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  1. When playing Centipede I noticed that the trackball started drifting up after I initially moved it up on my own. I'm guessing that I have to adjust the pot in the 5200 console to stop this from happening. Are there any adjustments in the trackball itself? Thanks in advance for your expertise & feedback.
  2. Does anyone currently make replacement keypad overlays? Most games use the * and # keys which is easy enough to figure out. I'm interested in getting overlays that use most are all of the keypad. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Simple question, what are the list of 5200 games that use the two fire buttons? I know there are also some games that use the keypad to play also, for example Frogger.
  4. Gunstar, Are you interested in sharing some of your designs? Do you have a blog of some of the projects you've done using the Atarilab module? The Atarilab module seems like a convenient way to get I/O data into and out of the computer. I would be interested in both hardware and software that you've developed.
  5. Gonzo952, Please share some pictures of the case and the 5200 adapter, thanks in advance!
  6. That's good news, I'm going through withdrawals!
  7. Does RetroGames-R-Us have a website? Are these the same parts available from BEST Electronics?
  8. Dragonstomper, Thank you for posting the link to the ATR image webpage! When I purchased my Sdrive-Max it came with 272 image files. Noe I can use this utility to see what all these ATR files contain, thanks again.
  9. Aside from the "Print & Draw" program are there any other software packages that support the 1020 plotter? I was disappointed to find out that the AtariLab Starter Set did not support the 1020. I thought drawing out the "time vs. temperature curves" would be ideal for the 1020. What programs do others use with the 1020?
  10. Great Idea, all I need is the pin outs to connect the serial cable to the SIO cable, anyone know how to connect these two cables? I can remove the circuit board and use the enclosure as a junction box.
  11. Recently I took some measurements of the potentiometers in both the Atari controllers and the Wico joysticks. The Atari controllers had a range of 0-1.4 M ohm while the Wico joystick had a range of 0-700 K ohm. I'm assuming that the Atari controllers are not using the high end of the range. Anyone know why the ranges are so different?
  12. Like the original post on this string I decided to try and get my old SIO2PC from Nick Kennedy working again. I had to use a serial to USB cable to connect the two computers. It appears they were trying to ta lk to each other but I got the error messages from RespeQt shown in the attachment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Thank you for the information. I did a video mod to get composite out so I have no need to adjust the red coil.
  14. When you open the 5200 the metal shield has an opening to adjust a red potentiometer, what is that for?
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