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  1. The 2600 soundchip is extremely limiting, but its not surprising given it was developed with only sound effects in mind. It's especially impressive when I hear people get actual tunes coming out of it.
  2. Ive never finished a song with it but I understand how it works. I admire the "crunchy" saw bass you can get out of it, very fun!
  3. PSG soundchips in particular (NES, Master System etc.). I'd actually love to work with AY more, I never really get the opportunity to.
  4. Hi! I'm chiptune artist POLARIA POYON and I'm looking to get involved in atari 7800 homebrew! The 7800 dev scene always seemed really fun to me since you could theoretically hook up any soundchip to it, so I have a lot of ideas for how to approach scoring an ost. Ive done chiptune for projects before, including Mega Man Maker and a Master System homebrew called Lain VS The Castle of Evil. I have a few soundcloud links to give you an idea of what I'm capable of! If you're interested please contact me on my twitter @polariapoyon! Thanks!
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