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  1. At Silver Creek Metro Park in Norton, Ohio, on a cross country/disc golf course.
  2. I told ya my family liked Bump ‘N’ Jump. We told a walk in a park tonight and my daughter said that the colorful fields reminded her of the scenery in Bump ‘N’ Jump.
  3. So which # is the last unique roadway before it starts repeating? With five roadways used for four seasons you must get the same roadway patterns differently colored and labeled for the different seasons?
  4. The way to do a competition without the no-crash bonus would be to see who can get the highest score up to 49900. You’d have to be really good to cross 50,000 in a game without that bonus.
  5. I do agree that 50,000 is probably too high of a bonus. It unbalances the gameplay towards the one strategy of not crashing cars. You can’t really come close to 50K by trying to crash cars. And crashing a lot of cars is dangerous to your own car’s survival. I wish the game would display the roadway number/season on the final score screen so we could compete on how far we get in the game as well as on score. A long lasting great game can score a lot lower than a shorter game due to the bonus situation.
  6. Winter. Wasted way too many cars driving them into the water with bad jump timing.
  7. Hmmm. Now that I read what I wrote, it doesn't completely make sense - What about the 2nd Summer & 2nd Fall? Did I get to those? Maybe? For some reason I just remember that I couldn't get to the second Winter. Anyway, get well soon Jacob.
  8. I've had Bump 'N' Jump since 1983. It was a family favorite back then and again later with my kids. It's an outstanding game that looks great and plays great. The farthest I've made it in the game is to the 2nd Spring. I could never get to the 2nd Winter. So I'll be interested to see how far the great players here get. The game gives some fun surprises on the roadways as you advance. It keeps you on your toes.
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