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  1. Hi there. I am selling my Sega Saturn (Grey Japanese Saturn) Included is a wired controller (w/ extension cable) and a wireless controller. The system is in great condition, Like new. I have a Pseudo 1m-4m (Can play any copied game) cartridge. I have a SSD usb hard drive that has 90% of Saturn games. $200.00 I also have a Dreamcast Fan mod (almost dead quiet) 1 controller (with extension cord) Memory Card included I have a SSD with 90% of Dreamcast games $150.00 I have had zero issues on either systems playing any of the games. Ill ship out either unit with copies of games ive already burned. But its easy enough just to make your own. Both systems run perfectly. Included with both systems is a HDMI adaptor (along with older adaptor) so you can play the systems on new Tv's. -Walt B I live in New England (Connecticut).
  2. Did this cartridge ever come out ? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Would love to be able to load an SD card with games and play them on my jaguar.
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