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  1. Okay, so I added a 2N4401-ND transistor to the circuit, and now the video is much brighter. Is there any reason as to why this could cause issues in the future? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, figured I'd post this here since it is technically an Atari 2600. I've been trying to mod my Gemini using a standard 2600 composite mod kit, following the instructions seen here: However, the video is super dark, as in barely visible. I tried removing certain components as described, but nothing helped improve the picture. Q3 is still removed, but it makes no difference in or out. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks.
  3. There shouldn't be any problem with using either one. However, I can only vouch for the one you have pictured, sold at the provided Ebay link. I've bought several of these and they work fine. I would be careful buying anything coming from China, though, as I have heard stories of similar ICs (such as the TI99/4a's TMS9918 chip) being purchased from China and not working:
  4. Yup, that's where I buy mine from. You should buy a heat sink for it too, as it tends to get hot, and some thermal glue to tack it on: https://console5.com/store/thermally-conductive-heat-sink-adhesive-glue-gd9980-10-grams-10g.html https://console5.com/store/dip40-super-heat-sink-glue-on-thermal-epoxy-style-dip-40.html Also, you are correct, that NEC chip is the CPU.
  5. If you can solder and have the means, preferably a desoldering iron, you could try replacing the VDP (it's a TMS 9928 chip, easily found on Ebay). That will at least rule out or solve the issue.
  6. @Ruggers Customs Success, it's alive! Turns out the original VDP was fine, just the Z80 and maybe the RAM (which was going to be modified anyway). Thanks so much for the help!
  7. Aha, I was leaning towards the Z80, just didn't know if it would make a difference since the expansion module works. Thanks for the tip! And yes, the power supply is just fine, so it must be the Z80. I'll swap it out and report back.
  8. I just got in a nonworking Colecovision that I thought I'd try and repair. Upon initial inspection, the console would power on, but the screen was black and there was a hum/sustained beeping noise every other power cycle. I tried the Atari expansion module and it worked fine, so I thought it was going to be either the RAM, VDP or both. Well, after replacing all RAM ICs using the 5v memory mod, and the VDP with a spare, it still has not improved. Any ideas of where to go next? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the information! Well, once you have some time for it, I would love to get one to try out. Just let me know please!
  10. Having done a few of these mods now, and also having recently tried out an old component mod by 8bitdomain which left a lot to be desired, I'm wondering, is there any way to do an RGB to YPbPr conversion inside the console itself, kind of like the kit available for the NESRGB?
  11. So did this guy just fall off the face of the Earth? Seems weird that he was so active in the community and then just disappeared.
  12. Thanks so much for the info man, I really appreciate it!
  13. Hey all, I recently won an auction that included an AV mod board that I had never seen before, apparently from 2005 and discontinued over a decade ago. I found the install PDF online, but it doesn't explain the component installation process. From what I can gather, the top pin is a ground, but I have no clue which of the bottom three is Y, Pb or Pr. Anybody have any suggestions for figuring that out? Thanks!
  14. Update, got it working again! Cleaned up the solder area, messed with the rf tuner, and corrected a broken trace from ram to vdp. All good.
  15. Hey all, a weird issue has arisen with one of my Colecovisions. I replaced the controller ICs using the kit from Console5, simply clipping the old ICs out, removing the legs with the iron and new solder, and cleaning up the old/new solder mixture before putting in the new socketed ICs. Once I finished that up, my CV would only boot to a black screen, with occasional tonal noise accompanying it. I thought maybe something went wrong during the install, like a short to another motherboard IC (didn't really see why this would happen, but I thought that stranger things have happened). So, I performed the 5v RAM upgrade. Nada. I desoldered the VDP, socketed it and tried a spare. Still nothing, black screen on boot. What could possibly have happened here? Are the controller ICs in any way connected to the Colecovision's power or video circuits, maybe the BIOS chip is getting shorted? I think some solder may have connected from pin 11 of the player one IC to the main board, which I could not seem to remove, but I didn't see any reason for why that would cause this issue, unless maybe it is causing a problem with the BIOS chip. I should also note, but Atari 2600 expansion module still runs fine, which tells me that the console is still getting power and that most components are still working. Any ideas? Thanks.
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