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  1. A little fyi. I figured out a 60% size keyboard is the right size for coco2 & 3 ! This one is a usb c rgb one but i have it remapped and working great !
  2. Looks like you have a big project on your hands lol.. clean everything inside and look for any capacitors that leaked or are bubbled up .. change them and any others that look old.. look for any broken solder traces.. as for programs you can easily download some wave files and transfer them using the cassette port. Then save them to your diskdrives.. and yes with the machine unplugged spray any switches or pots with contact cleaner an move them back and forth especially those 2. Video brightness and contrast wheels.. Good luck
  3. I wonder how difficult it would be a put a better CPU in the ti ? Like a high speed 6309 ?
  4. Hey that's good news.. one of the best tools for older boards is your eyes ! If it does not look right., it probably isn't.
  5. Yes i should be a little more detailed about ckeaning the board. UNPLUG MACHINE Use compressed air.. alchool & swabs to clean your board Then inspect for any faults . Like john said cracked solder joints... check all the capacitors if they have leaked or are bubbled up slightly on top. Even without test equippment you can do alot. Good luck
  6. I would clean the board with 99% alcohol. Remove chips from the socket and clean . Then with a q tip wipe a little wd-40 on the pins and re socket everything .. especially the big chip near the video out, that's the video chip
  7. The first poke &h0167,&h30 stops the video chip from resetting everytime a character is displayed and the &hff22, sets the video mode for lowercase, invert text , background color and graphics mode. So from low to high dont poke bits 0,1,2. They have nothing to do with video. Bit 3 is green (0) or orange (1) if your coco can do it.. so poke &hff22,08 will get you orange if available. The next bit is true lowercase on. Ie poke &hff22,18 lowercase and orange.. the next bit is inverse color. The next bit if background color. So &hff22,30 gets you green background , inverse text, and lowercase.. if your coco supports it.
  8. Not sure about commercial software.. but text based applications like edtasm etc are alot nicer like this
  9. My sweet coco2 6309e / 6809e ..dual cpu ..dual eprom !
  10. Ok so I have this figured out now On alot of coco2's even in xroar ( coco2b mode) Poke &H0167,&H39 Poke &HFF22,&H78 The first command locks out basic from resetting the vdg the second is a poke into the vdg the 7 can be a 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 and the second digit an 8 for orange or 0 for green The top bits are for wideScreen..inverse,,lowercase. Try it out !
  11. Funny from basic i can poke at ff22 to change modes to real lower case.. orange background orange or green outside border and inverse the screen too ! It looks like orange on dark red really cool.. but as soon as basic tried to print it put it back to green lol. If i cant find it in rom i may hardware attack the vid chip !
  12. Pin 9 on the cartridge connecor , or on the + side of one of the 100uf caps like c15. Or the live side of the casette relay should all have +5 volts ., please check with a volt meter first.. i don't have a coco3 in front of me..
  13. Im sorry to hear you had a sinclair...
  14. 512k coco is a great machine., i had installed a small fan in mine when i has one. You can easily find a small fan from a computer repair shop that only needs 5 volts. I would say it does get quite warm without the fan .. for the 2$ cost of a fan i would stay on the safe side..coco3's. Are getting to be rare...
  15. When i piggy back soldered in my 6309 on top of the 6809 cpu a couple of pins had a bad connection and funny enough the background was orange with no text.. but im sure the basic rom must till the vdg which starting mode to use...
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