on their way. https://www.freightos.com/shipping-routes/shipping-from-china-to-the-united-states/ If Atari had actually produced the 11,000 backer units I expect they would have been making a lot of noise about it to appease their backers (They certainly made quite the fuss over producing and shipping their 96 Dev test units to the US). As Atari has retreated back into their usual radio silence instead of announcing anything I think it is safe to say that the Atari Box units are still not yet in production, and that there is no possibility of them meeting their latest promised shipping date. The only question is how long Atari is going to drag out announcing their newest delay and giving another revised shipping date.
  10. I bought one of these from this seller last year, and while the multi-cart casing was machined a little strange (front and back casings have about a eighth-inch misalignment) the multicart itself works great. Certainly for the price I have no objections. It is a great value for the cost of the multi-cart. The DIP switches are a bit unusual; but with the printout handy of the settings it only takes a moment (and a toothpick) to set it for the game you want.
  11. I was actually looking for an Intellivision console or games on my local Kijiji, and for some reason this popped up on the 'You may be interested in...' items window. According to the description it works, and comes with Hyperspace and Scramble for games. The joystick does not center anymore however they do mention. Still, for 225$ CAD (175 USD?) I think it would be a great deal for someone in Canada interested in it (Or someone in the US willing to pay a bit for shipping). Looking on eBay and other sites they do seem to be listed for quite a bit more. Honestly, I am not really familiar with the system, but it seems like something someone on the forum may have interest in, so I thought I would share it. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-old-video-games/saskatoon/vectrex-arcade-system/1520522845
  12. It is certainly not trolling to ask 'Where's the b̶e̶e̶f̶ games?!'. I would say it is a rather important question to be asking of a system that is supposed to be out in retail in around four months time and taking into account all we have seen for gaming on the Atari Box at this point is the Atari Vault, a free Antstream trial and the ability to run some Steam games (This conditionally; provided you also buy a Windows licence and additional storage for the system). Partnering with a streaming service is a nice little extra, but it is not going to be a system seller. My Blu ray player can stream, my TV can stream, my laptop and PC can stream, my cellphone can stream, my streaming box can stream. I imagine that for most people they will be in a similar situation, with no lack of existing hardware and devices to stream media on already owned. All Atari is announcing so far is the aperitifs and appetizers. Games are the meat and potatoes for a console (or un-console), and if I were a backer/potential customer I would find it worrisome there is almost nothing being said about this.
  13. That would be a great addition to the Amico titles. Speaking personally, I do hope it is a lot more 'Fishing Derby' then 'Ultimate Fishing Simulator'. 40 years later, and I am still having just as much fun playing Fishing Derby! It is quick to learn and fun to play, all without the need for tons of customization options.
  14. I was incredibly c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ budget conscious, and just wanted the digital version. So no early access for me! It has been a long wait, but I am glad it is finally in Beta. I hope they find all the major issues and get the game rolled out without too much more delay.
  15. I think that would be a good idea, if it is not too difficult for Intellivision to implement. I do recall a few hundred years ago, back in the dark ages of dial-up internet, one program I used for downloads had what was essentially an ASCII version of River Raid for you to play to keep you occupied while waiting. Time fillers do have their uses. A generic Tetris/Breakout or a digital version of those old Tomy Waterful games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0YWTdHUpn0 would keep those waiting from being too bored if say someone has to break to run a quick errand, or like you said take a phone call (or answer the call of nature). Something simple, but that can still keep you entertained for a few minutes. I suppose it would boil down to how useful a feature it would be versus the additional costs and work involved to make it happen.
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