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  1. I didn't mean it like anything was wrong with them. I was just curious about the format at the time. And between then and now I have learned my fair share of info about ATRs and other formats used for the A8 platform.
  2. I was reading through Antic today, and when I came to the I/O department of Vol. 7 #11, someone had wrote in about this, and I've noticed that my own 1050 can be loud sometimes. The letter author writes: Of course I'm not worried about the warranty now, but I have a few questions before I try to do this myself: Are there other lubricants that I could use(like WD-40)? I don't have regular WD-40, but I have a can of this stuff here: https://www.wd40.com/products/silicone-lubricant/ - would this be OK to use? Is there anything I should do as a safety precaution, and Where inside are these metal runners he speaks of?
  3. I have a request concerning the output window that's been turned into a text editor. Can we get an option to turn the word wrap off, so that the "wrap" happens on a character level, at the margin selected, and as a result ends up looking exactly like it should on a real machine's output?
  4. Well the fixed ATR works, so now that feature request for @rossum's tool would be useful. In the meantime, I might just use your little manual bit for now, to try to work out these visual bugs that I have typed in. Since I typed in your bit, saved and ran it, and then ran the game on the Atari, and somehow it went slightly further than it does on the emulator. It will also go through the Low card draw process, then deal the cards face down, and reveal my cards to me. But then that's where it stops. Seeing it do this, there's another visual bug that I made somehow, with how it draws the card back - I don't know where it is though. I'll have to figure out how to write that checksum program maybe, and go through it. Though writing that program will be a puzzle in itself. BTW, thank you for your help with this, I really appreciate it.
  5. Can't see your comparison image, link is broken. EDIT: OK, see it now, but idk how it happened. Perhaps it was a bad copy process. I used a DOS 2.0S ATR in D1, put an empty ATR in D2, used (I) to format it, then H to write the DOS files to the disk. After that was done, I used C to copy the file from H1: to D2:, for both files.
  6. oh. right. sorry, derp moment, it's really late. But still, even when it's not disabled, it still crashes. CPU: Illegal instruction hit: 0017 (1734: 1, 97) A=06 X=00 Y=01 S=02 P=32 ( Z ) 0016: 02 KIL
  7. OK, so I made this disk, with DOS 2.0S. I put the original AUTORUN.SYS, and CRIBBAGE.DSK on it. It doesn't work, when you disable BASIC, and put it in D1, the program crashes. Here's the ATR so you can see it. Cribbage test.atr
  8. OK, I tested just this process in Altirra: Pasted your program into BASIC, and saved it as "CRIBPTCH.BAS" so I wouldn't have to do it again, Ran it. Then directly afterwards, did RUN "H:CRIBBAGE.DSK" selected the first option, and it got a little further. It got to the point where it was able to set up the table on the screen. But that's it. It didn't go any further. Another thing though, is it didn't crash the emulator this time. It just.... didn't go any further. So I don't have any more data to go by from the Debugger, because it didn't give any when it stopped.
  9. OK,2 questions before I do this: 1. Does my typed-in file have to be named "CRIBBAGE.DSK"? Or is it ok for it to be as "CRIBBAGE.BAS", which is how I have it named now? 2. Would it be safe to add a RUN line at the end of this, like 250 RUN "D:CRIBBAGE.BAS" or 250 RUN "D:CRIBBAGE.DSK" (of course, which one of those I use depends on the answer of Question 1) or is that not a good idea? If not please explain.
  10. yeah it's a nickname they use in Mexico for what is called "Travellers' Diarrhea" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travelers'_diarrhea#Montezuma's_revenge I think the general TL;DR of it is it comes from a bacteria in the water and sometimes the food. The people who live there are immune to it, but visitors who are not used to consuming it will gt sick when doing so. As indicated by the article, it's not just a thing in Mexico, there are other places in the world where one can get it.
  11. hmmm I ran into another problem, which makes me wonder if that crash is actually my fault. There must be something that the AUTORUN.SYS is doing to it. Because I dropped the ATR of Side A into Altirra, and the game will run fine like that. BUT If I drop that same ATR into rossum's tool, save the game file(CRIBBAGE.DSK), rename with a .BAS extension(since Altirra wouldn't run it as .DSK), and run it - the same thing happens - it will load as far as the title screen, but if you press the FIRE button to make a selection and start the game, then it will go to a blank screen and the emulator will pop up a window say it has crashed due to a program error. This here is the debug output at the time of the crash: IDK what it means though.
  12. I did. I used rossum's tool and made a listing of it, and it's actually what I've been typing in for the past.week, maybe more now. I came back to this thread, because I was wondering if there was maybe something I missed. I finally finished typing in 2.0 this morning, and I ran it,. The title screen came up, which was kind of exciting, but by the way it looked, there were obvious indicators that something was wrong somewhere. Some of the framework didn't look right, like I had made a mistake typing somewhere. So I took advantage of the lack of a LIST block, and looked to see if I could fix it, examining the lines that (from what I could tell anyways) constructed the screen. Found a few mistakes, saved it and ran it again. Not totally fixed but better. But it was still wrong somehow even though I could find no further mistakes. I decided I would ponder away at that later(because loading and saving this huge program took forever), and examine further, to see if the actual game was working. So I pressed the Fire button on the Joystick to make a difficulty selection, and the screen went blank, and the game/computer froze. That got a big sigh and a "Well, shit." The whole thing was frustrating because I had spent all that time typing in the program, only for it to not work. It didn't help that I barely understood half of how it was working. But I have been wracking my brain at it for the past few hours, and I don't know where I went wrong. My hunch is that it's a variable typo somewhere that didn't get caught as an error, and there's no way to check for that, save going through the program again line by line, which would probably take another several days(that I didn't know if I was willing to spend) to work through it.
  13. I can't type this in, the lines are too long. And that list file looks like it's made for TurboBasic, which I don't have.
  14. It's a neat idea, but in that image the text is too big for the scroll.
  15. For @Jacques, and anyone else who might be confused my colored frame example is just that - just an example, to show the color that I was speaking of. I'm not suggesting he actually make it that way. He's free to make it however he likes.
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