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  1. Awesome and thanks for the hold (#52)much appreciated! but it’s been paid and I cannot wait to play it!!Happy Holidays and thanks for your kindness for my families loss.I won’t forget it!
  2. Please add me to this list for A tale of dragons and swords!! Thanks
  3. I just want to say thanks to you Todd!This Ultimate flashback is excellent and extremely easy to use!Me and my son will be playing this for untold hundreds of hours lol!Again thank you this is the way to play period and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting it done!
  4. Well if anyone does end up making these I’d like at least 1 up to 4 so I can use my sears intv with fb controllers.I cannot do it myself I’m 100% disabled army lost left eye/left foot/2left fingers and other injuries so if anyone does them I’d love to get them?I am not savvy on tech I do not even understand how to message people here.But I can give you my email if you message me.Thank you and please not trying to get sympathy from anyone I’m just late to the retro gaming scene;)
  5. Well I also hope someone is making them as well?but I have asked I believe both of them already but they just don’t have the time.Hopefully that changes I’d like 4 of them;)
  6. Hi,Wondering if you still make overlays for Colecovision?If so I’d like to get a bunch of them?Sorry lol I cannot figure out how to pm you?I suck with anything and everything dealing with computers and blogs 😏 so forgive me lol I’m 100% disabled army.I hoping you’ll be able to message me about this thank you and happy holidays
  7. I hope to god you make this happen!!Definitely want one!Happy holidays!! Thanks
  8. I’d like a copy have no idea how to post on this site?But I do have an account; Aramist70 and I would like a copy of this.
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