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  1. Yeah another USB port can be handy Or..... (8) 10 PORT USB 3.0 HUBS. Now I have 80 ports Muahahah
  2. Great work, sir. There are so many nifty things you can do using µCU's these days. Really people like Mark Marlette who have been using µCU's for keyboard adapters for a long time. Like Mark Marlette's XT Keyboard interface, AT Keyboard interface, and his more current PS/2 Keyboard interface. Just PS/2 keyboard and Mice at some point will become harder to find and USB is the standard right now. So why not try to take advantage of them. Just like people back in the day for the CoCo 1 that after market mechanical keyboard upgrade. Ed Snider (Zippster) has made a more modern CoCo 3 mechanical keyboard that will work just fine on the CoCo 1 or 2. The Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer's has been a large tinkerer/hacker type system. People have always been hacking on their CoCo's to get them to do things that Tandy just never intended and personally at the end of the day. It is the right of the machines owner to decide how they want to fix, upgrade, and maintain their systems. :D Isn't that right MrDave? :)
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