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  1. Would be fun. I played a few games this morning. I may be done with it for now. Will play some Frogger next week.
  2. I always seem to have my best games end just before I’d earn another life!
  3. It’s so easy to crash. I’ve had many games where I crashed before the “start of the game tone” is even finished. Defender is giving me an abs workout making me lean forward so often to hit the reset button! 😬
  4. A baiter got me when I had just one swarmer to kill to finish the wave, or I would have made my 30k goal!
  5. It’s hard and frustrating. I’ve been playing a lot of games at a sitting, with many resets. Having fun but playing with a compulsion to get 30k. Had a couple of games close to beating my PR but not quite. Swarmers are the worst. I can go back and forth through them many times, inexplicably missing hitting the last 1 or 2 over and over. Maneuverability is quite tricky when trying to catch falling humanoids. I hate it when I crash stupidly into a slow moving bomber.
  6. 1st attempt. I’m pretty sure this is the best I’ve ever done on this game. 28,375
  7. This is a 264. Sometimes the display goes glitchy on the final score screen.
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