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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so if it's not then feel free to move it where it would belong. Upon obtaining an Atari "box" with an 800XL and a few other accessories for it, in the box was a Crystal Castles cartridge(just the cart, no box or manual). But it's the 2600 version, which is incompatible, and therefor of no use to me. So I'm wondering if someone would be willing to take it in trade for something for the 800 that I can use or play. Anything would be nice, since I didn't get anything for it software-wise in the box besides a copy of DOS 3.0. As for the condition of the 2600 cartridge, I'd say it was in "Good" condition. It looks like it has some signs of wear on it, but nothing that wouldn't come from general usage of it. I also have to label this an As-is, untested item. I don't have a 2600, so I have no way to see if the cartridge works or not. I'm also not even sure how much it's actually worth, how rare it is, or anything like that.
  2. Well, it is an archive website. So the type-in program might not really have typos made by the archiver, but reflect what was actually printed back then. When I got an issue of Antic with my 800XL, I was curious about what else there was and found that misprints in these type-in programs were not an uncommon occurrence, and sometimes the next issue would have an errata statement on how to fix it. So that might be a place to look. Another thing is that that errata statement could be in 2 different forms, either as a direct note from the Editor, or as a letter from a reader who wrote in about the error they found(and sometimes also how to fix it), or the magazine's reply to that letter will say how to fix it.
  3. I find it strange that there were a few people who entered who already had one(evidence of this was shown in their submitted photo, with an AVGCart in the cartridge slot).
  4. Oh. *facepalm* That makes a lot of sense. Those are the lines the article says to omit when combining the 2 files. I don't know how/why my brain didn't put that together. Thank you. That will be a lot easier.
  5. As for what you highlighted, I was probably going to end up doing this once I was done typing them both in and saving them. But I was half under the impression that the program was only split for the sake of people with this limitation, and half hoping there would be another way besides creating and merging 2 files. I can't use that file, i don't have the fancy peripherals to take it from my PC to my 800XL. I could use it on Altirra, but that's no fun, and just ends up neglecting the use of the Atari hardware.
  6. So I'm a new owner of a previously owned 800 XL. Along with it came several issues of Antic(unfortunately without their disks). One issue was Volume 3, Number 4 from August 1984. The Game of the Month, Creepy Caverns, was printed in 2 parts for "the benefit of readers who have only 16K of RAM.", according to the instructions under "How to use the program with (minimum 32K) DOS systems". But the 800XL I have has 64K. So how do I type this in if I don't have this limitation? I had first thought to just type them both in one after the other, but as I was looking at both listings I noticed they have some duplicate line numbers. I'm guessing though that if I just typed them both in, then there might be problems since there can be only one of a single line number. Typing one and then typing the other would overwrite the one before it. This is a huge shot in the dark, asking this question here. I don't exactly expect anyone to have an answer for me, but with me being a new user, any help I can get is appreciated.
  7. Ahh very nice! That worked really well. Thank you for showing me, and thank you to NuY for preserving it here - the original site he linked to where it was from, it's dead now apparently.
  8. Ok, that's neat, and it kind of helped me. The font didn't quite register properly. I don't expect you to have an answer for that though(unless someone can find another font file for this). So I have another question. Is there a variant of LIST that only lists the program a screen-full at a time, and only continuing to scroll after pressing Return?
  9. Greetings - I'm a new user of the forums, Altirra, and a recent new owner of an 800 XL. I have a few questions. I was looking online for Atari Basic programs or games to type in, and a lot of the programs I find are just dumped .BAS files, and not listings of the program lines. So I got Altirra 3.20, and I set it up so it had a printer attached in the configuration. I figured "Hey, I'll just load the program into the emulator, output the list to the emulated printer, and then I can type that list in my real Atari. Right?" Wrong. When the list outputted to the printer, if there were any of the special ATASCII characters in the program that you get from holding Control, then they appeared in the printer output as ?, and that was no good. So now first question, is there a way to get the output to show those? I have a .TTF font of ATASCII that I found here but I don't know how to get the printer output to use it. I guess second question would be can I even do that? Sure, I could just use the programs with the emulator, but that's no fun. I'd rather have them to save for my real unit. I didn't really get any external software with it besides a disk for Dos 3, so all I really have is the BASIC that was built into it(found out from a POKE that it's Rev. B, which i guess is common for an 800XL? ) and I don't have the means(no $$) to get a fancy cable to interface the Atari with my PC and transfer them that way. That stuff is expensive. TL;DR How can I get the Printer Output to display the special ATASCII characters as they are instead of as a question mark? I have an ATASCII.ttf font file that I found, can I get the output to use it?
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