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  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. I love Gameboy and dress-up games.

    1. GoldLeader


      I'll always have a very soft spot for the Game Boy myself.  Lots of good memories.

  3. Qix on Gameboy is much more better than IBM version.

    1. bluejay


      Well, yes, because the Gameboy is a dedicated game console and the IBM PC is a business computer.

  4. Don't let coronavirus put your down.


    Life is still great.

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    2. MegaManFan


      It’s not about whether YOU or I live or die. It’s called “flattening the curve” for a reason. We need to take it seriously so that hospitals that are already strained to the breaking point don’t have to start deciding whose life to save — a lot of people that need or deserve treatment who wouldn’t have to die would get FUCKED just because some of us didn’t take this seriously and stay home to keep it from spreading. 

    3. adam242


      I am taking it seriously, staying home, and taking precautions. I did NOT mean to come off as "business as usual here!"  I just mean we all need to stay as calm as possible and not let it take a toll on our mental health.

    4. MegaManFan


      Oh I agree, but I think it will take +some+ toll on our mental health no matter what. At times like these I'm glad I was +already+ taking antidepressants before a pandemic broke out -- but seriously I agree that keeping your spirits up any way you can is advisable. Call friends and family, play video games, exercise where possible (at home, or take walks around your neighborhood if you can maintain social distance), whatever it takes to manage the stress. It can't not be stressful but we can all manage it. :)

  5. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


    😎 😎😃😄

  6. Gameboy is the best because ...































    Gameboy is the best.

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    2. bluejay


      'Cause it's Nintendo. And it's cheap.

      No other reason.

      Bad battery life, bad screen, worse than it's competitors(lynx, Game Gear), some good games.

      It's really not much if you think about it.

    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      it is almost as good as the Atari Lynx

    4. atari2600land


      Game Gear>Game Boy. Color is good.

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