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  1. I was just snooping on eBay and found this listing: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/114870031122?hash=item1abec99312:g:~TMAAOSwcRpg2d4a For an Intellivision Super Pro system. Listed as untested, but the price is pretty reasonable and is a 'Buy It Now' auction at 99$ CAD. Might be a great score if someone is up for a bit of a gamble and wants to take a chance it is a Tutorvision model?
  2. I was browsing for Super Action Controllers on eBay, and this listing popped up: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/304036433259?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 While the Super Action Controller is in pretty rough shape, I do see they have as an unspecified extra controller a Champ CA-340 in with the lot. Which I think is fairly rare to find? It is certainly a bit of a unique item I think, a keypad accessory that allows you to play a Colecovision using a third party 9-pin joystick rather then the original controller.
  3. My recollection is pretty questionable, but I think the $30,000 sale was for for a complete Air Raid? I think the usual auction price for a loose cartridge was traditionally closer to $3,000-3,500. I do see however the Goodwill one has already blown this away by a considerably margin, and is just over $5,000 with still a day left to go.
  4. I noticed this in the article as well, bringing up his limiting order size as a negative. I would expect this is intentionally done so that the maximum number of people can get always get the parts they need to service their personal systems. He likely does not want to see someone scooping up the entire supply of specific parts and then immediately 'flipping' them on eBay or Amazon for an exorbitant amount. His making sure the people genuinely interested in keeping their vintage Atari's running can get parts and accessories for their various systems, and for a very reasonable price is a big plus in my book.
  5. Wow... I expect this will go for a mint. Very rare to even find one for sale, and the very few loose cartridges that have in the past popped up on eBay tended to go for thousands if I recall correctly? This certainly will be a good boost to the Fort Worth Goodwill. It will be interesting to see what the final selling price is for it.
  6. Not too often I get to be the one to find a scoop, but snooping around online I just found this posting: https://www.thewrap.com/intellivision-chuck-labella-entertainment-acquisition-amico/ Looks like Intellivision is doing some hiring! *EDIT* removing link to older information it seems was from April; as I guess it is not really 'news' anymore.
  7. I can take a swing at answering the 1UP arcade system side, as I was interested in what was inside them myself when they became popular. Essentially, it is that they are using older low end tech. The CPU is an Allwinner A13 and a 256meg chip for the RAM. It is just emulating a vintage arcade system, so they don't need the latest and greatest tech to power the machine. Also probably why the 1UP machines are so reasonably priced. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Allwinner-A13-SoC.87441.0.html and
  8. You do have to look at who is getting the parts though, as well. I am not too shocked that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are producing some units; they are the big players in the game and I would bet my bottom dollar they get first pick of anything that becomes available. Even though they are all managing some manufacturing, they also are facing issues with shortages. Both Sony and Nintendo are reportedly looking at redesigning their systems due to the continual shortages of some components. When the major corporations are struggling, I can just imagine how hard a time that an effectively relative newcomer and smaller player like Intellivision would have trying to elbow their way up to the table for a share of components needed for their console out of the already global supply shortage. I really do hope Intellivision can make the October date, but it is pretty understandable if they cannot. If critical parts are simply not available, then you cannot manufacture. Period. On the plus side, I have been socking a bit away every month since the Amico was announced for buying myself one. At this point I have enough in my 'Amico Slush Fund' to pay the rest of my reserved FE, buy all the release games, and pick up a few extra controllers for some family multiplayer action. So that is a big bonus for when it is finally available :D I am certain Tommy and Intellivision are doing their very best to get the Amico built. No product means no income after all, so it is also in their best interest to get production going as quickly as possible. Delays suck, but a continual shortage of electronic components delays seems to be the new normal.
  9. It does look interesting! Doing a bit of digging, I did find this post from a while back: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/122548-sold-swordquest-tennis-20-shipped/ It appears this is a modified Rom, that had some physical carts made for it as well.
  10. This topic is wandering rather far afield from the discussion of AirConsole, but I did want to pop in to back this up. The mobile game 'Clash of Clans' has reportedly grossed over 7 billion, and is not even the most profitable app game on the to 10 list (it is actually #4:https://screenrant.com/highest-grossing-mobile-games-ranked/ ). Arena of Valor was the #1 in 2020 and grossed around 9.5 billion now; 2.45 billion of which was in 2020 alone. Compare this to the entire Call of Duty franchise, which grossed around 3 billion in 2020 (https://charlieintel.com/call-of-duty-franchise-has-generated-over-3-billion-in-revenue-in-2020/67705/) and this is considered the franchises most profitable year ever by a considerable margin. There is indeed big money in mobile gaming.
  11. It will be something new to me. As a kid and up until now, I have never played on or even known anyone that had a Sega. It is a completely new console to me. I have played some of the Sonic games as ports (mostly on the Playstation 2/3; they have some nice Sega compilations!) but never on the original equipment. It should be fun to give some of these Sega games a try!
  12. It does seem to work great, with one minor qualifier. For some reason the console does not seem to want to work on channel 3, all I get is static-y rolling black screen. Though with using channel 4, it has a great picture. Which is a pretty minor inconvenience to flip channels when changing between playing vintage consoles. I have not tried the light gun yet. I am pretty impressed it has two games built in. Hang On is quite a lot of fun! I have not tried Safari Hunt yet though.
  13. I did kind of notice that as well. Golf might be fun to play a bit, but the rest do not get me super excited to try out. I will have to snoop on eBay and kijiji now and see if I can find some more game cartridges.
  14. I was snooping around some local garage sales this morning, and found something quite interesting at one. They had a box labelled 'Sega Master System - 20$'. I had a peek inside the box and it did seem to have quite a fair bit of goodies (at least a lot for 20$!) I have never owned (or even played) a Sega before but this had 4 games, two controllers, a light gun, and it looks like all the systems connections in the box. They even still had the systems owners manual tucked inside. I am pretty sure I will get at least 20$ worth of entertainment out of this!
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