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  1. I’m bias as a Lefty myself also Shigeru Miyamoto, is also a lefty. And Link was supposed to honor that trait. But, honestly I believe the game should have the option to choose your handiness instead of assuming that just because Right handed is majority it’s proper for the player. Can’t be that hard to patch in a feature of choosing the hand.
  2. Proud collector of .....Magnavox Odyssey2, Coleco: ColecoVision/ Expansion Module 1, Nintendo: Famicon A/V mod, Nes/BLW, SNES (broken tabs), N64, GB Pocket, GBA SP, DSi, Wii, Switch, SEGA Genesis/ CD/ 32X/ Power Base Converter, XBOX 360, PS2 (Free MCBoot), PS3 1st Gen, Vita, PSTV, Atari: 520 ST, Commodore: PET 2001, CBM 8032, C46, Amiga (all PAL): 500, 600, 1200T, MorphOS MorphBook G4, Apple: IIe, from 68k- PPC G4 - Intel Core 2 duo (over 10 various), NVIDIA SHIELD Handheld & TV....more...

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