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  1. Making some final changes .. new layout 8s like blue keys.. now has optional led's and rgb led power indicator.
  2. So first load extended basic onto the rom... then load basic with offset 2000 The coco maps it to 8000 h and A000 h Good luck
  3. You need to burn exteded basic on the first half and regular color badic on the second half
  4. Yeah , my buddy has a nice retro setup
  5. I have a buddy with one..i will ask him..
  6. No problem , my latest board revision are in transit to me right now there will be a variety of color combination and 62 keys 2 are hardware mapable ..can be used as extra fire buttons.. and had a lightup spacebar as power indicator
  7. Paint shops can color match it and put it in a can for you.. Are you in the coco discord ? We would love to see your restauration projects..
  8. I would go deep purple ..lol I think the 8 bit guy did a video on painting one.
  9. Probably will, i have a coco1 with a melty keyboard..i will check soon
  10. If you feel like it ypu csn take a picture of the motherboard and post it then we will know whats up
  11. It will say extended color basic on boot if you have it.. As for lowercase If you hit shift zero you will normally get inverse text So if you type POKE 359,57. (ENTER) POKE 65314,16. (ENTER) now try shift zero If you have the ti video chip you will see true lowercase letters while typing The computer wont understand it though So commands like cls wont work unless uppercase. But you can use it in text..
  12. That a great coco2 ! I have one like that.. does it use the 2 ram chips , ahd does it have 64k and extended basic and true lowercase (t1chip) ?
  13. No, i'm not too familiar with this machine.. I have a model 100 , havent used it yet though..
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