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  1. Not sure if you have already solved this issue or not, but I had this exact problem with my CV. I replaced both the VDP and VRAM to get it working. And don't worry, the VDP (TMS-9928) is only about $10 US. You can easily find replacements on ebay.
  2. I'm by no means an expert, but if this were my own console, I would see if cleaning the power switch does anything to help. Try squirting in some deoxit or opening it up and cleaning with IPA to see if it helps. Does it go to normal if you reset a few times or toggle it on and off and on?
  3. Another quick question. Will this mod still function if I install the 5v RAM mod?
  4. @-^CrossBow^- Also, thank you for that very useful Youtube video on installing the CV RGB using the 9 pin mini DIN. It was where I got the inspiration for the mod you see here, haha.
  5. All right, I put composite onto the breakout for the 9 pin and it works. I had heard of composite being used as the sync before, but never ran into a need for it myself. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Thanks for replying. The SCART cable goes into a Retrotink RGB2COMP then into component on my Toshiba consumer CRT. I am not sure about what is contained within the 9 pin cable. The 8 pin cable, for clarity, is from Tim Worthington's NESRGB kit. I'll check out the Insurrection cable, thank you. The audio is coming from the bottom of C88. I wasn't getting audio from the top so I just moved it under and it seemed to work. Thanks for the help. Should I assume it is a cable problem? This cable (from Console5) works just fine with my JVC X'Eye. Maybe I should wire up the composite on the breakout in case the cable is trying to use composite for c-sync?
  7. Back with another Coleco question. I just installed the TMSRGB in another CV, and it tested fine with my temporary 8 pin RGB set up. I tried using a Sega Genesis 9 pin style connector, which a 9 pin to SCART cable from Console5 to test the system, and now I have what appears to be a ground issue. I tried changing the TMSRGB's ground wire to a couple different spots with no luck. Reflowed solder on all TMSRGB pads, reflowed on the ground of the 9 pin connector, and nothing. The composite mod board is outputting a correct signal and works fine through my TRRS jack. The 9 pin cable works with other consoles. What could be going on? Thanks.
  8. All right, I'm back after installing the new memory upgrade. It turns out that the old VDP was bad all along too, so I put in a new one. After both replacements, the console is back from the grave and working. Thanks for all of the help guys.
  9. Thanks for the extra suggestion. I ordered the memory kit and a cap kit, so hopefully I will be safe either way. Once I get the new memory installed, I'll update the thread.
  10. @ChildOfCv I tried the 5v to the VDP pins, and some colors showed up on screen, but nothing appropriate to what should normally be there. Thoughts? Thanks.
  11. @ChildOfCv and @Ikrananka thank you both for the help. I will go ahead and report back with my findings based on Childofcv's advice to get 5v to the VDP.
  12. Okay, thank you. I have a parts Intellivision, would its switch be a suitable temporary replacement to rule out the switch if the rails aren't suspect?
  13. Sorry, I am not super familiar with the terminology. By rail, do you mean the leads from the switch that are soldered into the motherboard? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the help. I have conducted the continuity tests, and there is continuity between all the points you have listed. I do not have a typical jumper wire; could I get by using a normal soldering wire, temporarily soldering one end to the 5v leg of a dram ic and then touch the other end to the VDP?
  15. Do you know which pin that would correspond to on the TMS chip? I'm assuming you mean that I should check this pin and its continuity from its trace to other destinations? Thanks.
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