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  1. That explains why most Atari games had that bell sound effect when you insert a coin. Dose anyone know what that sound effect is called?
  2. Got banned from that topic I created, read some of the things you guys talked about while logged out, and I'm good in asking for roms now. Didn't know it was That rude and serious. I always saw it as a way to play a retro game digitally and have fun with it. But nope. That's not the case at all.. Putting that aside. Dose anyone know how many levels there are in this game? I forgot honestly.
  3. I don't believe there are any other machines that exist. And I already said that I wouldn't bother asking for the rom if I actually were able to talk to him. Image still going on to someone even when they admit there in the wrong.
  4. ... I already said I wouldn't ask for rom dumps if I ever got contact with him. If you Actually read what was all going on in the topic. I'm just gonna guess you're all just gonna come at me considering this argeument ended hours ago? Thought so..
  5. That's basically what I just said. I guess I just ignore the group? No way to actually get rid of it??
  6. I'm really questioning why you guys are so worried about the future. I only made this topic like a day ago.. but that's okay. Is there a way to get rid of this useless topic? Or sense you're a mod. Could you delete the topic??
  7. Who said that everyone all of you guys have a problem? Quit worrying about the future! You never know when to shut the fuck up!! It's only 2020. I'm still young. Literally shut the fuck up already!! Can't baise this on maturity either!! as I already asked you to shut you're mouth the first time!! don't try it my nigga
  8. Don't believe me? I'll ask right now. And stop with this "big guy" thing. It's really not necessary to say. In fact why are you still running you're mouth? Dosen't this just prove how much if a child you are? Just go do something eles, move on because I'm going to ignore this topic soon anyways. I can't tolerate cringy people like you. savage wanna be.
  9. My mom would not even spend her money just so I can talk with some owner. She actually pays for important stuff. Not stupid shit. Especially the fact that you want me to ask the owner stupid questions
  10. Sure it's the other way around. You litteraly came at me after I said that I don't even have contact with the owner on this topic. Why did you even have to write a hole essay on a small topic? I can't even pay on that website yet. I still have time before I even get a credit card or something to pay for that website which means I can spend time learning on how to mature. So you basically wasted you're time here. Either way I'm going to learn. Now please Just stop running you're mouth!!
  11. Imagine trying to make someone a bad guy over a small little topic. Then bring maturity into the small topic like an absolute dumbass.
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