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  1. More Work Games was one of the winners of the ATARI Homebrew Awards ! Game Rally Racer ! Made in Brazil ! Congratulations !!! I have only 2 CCE in the sealed blister pack: Pac Man and Tank (page 21 of this topic). . A great week !
  2. Dear friend Adam, Many thanks for the fine words. I don't have any items to sell ... In the link below there are several items from my collection. A great Thursday for you! http://s382.photobucket.com/user/Sr-Ferraz/library/?sort=3&page=1
  3. Hello my friends ! A high-quality product, with unique details! Excellent work! There is also the option of buying the exclusive game T-shirt on the site . I recommend it ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYbbaXSAy1Q Excellent weekend !
  4. Hi, An interesting detail... In Brazil, in early of 1984, the 2600 manufactured in Brazil by Polyvox, appeared in the opening of a TV soap opera (brazilian telenovela). The Polyvox started the manufacture of Atari 2600 in the end of 1983. See the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hariVkCChc
  5. Dear Rom, I thought exactly these names for games (Outlaw, Air-Sea Battle and Freeway). In the cartridge without label has a small sticker with the letter "B" on chip... (I opened the cartridge without label). Below, I put pictures comparing this cartridge with a 'normal' cartridge of CCE (cartridge connector). Also I put images of the cartridge open and the circuit board (see detail "BIT" engraved/recorded). >>>>>>>>>>>> My friend Marcus Garrett released ​​this year another book about video games (1984: A Febre dos Videogames Continua >>> "1984: Videogames Fever Goes On"). Excellent book, see the picture below.
  6. There is, on the Web, some similar information about a company which was the first in Brazil to manufacture a compatible console to Atari 2600, and with the same hardware, the first "version" of Atari 2600 (first videogame/ console and cartridges). It was the year 1981. The company "Bit Eletrônica" manufactured the console under the name "Top Game" and cartridges to be used in the console. The problem was that, the company, probably being afraid of legal issues and lawsuits (patent), changed the cartridge connector type (case) - it produced a cartridge connection different from the used with Atari 2600 and similar compatibles. They were not successful because it avoided to use the cartridges with usual pattern for Atari 2600 (the joint did not allow the usage of an usual cartridge). Another problem was that the cartridges manufactured by Bit Eletrônica were not able to be used in consoles with Atari 2600 joint pattern. Afterwards, Bit Eletrônica launched an adapter to allow the usage of Atari 2600 standard cartridges in its console (I don't know whether it fitted or they manufactured another adapter to be used with its cartridges in consoles with Atari 2600 pattern connector, which was another problem). But it was too late - maybe, because of that delay, other consoles and cartridges compatible to Atari 2600 pattern had already been launched (~1983). The console and cartridges manufactured by Bit Eletrônica are very rare, there are no pictures of them on the Web(so far...). As well as there is not any information or comment on the cartridges made by the same company. My friend Marcos Felipe has got 4 cartridges manufactured by Bit Eletrônica (one of them without label), they really have got a plastic case which is very different from the Atari 2600 usual pattern (the circuit board connector is similar), they haven't got the two plastic pins which usually are next to the circuit board in the joint (fit). One of those has got a brown plastic case and the others have got it in black, the labels are varied and perhaps from different series (years). The brown-cased one has got 2 labels, one of those was probably the pattern and the other (like a 'stamped' tag) showed the name of the game (modified when translated to Portuguese). The other cartridges have got just one label, which shows the name of the game (observe that it is written "Video Jogo TOP GAME" on two of them). The labels are simple. I don't know the original name of the game in cartridges... Another unveiled "mystery"...
  7. Dear friend Liduario, Thanks for your contribution ! ### I added some names of games and images from cartridges: - Page 6 ('Video Game' and 'Wide Vision') - Page 10 (Digimax) - Page 16 (Robby Game) - Page 20 (Genus) >>>>>>>>>> I have not commented about this cartridge manufacturer, the name is "ADVENTURE International Games", the image seems similar to another manufacturer. # Games: > Donkey Kong Jr. > Popeye > R. Hero's >>>>>> I put down an ADS of a store/shop selling (sold carts) Atari 2600 cartridges with name "Fotomania" (May, 1991). The information is about cartridges for Mega Drive, Master System, Phantom System (NES 8 bits) and NES 8-bits.
  8. Beautiful collection, many interesting items ! Congratulations ! I also like handheld games. I have about 160, some unfortunately don't work... Thanks for sharing ! My collection: http://s382.photobucket.com/albums/oo268/Sr-Ferraz/Hand%20Held%20Games/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16
  9. The image is small, with low resolution. A console (even made ​​in Taiwan), has usually some logo or visible inscription. The original systems or systems that have manufacturing rights from the original manufacturer have the name "Atari" or the Atari logo. When the manufacturer does not have the rights from the original manufacturer, it usually does not put the name "Atari" or the Atari logo. In Brazil, the only company that officially had the right to manufacture the system and the cartridge was Polyvox (it has the logo and "Atari 2600"). The first system manufactured by Milmar had no logo and no writing (it was a simple and fragile material). Then the Milmar consoles manufactured with logo (relief) and inscriptions. The company Microdigital manufactured a different console with "Pause" key (at that time, unique in the world). The company that manufactured the console "Robby Game" had no rights but the console was manufactured exactly like the pictures (with logo, name, name with relief and different finishing). Exclusive and customized finishing.
  10. The console has the name "Atari" on the front? Label below? Inside it is white? I put below the image of a rare white console manufactured in Brazil ("Robby Game"). See more photos on my topic: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/83572-items-for-atari-2600-manufactured-in-brazil/page__st__725
  11. >>> I added the image (scan) of the ads ('instructions') of "Video Computer Case" by Framar (page 25). >>> Below I put the manual (instructions) of the game "Megamania" by Polyvox. >>>>>> Dear thechallengeofnexar, In your cartridge the image "J & B" appears on the game Beamrider screen TV? The text that appears on the label is "Jomar & Beth," is typically the name of who created the image of the label (in this case a man and a woman). In my two cartridges "16 Super Jogos - Série Ouro" and the other (which has the game Beamrider), appears "BRASIL-RJ >>>>> Mania" (RJ = Rio de Janeiro). Please post pictures, I never saw this screenshot. I put belown the normal screenshots.
  12. Dear Rom, I made the comparison with the image of the screenshots on the AtariAge. I just wanted to know (based on that) what was the difference (speed of the game?). All spoke only about the label indicates "P" and not "N". Many still say that the cartridges manufactured in Brazil are "PAL"...
  13. Other scans of the game "Great Escape" by Bomb.
  14. Sorry nofrills100, but what do you mean? An unfair comparison ? Instructions: http://www.atariage.com/manual_html_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=224 Screenshots: http://www.atariage.com/screenshot_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=224 I placed below images comparing AtariAge screenshots to this cartridge, notice that AtariAge images are digital and superior. This auction is interesting (February), but it doesn't show "This listing has ended" and the seller has not advertised the item again.
  15. Sorry to put this in the wrong area, I have never posted anything in this area. I believe that many people still don't know that the color system in Brazil is not PAL, it is PAL-M (which is quite different !). Here we generally use cartridges manufactured in the U.S.A. (NTSC), and the cartridges manufactured here are NTSC. All consoles (systems) manufactured in Brazil have an internal transcoder (NTSC >>> PAL-M), the consoles are similar to those manufactured in the U.S.A. (NTSC). When the console is adapted with A/V output it is NTSC. A friend of mine has brought it for me to check the cartridge. I put it on 2 original Brazilian consoles with RF output (Polyvox and Onyx Junior). The TV images (screenshots) and colors are the same or very similar to those which are on AtariAge (the counter turns green). The game has got an 'acceleration indicator' which changes its color during the game. I put the cartridge into an Atari with A/V output (NTSC) and the colors were the same or similar. The owner of the cartridge placed it in an original U.S. console with 6 keys (NTSC), the images were similar or identical (see photos). He had used an Atari with colors problems, so the counter had turned blue, he corrected it and added some new photos to the Ebay (another console). I scanned the label, it's very good. I have googled auctions of this cartridge on Ebay but found none. Strange, as it is so easy to find ... What would be the difference? I have seen consoles (with several games in them) manufactured in Taiwan - PAL-M system - especifically to be sold in Brazil. Maybe that cartridge has been manufactured to be sold in Brazil. What do you think ?
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