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  1. Ok so are you looking for a rom solution or a hardware fix now ?
  2. Will this internal ram mod conflict with the external ram ? I have seen a problem with this somewhere..
  3. Here is my latest working revision..
  4. My first coco was a 16k. It will be limited but still alot you can do.. and you can always program on a emulator like xroar or vcc.
  5. I am going to try and redesign the coco joystick into something more comfortable to use..this is my very first cad design .so i have a bit to learn ..lol 20210220_183843.mp4
  6. Speed racer ? This is a good one ..
  7. The fujitsu jad nice graphics !
  8. I would like to run 2x6309's in series.. 16bit bus available.. some shared ram between the 2 and 2gig addressable ram . It could run as a normal coco3 or have programs use both cpus together.
  9. Ed sniders Gime x is a coco3 upgrade that will give you 256 vga colors up to 640 wide resolution.. turbo speed modr.. 2.6x instead of 1.78mhz.. And i find programming with the 6309 cpu gives a big speed increase in programming power. You don't need a faster car if you know a good shortcut But having a faster car.. thats good too !
  10. Here was my solution for a coco that has no rf or 1372 circuit..very simple solution ..
  11. Thats a pretty good video..thanks
  12. Yes the atari only uses 2 pins of the 3 from the variable resistor. To wire it up for coco 1 side of the pot goes to ground the otherside to positive..the middle to the X (or y) the button gets on side to ground and to the button wire of the coco.. i might add a switch to choose x or y... but works great so far
  13. I split up some atari paddles and convered one to coco the other is going to my vectrex.. It's an easy conversion...
  14. Im still working oh this game for a spring release ! https://youtu.be/FBQJJqElqYM
  15. Hi im trying to find a bunch of blank pcb's to make some games for my atari 800xl
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