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  1. I think it looks nice but I think a miniature version doesn't make any sense.
  2. The case I have in mind is a bit of a combination between this one and the XL case.. To be honest I don't like the case to be a a smaller version of a diskdrive or tape recorder. But I do like the extra features like switch and leds..
  3. is it also possible to make the text and logo in another colour?
  4. For this Sdrive I need the case. You can see the leds and switch here
  5. Yes this looks good! what I have so far is the enclosed file but it doesn't have the gaps filled. The file I have has the stylus holder on the other side, but I think this is much better. The lead hole on that side yes but not at the bottom but a bit higher. What is missing in my stl file are holes for the 2 leds and the switch. I think the only place to put them is on the front. Leds left of the Atari logo and switch right of the Atari logo. So I think if you continue with your file is to add the text on top and the logo on the front and move the hole for the lead a bit higher and center it between the 2 connections. And at last to add a hole for the switch with the letters S and E and 2 small holes for the leds. I do have an example of the switch. It was done on another case. SDRive Max Case Tweaks-3.stl
  6. No that was not directed to you.
  7. ok, i will do that. It is true that I asked for it a while back. Sompe people promised to help me but didn't hear from them anymore..
  8. well I don't have much to show.. There are some variations posted here but they don't have the closes holes... I can see if i can find the one that comes most close...
  9. I have these leds on leads that can be mounted to the case. So the leds inside are of no use for me...
  10. ok, well I never used such software before. Some advised me to use Thinkercad. I don't even have a 3D printer myself. I only have some ideas on how to improve the design of the XL case so I can use it for my Sdrive Max... I saw some variations of the plain XL several cases ( and also some total different designs) and they all have something that would make the original design much better. So what I have in mind is adding them all to one design. But like I said I don't have any experience with software and 3D printing..
  11. well that won't be much. If printing the whole case costs about $ 5 material it doesn't make sense at all. I think it will look much better and you don't see the leds blinking inside.
  12. Hello, I'm still trying to change the design of the XL case a bit. Is someone able to help me with it? The most important changes that I want is to flip the case so that the cable comes out of the side where the connections are, to close the centilation holes but keeping the structure and to add a stylus holder. I hope someone is able to give me some advise!
  13. Hello, I have a question about the Sdrive Max. With control-L you can switch to long file names. However when you reboot the Sdrive it is turned off again. Is it possible to save it to the cfg file so that it is turned on all the time?
  14. Thanks to the help of a nice user here my Atari is complete again!
  15. I ordered this one: https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/atari-xl-xe-power-supply/ It works just fine. My original power supply still works but this one is a lot easier to use. They also sell thuis one: https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/atari-xl-xe-usb-power-cable/ You can buy a seperate adaptor as well.
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