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  1. Update: I tried to work with the AtGames support staff to figure out the audio delay problem, recorded and sent them video, tried it on other TVs in my house, tested older firmware they were nice enough to send me (on the off chance older versions had the sound right), and even offered to be the guinea pig for testing possible fixes. But they couldn't replicate the problem at their end, and eventually stopped trying. (My suspicion is that the TV they're testing on is actually stuck in PAL mode, even though it's supposed to have a NTSC setting. Might also explain the issues with Maui Mallard and Jungle Book, and why past AtGames consoles have also had sound issues.) Since there may be no official solution forthcoming, does any of the custom firmware fix the audio delay? I suspect it's something that can be fixed by tweaking the emulator settings, but I'm no expert.
  2. The support team sent me an older firmware (v0.1.7), and I'm still having the audio delay. It looks like that problem must have already been there, and I hadn't played enough games to notice. No one else has had this problem? I tried it on three different TVs and noticed it every time.
  3. LFB2019 Deluxe got a new firmware update on February 14th (0.1.8). Doesn't appear to be any differences from the standard edition LFB 2019 update on the 12th (0.1.17; Star Wars games, Maui Mallard, and Jungle Book work now, but A and B are still reversed on NES emulation). All the ROM emulation options are still there (NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Atari 2600), didn't test to see if any new options opened up. However, there's a 1-second audio lag that I'm pretty sure wasn't there before on console games. It's really obvious on Mega Man 2, for example. (I didn't notice it on arcade games, but it might have been there too.) I'm alerting the support folks, will see what they say. Also, pretty disappointed to hear that there were versions of the firmware that had the A/B problem on NES fixed, but it's been undone by later firmware...
  4. That's bad news on the newest 2018-version firmware! Which controller mappings were disabled? Is it possible to install the older CFWs on top of the newest official firmware, or are users who updated stuck? I tried putting a .cv file on the 2019 Deluxe, it didn't recognize it at all. Worth a shot, though, thanks for the tip! And yeah, I see now the only buttons you can remap are ABCXYZ. Oh well. (Except for NES or Atari 2600, of course, where no buttons can be changed at all.) Also, another update to the current 2019 firmware: the games Donald in Maui Mallard and The Jungle Book are unplayable, they crash after launch. (Maybe they always did, but I never tried before updating.) Contacted AtGames, and they said it's because they're in 50hz (PAL) format and unplayable on my 60hz (NTSC) TV. (I'm not sure why that would make them crash, instead of just making them look like a bad TV signal, but OK.) Anyway, they're supposed to be looking into a solution.
  5. Update to the previous: 2018 (standard version) with V.2.8.4 firmware recognizes Super NES (.fig) and Atari 2600 (.a26) roms, but can't play them. NES roms can be either .dat or .nes files. Doesn't recognize Game Gear (.gg) or Sega Master System (.sms) roms at all (and neither runs as .bin files). Controls can be customized on Genesis and Sega CD roms, but not on NES (and still reversed from NES default layout, A-B instead of B-A). 2019 Deluxe with modified V.0.1.7 firmware (the one I got direct from AtGames) doesn't recognize Game Gear (.gg) or Sega Master System (.sms) roms at all (and neither runs as .bin files). It also doesn't recognize ColecoVision (.col) or Intellivision (.int) roms at all. Controls can be customized on Genesis, Sega CD, and Super NES, but not on NES or Atari 2600. Also, the 2019 Deluxe (like the regular 2018 version) can now read at least up to 32 GB SD cards.
  6. Hi all, new here, just wanted to share my experience with the latest firmware (for 2018 and 2019 Deluxe) and ask a few questions. Latest firmware for 2018 (standard version), V.2.8.4, allows SD cards at least up to 32 GB (I'm using one now). Not sure if that applies to the 2019 model, I got a 16 GB based on earlier recommendations. I haven't tested yet if it can also play Super NES or Atari 2600 yet, like the 2019 version, but plan to. (I assume not though.) Latest firmware for 2019 Deluxe, V.0.1.7, gave me the same problem as mentioned above, blanked out Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi, as well as the bonus game The Humans, none were playable. However, I contacted AtGames and they got back to me in about 30 minutes with a modified firmware that fixed the problem! So if anyone is still having that issue, try reaching out directly to [email protected], they should be able to patch things up for you. (Note the modified firmware was slow to install, but it did eventually work.) Also, the modified firmware does allow playing Super NES games as .fig files (as well as NES games using both .dat and .nes files). I don't know if that's the case with the general-release November 28 firmware, though. Now, my questions. 1) On at least the modified firmware they shared with me, Super NES lets you customize controls, but NES does not. Worse yet, NES emulation reverses the buttons (A-B like on Genesis, not B-A like on NES), which makes platformers awkward. Was this a problem in earlier Legends Flashback firmware/releases? If so, is there a workaround? Or will I have to get one of the custom firmwares to fix the NES controls? (I could live without custom controls on NES as long as they defaulted to the classic NES layout...) 2) For those who use the original six-button Genesis controllers, can you map commands on the Legends Flashback to the "mode" button? That seems like the best place to put "select" for Super NES games, if so. (I don't have a six-button controller myself, but it might be worth it if that worked.)
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