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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwPuuqTxV-I As an Atari 8-Bit Fanatic, this made my day!
  2. Oh, I love Sea of Colour, this is what I meant by the fade in/out with hundreds of colours, and that soundtrack...!
  3. As I said, I had an ST before I had an Amiga, and I definitely remember playing mods with samples from the STampede disk magazine. And I've seen Spectrum 512, and ST/E demos that put hundreds of colours on screen at once, even fade ins and outs. Interlace on Amiga? Couldn't get enough of it. Seriously, I got used to it in the end, even on a TV. And I used to put PC floppies in my A1200 all the time, no problems there, except maybe for the differences concerning line feeds and carriage returns Did the ST have "chip RAM"? I thought that was an Amiga thing only.
  4. 1st paragraph: Hahahaha! You're DELUSIONAL, Atari030! What games and demos would "silence" us? Please, do tell. 2nd paragraph: Fair enough, the Falcon had brand-spanking-new audio hardware whilst the A1200's was unchanged, so MODs were the same or clearer. But you listen to MODs on the ST as well? You LIKE that awful, scratchy sound?
  5. Good luck trying to do that here. And I'd do it to you as well.
  6. The keyboards are what I mean. How many people bought an Atari ST and then decided to buy a MIDI keyboard to go with it? Did I not make that obvious? I'm sure the price doubled to at least £600 with both!
  7. #20 And where DOES the ST "come into its own"? Every time I hear Atarians defend the ST over the Amiga, they usually spout how "the processing speed of the ST is faster", or "the ST can do MIDI" - I respond that "the Amiga custom chips make up exceedingly well for any shortfall in the processing speed, and essentially can do more stuff that the ST simply can't", and "what use is MIDI if you have to pay for an expensive secondary hardware add-on just to use it? I don't think many people have cheap MIDI keyboards". And yes, I have owned an ST myself, so I'm not speaking from ignorance.
  8. I have no idea what you mean by that. I don't use MAME.
  9. I tried to run Sea of Colour by DHS on Hatari a long time ago but found it was rather sluggish and had problems, and it took a long time to load as well. I have used Steem SSE for a long time and found it faster, but in the last year Steven changed the "wait state" aspect of the emulator and there were glitches from then on, and Steem SSE has never had the best sound emulation in particular as it is.
  10. This Steven Seagal is prone to hissy fits and closing his webpage down, and his emulator has become sucky lately. Why shouldn't I use Hatari instead?
  11. Never mind, I seem to have reverted it without any problems, I simply deleted the .ini when Altirra wasn't running.
  12. When I last checked the homepage for Steem SSE, I found that he had taken it down as a result of some disagreement with another Atari user on a forum, so has Steem SSE development been halted or what?
  13. I'm on the latest Altirra and it doesn't do this anymore, just creates a new .ini file.
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