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  1. Thanks to the help of a nice user here my Atari is complete again!
  2. I ordered this one: https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/atari-xl-xe-power-supply/ It works just fine. My original power supply still works but this one is a lot easier to use. They also sell thuis one: https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/atari-xl-xe-usb-power-cable/ You can buy a seperate adaptor as well.
  3. well still didn't hear anything. it's a bit strange that you want to order something but that the seller doesn't reply to the request
  4. he offers international shipping so I don't think this must be a problem as well..
  5. well I told him in an email that I'm interested in the name plate and a video cable that costs $ 15. So $ 25 together. I don't live in the USA so calling is a bit of an obstacle for me...
  6. well I want to do it by his rules. I first asked him to put the small part in an envellope but he didn't respond. If I tell him later that I want to order for $ 20 I think it is very strange to not get an answer. Isn't there a way yo place an order on the site? Do you have to email him for that?
  7. very strange way of doing bussiness if you ask me...
  8. well I don't give up on anyone if I want something, but I have the feeling Brad is ignoring me because I may have asked something he won't do. If I ask a question he can answer and not ignore me if he doesn't agree. But like I said I will try to get what I want. I ordered a remade badge (I showed pictures in this post before) and that isn not what I want...
  9. Well if he had a decent website he should have photos there of the products he sells.
  10. Yes I wrote Atari in the subject. Yes he has a minimum of $ 20. In that way it helped that the praise was raised from $ 5 to $ 10.. lol I understand that you are a bit sarcastic towards him. I can understand why. But the whole website is a bit messy. It was made ages ago but these days you can make much better websites. I asked for a picture of the name plate. If it is actually the same as the original I will go for it...
  11. Can someone tell me how I can order from this website? http://www.best-electronics-ca.com When i send an email I don't get a reply.. I think the website is not that easy to use. Are there pictures available for all products? I can only find some text about the name plate. And I see it costs $ 10 instead of $ 5 now...
  12. comparing to the RF output comnposite is much better. I have the 800XL. Maybe there is a difference between NTSC or Pal? My colors are not darker. S-Video is a bit sharper I guess but not that much. I have the horizontal smearing with some bad quality s-video cables like I explained above. But again, chroma is not connected as well.
  13. I was wondering if it is possible to make a significant change to the XL case. I really like the case but I find the ventilation holes a bit useless. I think it will look much better to have these closed but keeping the structure. I have seperate leds connected to my Sdrive so I don't like to see the leds on the Arduino itself through these holes. It will look like on the original 1010 or the smaller replica cases (810, 1050). what do you think about this?
  14. I compared the cable I ordered from 8-bit classics.com (din on one side and s-video, audio L/R and composite video on the other side) with one I made myself. As base for my own made cable I used the cable on the other picture with din on one side and on the other side 4 RCA plugs where each one is matching a pin of the din and all ground goes to the middle pin. The colors are as follows: black = audio, white = composite video, red = chroma and yellow = luma. Composite video has the same result with both cables but S-video act differently. First I have to say that my 800XL doesn't have a modifiaction on the monitor connection so the chroma connection should be missing. I made a short cable myself (the 3rd cable) I cut a s-video cable in 2 and connected 2 female RCA plugs to the 4 wires, one is for luma (black) and the other is for chroma (red). I attach this cable to the other cable so i have din to s-video now. Both cables measure the same but give a different picture compared to when i use the composite video plug. The cable from 8-bit classics gives a picture that is a bit sharper than composite video, seems to have all the colors but has vertical lines. The cable I made myself gives an incorrect picture. It has a bit of red/purple glow. On my cable i can disconnect one of the 2 signals. when i disconnect the luma signal I get nothing and when I disconnect chroma only I see no difference. in my oppinion this is logical because chroma is not connected inside my 800XL. Or is it that maybe my 800XL has the chroma pin present and are the vertical lines with the cable from 8-bit classics caused by interference? In that case I should get a better picture with a soldered cable. I said before that chroma alone doesn't work. Does that have to do with sync and does it never work by itselves? I also put the chroma and luma RCA plugs of my cable in the composite video input. With chroma of course nothing happens. With the luma I get the same result that I get with the luma+chroma rca to s-video cable I made.. So what should be the difference in picture bewteen a din to s-video where the 800XL (or other computer) has chroma and luma present and one that has chroma missing? what kind of pictures should I get then? I was told a black & white picture? That is not what I get in al situations.. I also soldered a cable. I used the other halve of the S-video cable I cut in 2 and soldered a din plug on the other side. It makes no difference in picture with the other cable I made. So I'm wondering what happens with the cable from 8-Bit Classics. Why does that picture look different since it measures exactly the same? Can someone explain the difference I get? Why does the cable from 8-bit classics gives a color picture on my unmodified ? 800XL? Like I said both cables measure exactly the same. I can show pictures of both results maybe... I hope someone can clear this mystery for me!
  15. how can I check if chroma is oresent in my Atari 800XL? With the cable from *-bit classics i get a color picture with the s-video plug connected. It only has some vertical lines.
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