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  1. Hmm, that might just work, thanks! I'll admit ignorance here, but would that mean that I would just pull off the DIP and solder it onto the new PCB?
  2. Update: the deoxit didn't help out unfortunately, so I'll turn to some of the alternate suggestions you guys have mentioned. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks all, I just ordered some of the deoxit and will get back to you when I try it out. Still open to other opinions as well, thanks!
  4. Hi all, I just recently picked up a copy of Pitfall 2 that has seen better days. After extensive cleaning with alcohol, the game still doesn't work. Based on the pictures, does it look like there's any hope? Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I just ordered a replacement mylar strip for my Jr., but the reset and select switches only seem to function when I am holding the top of the plastic shell at a 90 degree angle from the cartridge slot. When I try to set it back down, as it would look when screwed back together, the buttons cease to function. I've tried making sure that it isn't simply the mylar slipping out when I shut the case, but it seems to be firmly inside still. Any ideas? Thank you!
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