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  1. Oh silly warner bros. Ruining our biggest chance. Could have had our hands on that game a long time ago! But we got this year with a 50% chance!! Hope that one owner wasn't lying about releasing the rom this year..
  2. Hey everyone.. weird question. If any of you played marble madness 2 marble man. Dose any of you know how it sounds when you put a coin into the game? Dose it share a similar sound with the first marble madness game? Or perhaps paperboy or roadblaster just in a different transpose?? If so pls reply. someone did say that the game overall has similar music to the first game so that's why I'm pretty cerious about how the coin sound effect is. I find it cute.
  3. I have seen that game before! I own an xbox 360!! Is it free? Or does it cost money??
  4. I mean yeah but at least stop by and say something like hi or how our days have been. I like this chat. And it feels good to see active people here.
  5. Anyone still active here? Please reply if you are! I don't want anyone to forget about this conversation. I always have dreams of marble madness 2 being played for real and I keep thinking it's real!! I hope the rom for this game releases so I won't have those constant dreams and wake up really pissed.
  6. Been a while since anyone has said anything....
  7. True point. There is covid 19 but if you go a few pages back like to page 1 I think his names supergun got to talk with an owner in flordia. And he confirmed that the owner would release the rom. I just hate how doubtful you guys are. Even if the rom isn't going to happen it's not right to be so negative and not having faith into anything. Because I for one actually love atari prototypes and when I here exiting news i never have my Hope's down
  8. Idk why there is an orange light button. Idk what it was meant for either
  9. But there is always hope with a 50% chance so stop being doubtful 🙄
  10. Time really flys 😅 it’ll be November before we all know it!! Can’t wait to get my hands on marble man!!
  11. I’ll try.. anyways do you know if flordia free play is open or not? Coronavirus is hitting the world pretty hard
  12. Exactly! That’s what I was trying to figure out. The website would just say that but not even an arcade cabinet picture or any pictures of the game.
  13. Ey you know how them system 2 games got that sound when you insert a coin. DOIIIIIIIIIIIIING lol. Wished the game could have been a thing so I could hear that
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