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  1. No, it's only playable on the console that it is installed on. But you would not need the internet for that console after the first time.
  2. I think the original warranty was through Mattel... maybe you could check with them? 😂
  3. I think it's probably past the warranty date. Just a feeling though.
  4. I'm only tangentially "in the know" from what I overhear in the office (or overheard, when that was still allowed). But, based on that, I would pay much more attention to having fun and unique ideas, rather than worrying about what platform it runs on. Technology/hardware is just the tool to enhance the experience.
  5. I'd suggest getting in contact with the developers email that Tommy mentioned earlier. They can answer your questions better, and help you through the development process. I wouldn't worry about targeting your demo specifically for the Amico until you have it up and running on other hardware. The Amico team is very much about helping developers and small studios, but they do like to see a proven track record on any type of hardware first. Finish a game demo or two (even better if you release a game!), come up with a killer concept, and then start talking to the team.
  6. Hey, @Tommy Tallarico, We should make a black and white console! That hybrid unit looked pretty sweeet!
  7. The engineering team has slowly been moving in for a month, particularly the mechanical engineers so that they can have a centralized place for their testing equipment. Electrical and software engineers are making their way in as well. We're still very limited about what we can do due to Covid restrictions, so most people are still remote.
  8. Yes, we definitely want more behind the scenes videos! (Speaking for the masses, I can make these videos whenever I want. )
  9. The lack of technology isn't the reason that Amico doesn't support network games right now. The whole point of couch co-op is to bring people together, especially for our first target demographic... young families. Having your family (and eventually friends, once Covid is finally reduced as a worry) laughing, yelling, hitting each other (hopefully in a friendly manner, but sometimes brothers can be hard on each other, LOL), etcetera, while in the same room. You can't have this interaction over the internet. My best friend and I skype a couple times a week, playing various games cooperatively with each other. While we are happy that we have that chance to "hang out", we both want nothing more than to get together and play in the same room, which is just, sadly, not possible right now. (He's in an extremely high risk group.) Once Amico has a wide install base, and if our customers are clamoring for it, we might add network support. But it's not a year one, or probably even a year two or three, priority.
  10. I remember back in the PS3 / XBOX 360 / Wii days, there was a website that tracked the console wars. I'm hoping for something similar this time around. 🙂 (Not that we're competing against those consoles, but just as interesting information.)
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