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  1. Does RetroGames-R-Us have a website? Are these the same parts available from BEST Electronics?
  2. Dragonstomper, Thank you for posting the link to the ATR image webpage! When I purchased my Sdrive-Max it came with 272 image files. Noe I can use this utility to see what all these ATR files contain, thanks again.
  3. Aside from the "Print & Draw" program are there any other software packages that support the 1020 plotter? I was disappointed to find out that the AtariLab Starter Set did not support the 1020. I thought drawing out the "time vs. temperature curves" would be ideal for the 1020. What programs do others use with the 1020?
  4. Great Idea, all I need is the pin outs to connect the serial cable to the SIO cable, anyone know how to connect these two cables? I can remove the circuit board and use the enclosure as a junction box.
  5. Recently I took some measurements of the potentiometers in both the Atari controllers and the Wico joysticks. The Atari controllers had a range of 0-1.4 M ohm while the Wico joystick had a range of 0-700 K ohm. I'm assuming that the Atari controllers are not using the high end of the range. Anyone know why the ranges are so different?
  6. Like the original post on this string I decided to try and get my old SIO2PC from Nick Kennedy working again. I had to use a serial to USB cable to connect the two computers. It appears they were trying to ta lk to each other but I got the error messages from RespeQt shown in the attachment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you for the information. I did a video mod to get composite out so I have no need to adjust the red coil.
  8. When you open the 5200 the metal shield has an opening to adjust a red potentiometer, what is that for?
  9. Has anyone used the Vintage Gaming and More composite mod for the 2600/7800 on the 5200 machine? I know the RF modulator needs to be removed but do any other resistors or transistors need to be removed also? I searched You Tube but I only found 5200 mods using a UAV board.
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