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  1. That's something I was actually hoping I could get someone to do for me- because the copy i bought has no label, I was wondering if someone would be able to print & mail me a good one to stick on there. I actually don't have a printer or the funds to buy one at the moment. I could even make the image if someone gave me required pixel dimensions to use for it.
  2. Is the tolerance a big deal at all? I'm looking for a resistor with these specs, but I can only find 5% tolerance, not 1%.
  3. OK, so which type do I get, and at what watt/tolerance? looking for them I see so many different kinds.
  4. Translated to English (via the Google Translate app on my phone) - wondering if it's correct (if i'm going to follow this, I don't want it to be wrong)
  5. why do you say it is missing if that step says it doesn't need one of any kind? (you'll have to excuse me, i'm not a huge Electronics person.)
  6. ok - dug really hard and found this post here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/198754-current-best-s-video-picture-improvement-mod-for-800xl/?do=findComment&comment=2534448 which seems simple enough. Can someone clarify it with pictures though, so I know where to look/what to do for each step?
  7. It's kind of disappointing to find out that the Atari version was left unfinished back then. I was kind of excited when I recently obtained a cart of the game from Video 61. It's in a brown cart case with a spring-loaded dust cover, and a silver/black metal backplate. No label on it besides a white sticker with "Montezuma's Revenge" written on it with a black thin sharpie. This is the board inside: Not really sure what I just bought for $19.95? It doesn't have a fancy title screen, starting up it looks like this one here: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-montezuma-s-revenge_6762.html
  8. The above is the first thread I had read on the topic, and rather than necro that one, I made this one. Montezuma's Revenge has been re-made, re-mastered, whatever you want to call it, presumably by its original developer, Robert Jaeger: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1421120/Montezumas_Revenge/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.normaldistribution.montezumasrevenge I wonder if it's got an end and is able to be completed/beaten now?
  9. I didn't mean it like anything was wrong with them. I was just curious about the format at the time. And between then and now I have learned my fair share of info about ATRs and other formats used for the A8 platform.
  10. I was reading through Antic today, and when I came to the I/O department of Vol. 7 #11, someone had wrote in about this, and I've noticed that my own 1050 can be loud sometimes. The letter author writes: Of course I'm not worried about the warranty now, but I have a few questions before I try to do this myself: Are there other lubricants that I could use(like WD-40)? I don't have regular WD-40, but I have a can of this stuff here: https://www.wd40.com/products/silicone-lubricant/ - would this be OK to use? Is there anything I should do as a safety precaution, and Where inside are these metal runners he speaks of?
  11. I have a request concerning the output window that's been turned into a text editor. Can we get an option to turn the word wrap off, so that the "wrap" happens on a character level, at the margin selected, and as a result ends up looking exactly like it should on a real machine's output?
  12. Well the fixed ATR works, so now that feature request for @rossum's tool would be useful. In the meantime, I might just use your little manual bit for now, to try to work out these visual bugs that I have typed in. Since I typed in your bit, saved and ran it, and then ran the game on the Atari, and somehow it went slightly further than it does on the emulator. It will also go through the Low card draw process, then deal the cards face down, and reveal my cards to me. But then that's where it stops. Seeing it do this, there's another visual bug that I made somehow, with how it draws the card back - I don't know where it is though. I'll have to figure out how to write that checksum program maybe, and go through it. Though writing that program will be a puzzle in itself. BTW, thank you for your help with this, I really appreciate it.
  13. Can't see your comparison image, link is broken. EDIT: OK, see it now, but idk how it happened. Perhaps it was a bad copy process. I used a DOS 2.0S ATR in D1, put an empty ATR in D2, used (I) to format it, then H to write the DOS files to the disk. After that was done, I used C to copy the file from H1: to D2:, for both files.
  14. oh. right. sorry, derp moment, it's really late. But still, even when it's not disabled, it still crashes. CPU: Illegal instruction hit: 0017 (1734: 1, 97) A=06 X=00 Y=01 S=02 P=32 ( Z ) 0016: 02 KIL
  15. OK, so I made this disk, with DOS 2.0S. I put the original AUTORUN.SYS, and CRIBBAGE.DSK on it. It doesn't work, when you disable BASIC, and put it in D1, the program crashes. Here's the ATR so you can see it. Cribbage test.atr
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