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  1. This trs 80 is better than a electro mechanical relay computer ! I highly reccomend it
  2. Computers are just a fad.. you should get inyo shortwave radio
  3. Lol i had the cico speech sound cart way back.. very robot voice
  4. I have a project that would work good with this.. its not finished but works.. its a coco game card reader for rasp pi .. so emulators like pi and vcc, xroar can play original games from carts . Here its being tested on one of my eprom carts..
  5. No problem, was one of my first hacks was to put a 32k rom with a switch on the high address so it was like 2 diffrent roms,so i had my own hacked version at the flip of a switch
  6. 512k is great on the coco3 , even from basic you can use this memory for all kinds of cool stuff.. you can hold alot of graphics .. etc And now you can play joust
  7. You need a 16k (128) 28 pin eprom with ecb flashed to the lower 8k and color basic in the top half of the rom , then change those 128/64 jumpers to 128k (128/8 bit = 16k bytes)
  8. This is actually a great and inovative way to get access to files and drives keeping your coco original looking without wires tied to a pc or other drives. Great for an original setup with a vintage tv.
  9. Rocky Hill has a replacement mother board made for coco2 and coco3.. ed snider has the gime x . Things are looking good
  10. If your coco2 has the 28 pin socket with a 24 pin rom in it ..you need to move a bunch of jumpers from the 64 to 128 , ( 128 k bit is a 16k rom , 128/8 ) then you have to burn the 2 rom images on the same eprom. The extended basic in the lower half and the regular basic in the top half...make sense. ?
  11. I have coco pcb boards with / without leds thst can bank switch larger roms or put original games on them if you need some
  12. There is not much limit what can be done with a covo.. the mooh can give 2 meg i believe coco vga gives vga out + lots of tweaking to fonts etc.. i gave mine wifi and usb.. sloopy sells wifi boards to put in your coco to access drivewire.. here was my coco2 last year..
  13. It helped with sales.. made it look likeca office computer
  14. First keyboard went out for testing .. i will post a video of it in action soon.. th8s one has 3 leds : 1 rgb led under keyboard
  15. Floppy, carts, then tapes.. i got my first disk drive for my coco ..very late in the game..
  16. Well if rogue is os9 game you must first boot up os9 then run it from there..
  17. Sorry , work and other projects have slowed down stuff.. i will get back on this soon..
  18. Oh, and we all get the garbled screen during loading, so don''t panic.. but get at least a 512k
  19. It was how their ranks were assigned
  20. Its gonna be a pretty cool action adventure ! Wing commander meets starfox !
  21. I was working on the 3d printed bezel.. and testing ( its gonna work perfect though ) and i was distracted by work etc.. should be a few ready before september
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