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  1. MrDave


    Its funny , the 1372 chip in the modulator can output composite and so can the video chip ( sort of ) i went straight from the vdg and played with that.. it dosen't have to be as funky as my picture lol i wascjust having fun with it
  2. MrDave


    Value will go up with better video..
  3. MrDave


    I had to replace my power supply capacitors on my coco2.. many machines from that era are having their caps go.. I would say , if you have a super nice coco in box with manuals etc all original maybe dont break the sticker if you don't have to.. Otherwise open it up and have some fun ! I did !
  4. My vote is for the coco computer.. there is a strong community with a weekly youtube show.. weekly game challenge, you can find coco stuff all over the place..even Ebay prices can be reasonable.. its a fun and easy machine to hack. 2nd is the msx ! I knew nothing of these systems untill recently and there are many models of machines great colorfull games ( but the carts are pricey ! )
  5. This little machine is fun for games..
  6. I just got into the msx computers in 2020 very capable machines.,, i really love the casio mx 10 and my panasonic msx a1. The games are really fun and 8 look foward to doing some sprite graphics.
  7. Well i used a composite - vga converter from amazon for 20$ ..there must be lots of vga monitors around.. this can be done under 50$ !
  8. A coco 'raid' wouldn't that be efficient lol
  9. Having a usb port on my retro machine was so handy i put in a second one ! Lol
  10. This came with a to i bought so what does it do ? Is it for joysticks?
  11. Unfortunately that country can't ship to canada at the moment..any other ideas ?
  12. Hmm im having trouble finding somewhere to purchase the avg cart etc.. maybe im overtired lol
  13. Hi just got my first atari. A 800xl Whats a good sd card reader that would allow me to run games and programs from the cart slot or expansion port ?
  14. We're playing Downland as our weekly game challenge on cocotalk if anyone wants to join just take a photo of your score / game and you can enter before friday 22 may 2020 I will remind people of your awesome mario version again..lol
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