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  1. eightbit, the tough part wasn't so much responding to user messages but rather keeping track of which users were interested in which items. I received messages from different users that made offers on between 5 and 10 items. Frequently, there was some overlap in the list of items different users were interested in purchasing. It quickly became apparent that this approach would be incredibly difficult to manage efficiently. For example, a user would offer, "$100 for the following 6 items." However, other users may have also been interested in a subset of those items (fyi - everyone seems to want the Indus GT drive). I didn't want to have a long exchange of emails with each user to narrow down the list of items that were still available and then agree upon a new price. I suspect if users only made offers on a single item at a time that may have made things simpler. I don't particularly like eBay as I think their fees are ridiculously high. I chose to go that route because I can list individual items at my pace, as my time permits. Their system will handle the offers, payment, and shipping details automatically. Whether I were to sell the items here or on eBay, I would still need to find the time to package and ship the items. Either way, these historically significant items will hopefully still end up in the hands of Atari enthusiasts and collectors rather than in the recycling bin. I'm not really sure why you think my original post was BS. Why would anyone pretend to want to sell some vintage computer gear, test most of those items, photograph all of those items, upload those photos, created a detailed spreadsheet, and then .... nothing? It makes no sense. The honest truth is as I laid it out in my original post. All of this Atari gear was my fathers (I grew up using much of it). He can no longer use it. My mother planned to get rid of it all. Being a computer enthusiast myself (non-Atari, sorry folks) I didn't want to see my fathers favorite thing (his collection of Atari gear accumulated over 40 years) brought to the electronics recycler. It just didn't seem right. I thought this forum would be the best way to redistribute my father's collection but it got complicated fast. Again, sorry if anyone was disappointed with the way my original post turned out. My original intentions were, and still are, genuine. This just wasn't going to work for me but I didn't realize that until after I started getting offers.
  2. OP here ... I apologize for dropping the ball on this. After making the original post two weeks ago, my inbox EXPLODED with offers and requests. It was seriously overwhelming. I had three to four people making offers on various different items, many dozens of offers in total, and I just couldn't effectively keep track of it all. Attempting to negotiate prices for such a large lot of items with so many different offers coming in was absolutely crazy. Especially since I wasn't entirely sure what a fair value would be for many of these items. Between work and family life (particularly around the holidays), I just couldn't find the time to respond to everyone or to work things out with those to whom I did respond. Honestly, I simply wasn't prepared for the type of response that I received on my original post. In lieu of this post, I have decided to post the items on eBay as I find the time. I have already posted a few items and it is certainly working better for me. I won't be posting my eBay auction links or my eBay userID here as I don't want to violate any forum rules. Sorry if I let anyone down.
  3. ======================== EDIT: These items are no longer available. ======================== I recently came into possession of a decent sized collection of Atari gear. I grew up playing games and computing on similar Atari hardware so I'm somewhat familiar with the gear. Despite most of the gear being in excellent condition, it was destined for a trip to the electronics recycler. Recognizing the historical significance of the gear, I snatched it up to ensure that it can live on. I'm looking to sell and redistribute the gear to the community of enthusiasts here to ensure that it can be preserved and enjoyed for many more years. I spent many hours cataloging, testing hardware, photographing everything, and uploading photos. I've done my best to test and verify the functionality of most of the gear in this listing. You can see a list of everything that I have here: https://bit.ly/2qeRtAA Each item includes link to an imgur.com posting with photos. Most items also include a note about the condition of the item. Sorry, it's not the most convenient way to view everything in one shot but it works for me. I didn't include prices on my spreadsheet as I don't really have the time to determine the value of each item. In many ways, the value is really determined by the community here anyway. I would simply ask, if you would like to make an offer for anything on the list, make it a reasonable offer. Also, keep in mind there are shipping costs. Some of the larger items may incur significant shipping costs. I can certainly offer local pickup for anyone in my area. I'm located in south central Pennsylvania (York, PA area). https://goo.gl/maps/bWMy8WTxebmbAu54A Contact me via email or PM if you're interested.
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