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  1. Floppy, carts, then tapes.. i got my first disk drive for my coco ..very late in the game..
  2. Well if rogue is os9 game you must first boot up os9 then run it from there..
  3. Sorry , work and other projects have slowed down stuff.. i will get back on this soon..
  4. Oh, and we all get the garbled screen during loading, so don''t panic.. but get at least a 512k
  5. It was how their ranks were assigned
  6. Its gonna be a pretty cool action adventure ! Wing commander meets starfox !
  7. I was working on the 3d printed bezel.. and testing ( its gonna work perfect though ) and i was distracted by work etc.. should be a few ready before september
  8. Latest update / testing more sprites..now full 6309 mode on vcc emulator
  9. Thanks, i think i should be able to test it out this weekend
  10. NE. error means the computer cant find the disk Mount your drive ( .dsk file ) with a DRIVE O,"MYDISK.DSK"
  11. Check your local ads for best deals..as it may come with extras.. ebay prices are going up.. but if you get a clean machine for under $140 with shipping your doing ok,
  12. Thanks guys ! I am working on it as we speak..lol
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