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  1. I was thinking maybe infiltrate or international soccer could be "imp"
  2. sway3

    Atari Memorabilia

    I have a couple items: Sealed Pac Man & Mrs Pac Man for NES (Namco version) Pac Man gumball machine Glass Pac Man shot glass and a juice glass Nintendo wall stickers - huge 3 foot stickers of mario etc and various odds and ends previously mentioned
  3. Hey, sorry - have been away. I don't have the ability to transfer my vhs to computer (at least I don't think I do). So, I can make you a copy of the tape once things slow down around here... just slip me an email with the delivery address. [email protected]
  4. Ok, man the holidays really kicked my butt! I would like to say though that I distributed (sold) over 40 complete Atari 2600 systems in December alone - and I recommended this site to EVERYONE. So far, I have heard only high positives about all the memories their 2600 brings back. My goals for 2003: Win my legal battle! Open my store - Retro Games World Set up my website - www.retrogamesworld.com Finish my eBook "How I turned my atari collecting hobby into a $70,000 a year business." Attend GCE Read all the Atari books I just purchased this month and take a spanish language course I have purchased: Machine Language for Beginners, Mapping the Atari, Atari for the Beginning Beginner, The User's Guide to Atari, Atari Sound and Graphics, Advanced Programming Techniques for Your Atari, The Atari Assembler, 101 Atari Programming Tips and Tricks, and The Ultimate History of Video Games. I am a fast reader (I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy in 6 days), but this will take some time. I'll probably read them all cover to cover and then read them again.
  5. I won an auction on ebay back in october for a vhs tape of atari commercials... decent I guess. Only had a few commercials I haven't been able to find already on the net.
  6. quote: Originally posted by jahfish: when you have to think about the days you wait for your stuff, just think how much time some of your games have waited for you to find them and play them again. Excellent advice, thanks!
  7. quote: Originally posted by King_Asmo: I wouldn't worry about it Sway3.. the guy should have sent your stuff *weeks* ago, and he didn't.. which is pretty lousy, if you ask me. True. However, I have made mistakes before too. Once I even sold 2 atari system with 100 games each, 1 was a 7800 and the other a 2600. The mistake is that I switched addresses and sent them each the wrong system - one to NC and the other to Great Britain! (Yes, I eventually fixed it.) Now, the difference between my mistake and this one is that I wasn't personally blasted on a popluar internet message board for my mistake. Although inadvertently, that is what I have ultimately done. Sorry if I'm rambling, but you can see by the times over my posts that this has all happened in a reletively short period of time. I'm still debating what I should do?
  8. ACK!! I just read albert's post and I feel horrible. I only intended to post a "situation" that I was frustrated with... I NEVER meant to call or name names. I have personally emailed my contact and directed them here. I also will delete every post I made and re-title this 'sway3 is a jerk' if need be. ...okay, I just heard "you got mail." Seems my contact doesn't mind? I still feel bad. I think I will leave it as is, but change my title a bit...
  9. quote: Originally posted by sway3: Let me consider it.... ummm... no. Hmmm, well, I just sent him an apology for any hard feelings ~ as I really did feel I was scammed. Will that do?
  10. Here is the latest email: "Understood." I'm sorry you feel this way. You do seem to be the only one. I can understand you feeling the way you do, though. Thanks, (edited rest of document) I must admit this does make me feel better (and I emailed him and told him so). As I was writing this post, I received this email: Chris, Also wanted you to know, that you will still receive credit in the (edited: project). You did contribute to it, so you deserve credit. "Thanks" again (edited rest of document) I don't know guys. Maybe he really was just busy? If so, he needs a new secretary! (It seems like alot of work for a "scam.") Either way, I'll post the update once I know. And again, thanks for all the input!
  11. First, let me say that I VERY HIGHLY DOUBT it was anyone that posts on these boards because the easiest way to get what they wanted would be to come here vs. scouring eBay auctions. However, if it is someone who posts here, I will immediately delete this post because my intentions are not to offend other Atariage posters. Second, he SPECIFICALLY told me he would mail the games immediately after recieving mine. I sent mine the next morning and they arrived 2 days later. I realize I left that crucial bit of information out and had I included it people wouldn't have been calling me impatient, et cetera. I tried to include only pertinent information (otherwise the post would be way too long). Third, I emailed him the day after my games arrived (according to my delivery confirmation # at usps.com) and confirmed that they had arrived. At that time, 4 weeks ago, he said he was sending my games to me. I then emailed him after 2 weeks and he said he was out of town, but he was sending the games right away. I then emailed him yesterday - after more than a month - and you saw the response I got. quote Let me consider it.... ummm... no. quote: Doesn't anyone take responsiblity for their actions anymore? If MrX @ thirdparty.com said "Yeah, lets do it". He should have had those games boxed and waiting to go. When he received the games, that box should have gone out. Thank you, yes, I agree! Okay, well, I guess I'll let you know what happens. I should know by mid-next week if he really sent the games or not. I have another email from him in my in-box, but I haven't opened it yet. I'm still kinda steamed about the idea that I'm the bad guy for expecting him to do what he says he's going to do... I figure I should take some time to cool down. Otherwise, I'll just get angry about whatever he says and send a nasty response. (Would I do that? nah) Thanks for all your input - even the 2 I disagreed with.
  12. This the email that I received just now: Chris, You have not been scammed. Do not insult me / us. I have been busy. "I apologize for that." This is actually our busiest time o year. I will put the request in for the games today. I will ship them today. We will not trade anymore titles in the future. Thanks (edited name) Do you think this means I won't get my credit? I emailed him back and said I'd believe it when I see it. Edit: Took out more identify info, I really NEVER meant to point to any one person. That was NEVER my intention. [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: sway3 ]
  13. He gave me a [email protected] email address and I confirmed that the email addresses were not available to the public. He had to be affiliated somehow.
  14. That's awesome! I had to edit my original post as I was getting emails requesting my atariage only deal. Heh, that wasn't really what I had in mind.
  15. It arrived today, looks great, thanks!
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