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  1. Problem solved. Windows 10 is picky about folder access. I set up DSK folders in my Windows user Documents folder, and Save/Old commands work as expected.
  2. I was delighted to find the Classic99 TI99/4A emulator this weekend and am enjoying back in time to when I was a hotshot kid writing games for this machine. As I am getting familiar with the emulator, though, I am finding I cannot save or retrieve programs to/from the virtual TI DSKs. When saving a program in TI Extended BASIC onto DSK1 I get the error message: I/O ERROR 67 And when trying to OLD a known file from DSK1 I get: I/O ERROR 50 Both errors appear to me (according to the disk controller manual) to indicate no disk drive is found- but Classic99 emulates them! Interestingly, if I try to run an Extended Basic program on DSK1: RUN DSK1.XBDEMO or RUN DSK1.FRED these programs run without a problem! I assume I am missing something simple but can't find it. I'd hate to have to give up on Classic99 but you have to be able to save programs... Thank you for any help you can provide!
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