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  1. Looking for the original cartridge with the overlay. If anyone has it to sell, let me know thank you.
  2. I'd like to comment on Super Demon Attack, interesting how the topic has come up again (I was reading the posts from 2018). Here's some theories running through my head: 1) As for the bug with the boss at level 2 (can't shoot fast enough), I think the game was originally programmed to run at 50Hz, since you can defeat the boss onto level 3. The difference in display refresh rate must have something to do with the response time in firing. At 60Hz it's almost impossible to defeat. Some techniques I've tried is holding the Q (fire button on keyboard) along with fire button on joystick, or holding both fire buttons down on the joysticks. 2) If the theory is true that the game was programmed at 50Hz, it would make sense that the speech programmed in sounds British. In Britain, the standard used is PAL 50Hz. Why the speech was later removed remains uncertain. My theory on this is it may have been considered too offensive for young children and TI decided to remove it. Another reason they made a last ditch attempt thinking if they removed the speech components it would speed up the game so you could defeat the boss on level 2. Regardless, I think the speech should have been kept, it adds a nice dimension to the gameplay. All of the other Imagic games include speech.
  3. I did some research, the only mention of the misspelling I could find is on Wikipedia. I wonder if anyone owns a cartridge with the correct spelling? You'd think TI would've noticed this shortly after release, but best I can tell all cartridges have the bug.
  4. Many of us are aware of the misspelling of Asteroid in Parsec (as "Asteriod"). Question for the group: does anyone own a cartridge in which the misspelling is corrected? I have 3 cartridges, one black w/purple label, black w/red label, beige w/red label... all of them exhibit the misspelling.
  5. Interesting, the P. U. isn't listed as a phrase. From what I can remember, it was either 1) how to approached the skunk (from the front or back end) and/or 2) it was programmed specifically in one cartridge and not others. I wonder if this was programmed initially in some of the earliest cartridge releases, then later omitted for it being considered offensive? I'm almost certain I've heard the speech phrase in person (although 37 years ago!)
  6. Playing Alpiner recently brought me back to my elementary school days. Our school had many TI's, used primarily for educational purposes. I remember my teacher commenting to me once about the skunk; he told me if you approach it a certain way, the speech synthesizer would say "P. U.!" (slang for something stinky). I haven't had any luck duplicating this, but is anyone familiar with this on how this could be done? I'm curious!
  7. Any audio samples or gameplay footage? Would be awesome to hear or see it!
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